Saturday, October 25, 2014

Subjects Object

Something shifted in our collective consciousness this month - something basic. It’s like that old children’s story about the emperor’s new clothes. His subjects laughed because the emperor thought he looked wonderful, but his subjects saw he was naked. Our current emperor believes he’s brilliant, but his subjects think things are “going to hell in a hand basket” and “feel like they are out of control right now." While they laughed at the emperor in the children’s story, they’re not laughing now. They don't believe their emperor can or will protect them. They don't feel safe.
A speechwriter for one of the previous emperors named Peggy Noonan summed it up last week: “There’s the sense of an absence where the [emperor] should be.” His “Hope and Change” of 2008 morphed into despair and barely hanging on. When his subjects starting feeling uneasy in 2012, the emperor said: “Bin Laden is dead” and “General Motors is alive” and “al Qaida is on the run.” When al Qaida killed Americans in Benghazi, Libya, he made up a story about how it wasn’t terrorism, only reaction to a film that insulted their prophet Mohammed.” Subjects exhaled, saying, “Oh… okay.”
It was the film

This year his subjects saw internet film of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria terrorists cutting heads off Americans. The emperor’s generals warned that ISIS is more dangerous than al Qaida and the subjects were scared again. The emperor said don’t worry. They’re just “the JV team” and “not Islamic” and he can handle them with “no boots on the ground.”  But they were still scared because they lost confidence in the emperor and didn't believe him either. The internet showed more beheadings and rapes of Christian women and children and ISIS said it’s coming over here to kill and rape Americans too. The emperor’s generals said ISIS can’t be defeated without the kingom's “boots on the ground.” They worry even more when the emperor and his foreign ministers continue to insist the greatest threat to the kingdom is climate change because they're not afraid of climate change. They worry about ISIS, Ebola, their jobs, and their health care.
The emperor sensed their fear so he said he’d put American boots on the ground in West Africa to fight Ebola. He figured TV would report this instead of ISIS so he flew to Atlanta to talk with the Centers for Disease Control about Ebola. His motorcade drove to the CDC headquarters where the emperor announced that: “The chances of an Ebola outbreak in the [kingdom] are extremely low.”
Two weeks later an African flew here with Ebola. They figured the African knew he was infected and lied so he could get free American health care. The emperor’s CDC said they would “stop Ebola in its tracks” because “they knew how to handle it,” but a week later it spread to a nurse, and the next week to another nurse. The emperor’s CDC said the nurses didn’t follow their instruction with bodily fluids like blood, diarrhea and vomit. Then TV showed Dallas city workers “decontaminating” the African’s apartment and using a pressure washer to push his infected vomit from the sidewalk into the gutter. Subjects started thinking the emperor and his CDC don’t know what they're doing.
The Dallas hospital spent $1000 an hour on the African for days before he died. The emperor’s subjects worried about their own health care. They remembered the start of the emperor’s new healthcare plan for them last fall. They remembered how he lied when he said: “If you like your policy, you can keep your policy” and “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period.” The emperor put off other parts of his plan until after next week’s election because he knew his subjects wouldn’t like them either. Then, some US hospitals said last week they are thinking about withholding care from Ebola-infected Americans.

European and African kingdoms don’t let planes in from Ebola-infected kingdoms, but the emperor lets them in here and his subjects wonder why. The emperor says new airport screenings will prevent infected people from getting in, but then a doctor with Ebola was able to go right through them into New York City.

They hear the emperor is waiting until after next week’s election before he pardons millions of illegal aliens who sneaked into his kingdom. They fear he wants the illegals to be new subjects who will work for less than they do, or who won’t work at all. They worry about what else they may hear about after the election, like: Has the emperor been hiding other Ebola-infected people until after the voting is over?

They’re thinking the emperor isn’ nearly as brilliant as he thinks he is - and when they vote next Tuesday, they’re going to show him they’re not as stupid as he thinks they are.


Texas Transplant said...

You hit the proverbial nail on the head, Tom.

Tamworth resident said...

Tom, you are absolutely right on. And that is sad to say. How could America get suckered into voting for such an incompetent and ill intentioned person?! I feel like I have been running in place for 6 years now. And, unbelievably, in my town there are still people who think Obama is great. Seeing their Obama bumper stickers make me nauseous.

Tamworth resident

Zed said...

"President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry are fully aware that America’s Zionist-driven failure to require Israel to end its defiance of international law is an underlying cause of Arab and other Muslim hurt, humiliation and anger and, as a consequence of that, the rising tide of anti-Americanism throughout the entire Arab and wider Muslim world.

Kerry came close to acknowledging this in public when he said on returning from his last visit to the Middle East that the unresolved Israel-Palestine conflict is “fuelling recruitment for the Islamic State group.”

Question: What is a traitor?

Answer: One who is not loyal to and betrays his or her own country.

