Monday, May 04, 2015

Je Suis Pam Geller

We won a battle against Radical Islam Sunday night, thanks to prompt action by Garland, Texas police, but I’m afraid we’re losing the war. Pam Geller has been fighting it for years here in the United States and elsewhere. President Obama, our commander-in-chief, acts as though he doesn’t even know who we’re fighting.
Dead jihadis in Plano

I had another piece ready for my Monday morning deadline at one of the newspapers carrying this column, but then I saw the first reports about what happened at Pam Geller’s Free Speech Conference Sunday night. Two Islamic gunmen showed up armed with AK-47s ready to kill as many people as they could. However, some very tough-looking Garland, Texas policemen shot them dead before they could. They were only able to shoot an unarmed school security guard in the ankle before they were killed. Now they’re both knock-knock-knocking on heaven’s door looking for their 72 virgins.
Robert Spencer, me, Pam Geller

I first met Pam at the 2007 National Review “Conservative Summit” in Washington DC. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich gave a speech there about Radical Islam and I went up to the microphone to ask him a question. I asked why our government was working against teachers like me who were trying to inform our students about who America was fighting. I told him I was having a hard time because the Bush Administration was removing references to Islam from official literature about who our enemy was. Gingrich answered telling me to continue what I was doing and the government would eventually catch up. As soon as I sat down, Pam Geller came over to interview me for her web site “Atlas Shrugs.”
Wilders with armed guards at Geller reception

Every year at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in Washington, I’d visit with her and Robert Spencer, her constant companion. In 2009, she invited Geert Wilders, a Member of Parliament in Holland, founder and leader of Holland’s “Party For Freedom,” the third-largest party in the Dutch Parliament with twenty-four seats. Radical Islam put a fatwa on Wilders when he produced “Fitna,” a film showing Quran verses alongside images of Islamic terrorist attacks. Ever since, Wilders has armed guards with him 24-7. CPAC 2009 lacked the courage to sponsor Wilders, so Pam had to rent space in the Omni Shoreham hotel for his reception. I attended with friends. Wilders also spoke in Garland Sunday night.
Wilders and me at Pam's reception. He's tall.

Pam organized her Garland, Texas conference back in January, right after other Islamic gunmen attacked the Paris, France offices of Charlie Hebdo, a left-wing magazine that published cartoons of Muhammed, who Muslims consider their prophet. Radical Muslims shot twenty-two people, killing eleven. Pam selected the Curtis Culwell Center in Plano because Muslims from Dallas held the “Stand With The Prophet Conference” to combat “Islamophobia” there just days after the mass murder in Paris.
The winning entry at Pam's conference

According to the Washington Free Beacon last January: “[S]cheduled to attend the [Stand With The Prophet Conference] is controversial New York-based Imam Siraj Wahhaj, who was an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombings trial. Wahhaj has called the FBI and CIA the ‘real terrorists’ and expressed a desire for all Americans to become Muslim, according to the New York Post.”
Another. You won't see these in Mainstream Media

One of the dead terrorists, Elton Simpson, is reported to be a Muslim convert. As of this writing, the other one was his roommate, but hasn’t been identified. We can expect the Mainstream Media to blame Pam for inciting violence by sponsoring her $10,000 contest to draw a cartoon of Muhammed, one of the free speech themes of her conference officially called: “American Freedom Defense Initiative.” The building she used is owned by the Plano school department and she had to pay $10,000 to the Garland Police for extra officers. Good thing she did. She said on Fox News Monday morning she paid $50,000 all together for security. “Intentionally incendiary and provocative” are the words CNN’s Alisyn Camerota used in her interview with Pam early Monday. There will be more of that by the time you’re reading this in the newspaper Thursday. Much more.
The president hasn’t spoken about it yet, but we can expect he’ll blame Pam too. The UK Daily Mail blacked out the cartoons displayed at the conference. So did NBC’s Today Show, which I watched this morning. They’re cowards, all of them. If you’re reading this on my web site, you’re seeing the cartoons. I published the Muhammed cartoons from Charlie Hebdo the day eleven of its staff were murdered too. If all media published them, Radical Muslims would have failed in their efforts to intimidate us all. But that would require courage, something conspicuously lacking in our elite media.

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Thank you Tom for a quick article.I too am a follower of Pamela and Robert and it amazes me that Americans have no idea that there are citizens fighting the battle against Islamic jihad (in this format the basic right of free speech used by CAIR and other Islamic organizations as a guise to silence the masses thus gain control of the message and spread innocuous sharia). The fact that these citizen warriors must have bodyguards here in the good ole' USA speaks volumes!The vast majority call anyone speaking out against radical Islam a bigot when in reality they are the true warriors.In the speech Geert Wilders made at the event he states..."if we fail, WE WILL BE ENSLAVED"(emphasis mine!..sharia is NOT a political ideology of liberty!)I encourage people to watch his speech on You Tube. Again,Thank you Tom for discussing the battle that every American SHOULD understand..ya well...dancin' w/ the stars is on ...I digress!

Anonymous said...

thanks tom, i hadn't read in detail abou this, just heard some bits and pieces on the radio news.

joetote said...

Pam Geller, the organizer of the event is a hero to me in so many ways
(and way hot to boot!). She stands steadfastly against the Radical
Muslim radicals as well as pointing out the genocide being carried out
against Christians as well as Jews by this scum. For this she is vilified and worse by
the powers that be. Her stand for Freedom of Speech and ideals has got
to be heeded by all.

Kudos to her as well as to the police who gunned down the radical scum.

Anonymous said...

