Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ginning Up The Base

There was no evidence of racism in the Michael Brown shooting last summer until the mainstream media and government officials injected it. The day after the shooting Attorney General Eric Holder sent legions of his “Community Relations Service” personnel to Ferguson. Were they there to prevent racial violence? Doesn’t look like it. They held private gatherings for residents - some of whom reported afterward that the Holder’s people wanted to discuss racism and “White Privilege.” Why would they do that? Because they wanted it to be about racism.
Two weeks ago, six hundred people demonstrated in downtown Portland, Maine with the now-familiar signs declaring “Black Lives Matter” and “Hands up! Don’t Shoot.” Did “Gentle Giant” Michael Brown put his hands up and beg the “racist,” white Ferguson police officer not to shoot him? No. That was a lie told by Brown’s partner-in-crime, Dorian Johnson, and contradicted by other witnesses as well as the forensic evidence. However, leftists all over the country still want to believe it because the media played it up so much the first days after the shooting. Now it will forever be true in the their mindset.
Demonstration in Portland, Maine

Then came the alleged University of Virginia “gang rape” reported in Rolling Stone. The story fell apart and the embarrassed magazine said it no longer had confidence in the report, but that didn't matter to progressives who wanted to believe it anyway. Hence, one of the Portland, Maine demonstrators carried a sign proclaiming “Racism is tinder. Rape is fuel.”
It calls to mind the alleged gang rape by the Duke Lacrosse Team. That fictitious incident combined race and rape. Race-baiters, feminists, and their mainstream media mouthpieces seemed downright disappointed when that juicy story turned out to be fabricated, and they had to stop professing their outrage.
The left doesn’t really want racism or sexism to go away. If Americans were to believe both are diminishing, that’s a problem. The base of the Democrat Party is made up of blacks and single women who need to be kept in state of perpetual outrage against “racist”; “sexist”; white men. If there aren’t enough examples, it becomes necessary to manufacture them.
Despite Democrats being the party of the Ku Klux Klan and Republicans being the party of Lincoln, the left-wing base of the party has been able to control most of the black vote since the 1960s. However, since the election of the first black president, opinion polls indicate that 53% of Americans believe race relations have worsened and that’s not what people expected when they voted for Barack Obama.
When I asked my students (I was still teaching in the public schools when he was elected), why they favored Obama, by far the most common reason was: “It’s time we had a black president,” and their opinions closely reflected what their parents thought. Indeed, that’s the answer most people gave me whenever the subject came up in casual conversation. When they asked me why I didn’t support him, I said it was because he was an inexperienced lefty with strong, socialist tendencies. President Obama’s popularity has plummeted since and Attorney General, who is also black, claims that criticism of both himself and his boss is racially motivated.
Many think Obama won the majority of white voters because they could feel good about themselves voting for a black candidate. Sporting an Obama bumper sticker would declare to the world: “See? I’m not racist.” It's a white guilt thing and that’s a strong, political dynamic for those calling themselves progressives. The Urban Dictionary defines white guilt as “a belief, often subconscious, among white liberals that being white is, in and of itself, a great transgression against the rest of the world for which one must spend their life making atonement. It is often exemplified by embracing the cultures and philosophies of various other ethnic groups while neglecting one's own roots.” Now thousands of white liberals afflicted with it attend the annual “White Privilege” conferences paid for with our tax money.
White guilt also currency for race hustlers like the (allegedly) Reverend Jesse Jackson and his sidekick, the (allegedly) Reverend Al Sharpton. Black writer Shelby Steele, who wrote a book about white guilt, said: “Jackson is what I call a challenger who says to whites, ‘I will never let you off the hook. I’m going to presume you are a racist until you give me something. Then I’ll offer absolution of some kind, but you have to buy your innocence.’” Now Sharpton is one the most frequent guests at the White House, offering advice to the president on racial matters.
Liberals suffering from white guilt were seeking a plenary indulgence when voting an inexperienced, unvetted, radical-leftist Barack Obama into office. Many now realize their mistake. We see those who refuse to acknowledge it out there marching with their hands up.


Frostproof said...

Recently FLOTUS went to a Target store, with minimal entourage, to do some Christmas shopping. Oops! Sorry, make that: holiday shopping. A white shopper didn't recognize her, thought she was a store employee, and asked her to help by fetching an item from a high shelf.

FLOTUS then whined that, all her life, she's been subjected to this sort of racism. Racism? Sweetie, if this is the worst you've had to deal with, you are truly blessed.

Anonymous said...

"The left doesn’t really want racism or sexism to go away. If Americans were to believe both are diminishing, that’s a problem."
So then, simply lie.
Generating more product to support "the business model" of course. And lest we forget about the "special exceptions" and "special considerations to the rules, as well as to the gub'mint coffers.


Steve said...

I don’t think white guilt is a driving force behind anyone’s election. If it was, Democrats would’ve nominated Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or Carol Mosley-Braun, all of whom were black Presidential candidates.
Partisans from both parties make a living ginning up their respective bases by trafficking in fear and anger. Think about the war on Christianity, the war on Christmas, the war on capitalism, Obama confiscating our guns, Obama relinquishing sovereignty of the US to the United Nations, Obama’s apology tour, Obama using a teleprompter to speak to sixth graders, 16,000 new IRS agents, the escalation of the bond-buying program reaching one trillion dollars a month, the Park 51 mosque near Ground Zero in Manhattan being “literally an Al-Qaeda command center,“ Sharia law taking over our judicial system, Iraq’s complicity in 9/11, Democrats creating a euthanasia panel that they will one day have to face, Obama and Democrats hiding ebola-infected Africans in the States. White privilege is a fiction, yet white guilt is pervasive.
Partisan conservatives dismiss the examples in your blog, but they’re devoted to the ones in my response. Either way the bases are being ginned up.

Tom McLaughlin said...

And before them was Shirley Chisolm. I think that Obama had an Ivy League education and could speak well made him viable in the eyes of white voters compared to the rest you mentioned.

The Fed pumped $85 billion a month into the economy, not a trillion. Bad enough though.

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