On that basis, and in the simple logic of commonsense, there is surely a strong case for saying that those men and women who are elected to the U.S. Congress and put the interests of a foreign power (Israel) before those of their own country are traitors and, because they are endangering America’s own best interests by doing so, should be charged with treason...."

Tom is nothing less than a treasonous Zionist--- bathing in extreme hypocrisy...

Tom McLaughlin said...

Your muslim buddies call Israel the little Satan and America the great Satan. They want us both gone.

Alex said...

Say whatever you want about policies, Obama, etc., but please stop spreading misinformation about ebola that does nothing more than spread panic. Look up the "availability heuristic." It's a psychological term that describes exactly what is going on with ebola. It doesn't help that every media source in the country is going nuts with clicks and traffic by sensationalizing everything. Ebola will not be a problem here. However, it'll continue to pop up sporadically until we end the main problem in West Africa. If you want ebola to go away, stop writing things like this, and donate money to Doctors Without Borders and other programs committed to helping victims in Africa.

Zed said...

My Muslims buddies? I don't see Muslims any differently than my Christian friends, Buddhist friends or Jewish friends. I see the situation for what it is, which is has nothing to do with religion. Nothing.

Your point of view is shaped by lies and propaganda, and literally the whole world can see it. Your a victim of these lies.

As a result, yes, you are a traitor to the United States.
You don't blon an eye to having israeli citizens sit in congress! Enough said right there really.
Zionism isn't remotely connected to Judaism. It's a bloodthirsty cult of greed and lies.
You justify murdering innocent women and children and see them as less than human!! You throw around pathetic justifications --- rocket attacks, etc..

When you let another country dictate your international policies--- and put that country ahead of yor own, we'll, you should be required to send your own money and yourself to fight, or your kids. But you haven't fought in one of these wars benefitting israel, nor have your kids, yet you will gladly send your neighbors son to die for these ziomist scumbags, oh sorry, "I meant "gods chosen"...

Go to veterans today link in previous post and watch the video, by someon who grew up in israel and served in its army, for something more akin to truth.
Then research the numerous israeli soldiers who have recently come out against their own actions in gaza.

Funny you can't address the issue of dual citizens in our congress or the power that the Zionist machine wields in the usa. Especially when it comes to our "news".

Anonymous said...

Sorry Alex, I can't afford to Donate. My Electric Bill in Maine is about to Double, My Taxes and Fees Have all gone up, My insurance rates have gone up, I'm nervous about my kid catching that Respiratory Illness that was brought in by all the "Illegal" children brought in by this President from Central America and South America where this decease is rampant and used to be rare here.
Americans are starting to realize that we are the victims here of a scam that we have been suckered into by the leaders of Your "Religion" who preach that we are the Perpetrators of the worlds Problems and we are ultimately responsible for it with our "Imperialistic" greed and therefore we need to donate more money and send our young men and woman to Africa who are trained to fight with Guns to fight Ebola. Your BS is hitting everybody in their pocket books and its causing everybody to wake up and smell the "SH**" that your shoveling there SKIP. My Opinion is that Your Church-ed "Religion" should be separated from the State.
Your "Availability Heuristic" does nothing to make us feel that the widening muslim "workplace violence" episodes, and the "Open Border" deceases that are walking in here, the Tax Dollars that I work very hard for and have to give to the Preachers of your religion by force and then witness them being handed out to People who for the most part can work the same as me and (here's a new concept) EARN what money they get, the Ebola is a symptom of a wider problem that your religion won't preach about, and if you really want to talk about Availability Heuristic and tell us it's us hyping up the world and blaming the media for ramping it up, consider this; We are waking up to the fact that it's not so much what they (the Government and the Media) tell you, it's what they don't tell you that we are waking up to and you and your "Religious Left" Won't preach.

Anonymous said...

Spot on, Tom!--Greg in CA.

Alex said...

Dear anonymous,

Thanks for the comment. Here's a quick reply:

1. Please don't make assumptions about me or my beliefs. I was simply pointing out one issue I had with how ebola was portrayed in Mr. McLaughlin's column.

2. I am saying nothing about a responsibility or ownership of the West in Ebola. I was simply saying that it is not as big of a problem here as the media is portraying it to be. However, until the problem is stopped in West Africa, there will continue to be isolated cases in the US. If that's fine with you, great. However, even if there won't be a huge outbreak in the US (which I believe there won't be), I think I'd rather try to fix the problem and move on to other things.

3. I was not bringing politics or religion into it at all. I am a medical student who has given up his young adult life to study to help people feel better. I don't feel entitled to this, but rather have been working hard my whole life so that I can heal. Please talk to me about sacrifice some more. Does the US have an obligation to help people in Africa? No. Will ebola keep popping up here if we don't stop the problem? Yes. If I have any power to help people (who may or may not live in a different country than I do) who are dying in excruciating pain, should I do it? Yes.

4. Get off your high horse, you ignorant ass hat. (Sorry, I tried my best to stay calm and rational in my reply.)

Tom McLaughlin said...

