Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Let's all stand with Charlie Hebdo

I don't believe I'd agree with much that is published by Charlie Hebdo. Just a glance at their magazine covers online tells me they've gone beyond the bounds of decency running offensive cartoons about Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

After what happened this morning, however, I stand with them. So here are the cartoons they were attacked for publishing:
I don't know what the balloon says in French, but the caricature is Mohammed. Notice I don't say "The Prophet" Mohammed. Why do our media and our president continue to call him "The Prophet" unless they believe he was the one and only prophet of God?

He wasn't my prophet but I know he existed 1400 years ago, so I'll just call him Mohammed. Here's another caricature of him for good measure:

If you radical Muslims out there don't like this, tough. I call on every other American out there who believes in freedom to publish these things too. Do it for the dead staff people at Charlie Hebdo. Do it for yourself. Do it for western civilization.


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"If you radical Muslims out there don't like this, tough."
If you OTHER than radical Muslims out there don't like this either, tough.