We know that Pam Geller, organizer of the Texas event, works for the corrupt criminal wing of the intelligence services responsible for 9/11, Bali, Madrid, Mumbai, 7/7/, Paris, Copenhagen, and more. That in itself is a big red flag.
Another red flag in the Texas shooting, just like in Paris and Copenhagen, is the way the alleged terrorists were quickly gunned down and silenced forever. Dead patsies tell no tales, whereas actual terrorists need to be interrogated, not silenced. Any time an alleged terrorist is summarily executed rather than captured and interrogated, it’s likely that the “terrorist” is a patsy of one kind or another.
So if you’re interested in catching the real terrorists behind the shooting in Texas, the first person you need to rendition and waterboard is a certain genocide propagandist named Pamela Geller.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Oh she does, huh? Can you plague some other site please? We're on to you here, jew-hater.

Anonymous said...


Well, anyway,
Keep hammering Mr. M.
You were indeed correct that "certain" personalities IMMEDIATELY blamed the messenger for provoking violent behavior from yet ANOTHER "Social Justice Warrior" that chose to convert to The Religion of Peace.
Who knew there might actually be something to this silly First (and apparently Second) Amendment stuff?
SURELY Mr. Trudeau, (the other "award winning" cartoonist, NOT the Canadian Pol)
will weigh in again soon about "raising awareness", and "starting a National dialogue".

Anonymous said...

Again, you need to justify your use of the term "Jew hater" and cite examples. Otherwise it's just desperate name calling, baseless and irresponsible. Especially for a so called teacher. Again, I love the Jews, but I am against Zionism. You do realize theyaren't one in the same right? Because it seems you lack some basic knowledge.
Pamela Geller is a Zionist war mongering shill who couldn't give a shit about the USA. Thankfully sites like are exposing this Zionist agenda for what it is. Evil.
So it isn't racist to point out that elements of our govt and the Israeli govt are behind all these so called terror attacks! They were responsible for 9/11! And boston and sandy hook! Which is obvious when you apply inductive reasoning! 9/11 brought us into perpetual war with Israel's enemies. Is it racist to point out isis is an Israeli creation ? It's beyond evil that we sacrifice our young men to Israel's cause. These so called Muslim attacks are needed to justify this war on "terror"!
Just look at how the Ethiopian Jews are treated by the Ashkenazi and Khazarian Jews in Israel!
Anytime you want You want to refute anything I say feel free... Or just cry jew hater..:

Sami Gay said...

Seeing Tom smiling and standing next to Geller tells me all I need to know about him. It makes my skin crawl.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Jew (and America) hater.
Amfortas explains BDS
Veterans Today is about Veterans as much as Planned Parenthood is about "Woman's Health", and Wikipedia is about "facts".
I suspect "anon" is simply obeying instructions to be FUMING that a mere traffic cop with a hand gun "stopped" two Shahira Justice Warriors from ambushing
an unsuspecting crowd of peaceful intellectuals, and that Ms. Geller (and Mr. Wilder), and company, will NOT be denied their international exposure of radicalized/fundamentalist folk from "The Religion of Peace" since they ALWAYS get their teeth kicked in EVERY time they tried to venture/tunnel/launch/flotilla into Israel.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Great post CaptDMO.

"Veterans Today is about Veterans as much as Planned Parenthood is about "Woman's Health"

Love it.

Anonymous said...

Or better yet, as much as Tom's blog is about journalism.

Anonymous said...

Haha, capt. if you weren't so lazy and dependent on others to do the work for you you'd see that VT is run by decorated veterans with inside knowledge of not only the military but intelligence services. So your women's health comparison doesn't apply. Nice try though.
But I don't need to hang my hat on one website. There are numerous sites dedicated to exposing the Zionist agenda in all it's evil glory.
Oh and there are of course facts. Which have been listed numerous times here but no one has the guts to address them, so.....
And when you resort to slander ( jew hater ) with no proof or citation you look desperate and childish. Please cite examples---- thanks

Anonymous said...

Yes Tom, you are indeed Pam Geller, in all her ignorant glory.

Anonymous said...

Pam Geller should just wear a white pointed hood over her head. Not just for being a racist, but to hide that grizzly old plastic surgery laden face.

Anon#1 said...

If you do not think that Pamela Geller is not “the queen of hate,” as Jim W. Dean and Ted Pike argued in 2013, or does not work “for the corrupt criminal wing of the intelligence services,” as Kevin Barrett has recently put it, then think again. Even the Southern Poverty Law Center—of all places—seems to have put a price on her head by saying that Geller is too wild.

Continued at:

Anonymous said...

"Even the Southern Poverty Law Center—of all places—seems to have put a price on her head by saying that Geller is too wild."

Clearly, you know nothing about SPLC. This is totally par for the course for them. They are despised by the right for labeling conservative groups as "hate groups". Think of it this way: If Tom formed his own little gang of bigots and became famous, he would be on their naughty list (as well he should be).

Anonymous said...

"We're on to you here, jew-hater."

Don't include me in your "we". The only thing I'm on to here is that you are as despicable as Geller.

Dave said...

What more does one need to know about Pam Geller other than Anders Breivik, the Norwegian who killed dozens of fellow Norwegians published a long, rambling screed citing Geller repeatedly to justify his terrorist actions. Cripes, England won't even let her in the country.

It is certainly no surprise that Tom is a fan, being a boorish bully and taunter himself. Even Right Winger Donald Trump called her event simply "taunting". That is all little minds are capable of.

Robert said...

I'll ber that Tom has Pam's photo on his bedside table, along with those of David Duke and Jesse Helms.