I respect your comments about things medical Alex and I remember you as a very rational and intelligent student able to consider controversial subjects from several angles.

Consider what Kentucky Senator Ron Paul, MD said: "This thing is incredibly contagious. People are getting it, fully gowned, masked, and must be getting a very tiny inoculum and they’re still getting it. And then you lose more confidence because they’re telling you stuff that may not be exactly valid and they’re downplaying it so much that it doesn’t appear that they’re really being honest about it.”

Whatever Ebola is or may become, it's scary. Good leaders are critical in situations like this. For the president to lead and for his administration to be effective, citizens must trust him and have confidence in his abilities.

But they don't. He started with huge reservoirs of both trust and confidence six years ago, but he's squandered it all. He's lied brazenly and repeatedly. He's abused his power and covered up scandal after scandal, all while the sycophantic media has been assisting him in the effort.

But it's all unraveling at a critical time for the country. All the king's horses and all the king's men cannot put Obama together again. We still have two more years with this guy. And he's so narcissistic, he still thinks he's doing great. He doesn't get it.

It's going to be very long, very difficult two years.

Alex said...

Thank you, Mr. McLaughlin. I've continued reading your column all these years because I still appreciate what you taught us about looking at multiple sides of issues.

Re: ebola, it *is* scary. I think, however, that it's "scary" factor is being politicized for different ends. My Facebook is full of links from friends in college talking about how ebola is yet another tactic to instill fear of different races in Americans. I think that's stretching it, and a pretty liberal-biased painting of the disease. I also see quotes like you mentioned from Senator Paul. To be honest, I think he's using his MD for political means there.

The disease is not contagious until its symptoms have set in, and even then the viral load is normally low until patients reach the end stages of the disease. Thomas Duncan, the original Liberian patient, was living in close contact with his family while he approached the end stage of the disease. Not one got sick. The health care workers who are getting this disease, even with the precautions, are getting it because it doesn't matter how much leadership you have, small mistakes will be made. Another reminder, though. Out of the nurses treating Mr. Duncan, only two (two!) got sick. Both of them have been cured. (Another political manipulation... see: Obama hugging one of the cured nurses) Not one worker at Emory hospital (where most American patients are being treated) has gotten sick.

Ebola has the fear factor because it is pretty grisly in the end stages and when people have not been treated appropriately. However, I think people from both sides are using that fear to gain support in the coming midterms. I'm upset at both sides, because the result is causing needless panic. If you really wanted to make an impact, and cared about public health, you would encourage your constituents to get a flu vaccine (this goes for Republicans, Democrats, Sen. Paul, and President Obama). The flu is going to kill thousands more people this year than ebola. However, it is not nearly as sexy to have a stance on the flu, so you can sure as hell bet that it won't get the same attention from politicians and the media alike.

Tom McLaughlin said...

You say: "To be honest, I think he's using his MD for political means there."

Granted. Rand Paul has chosen politics over medicine. So did his father.

So has Barack Obama. Or should I say Barack Obama has chosen politics over just about everything, including the medical health of the American people he's charged with protecting.

He sees politics as a means to his end. And what is his end? Hard to say, but he was raised by communists. He said he was a "community organizer," whatever that is, but it sounds innocuous enough to voters who don't really know what it is.

He was a fervent disciple of Saul Alinsky who was also a community organizer, and a socialist who wrote books about how to transform the United States. Into what? Some kind of worker's paradise? Some kind of "dictatorship of the proletariat" perhaps, or some other imagined utopia.

Some whose opinions I respect contend that he's purposely trying to bring down the United States of America. I've been wrestling with that notion for years and I don't fully accept it.

I'm haunted by the notion. There's evidence enough to make a convincing case for it, and it's a hypothesis nearly always in the back of my mind as I watch events unfold.

Obama doesn't make decisions based on what is in the best interests of the American people. He makes decisions based on political considerations like: how can I use this situation to further progress toward my end? As his former chief of staff and fellow leftist Rahm Emmanuel put it: "Never let a crisis go to waste."

Ebola in America is a crisis. Obama will use it however he can. My health and your health and everyone else's health are secondary. Healing is secondary. That is what makes this so scary to me.

After the election a week from Tuesday, there's no telling what he'll do. Looks like he's getting ready for a mass amnesty of illegal aliens. How many? 5 million? 10 million? 35 million? Is that why he's not stopping flights from West Africa? Because it would contradict his open borders policies?

New Jersey, New York, and Illinois are ordering 21-day quarantines on passengers from West Africa because Obama's not stopping the flights. He sent his aides out to criticize those governors today. Who controls the airports? The feds? States?

When Arizona tried to enforce illegal border crossings, Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder sided with Mexico and filed suit against one of the United States!

Who's in charge of airports during this crisis? We're going to find out soon and it's going to be an interesting election next week.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Didn't take very long to find out who's in charge, did it?
From The Drudge Report this morning:


Going to get even more interesting soon.

Anonymous said...

Tom, you say " They worry even more when the emperor and his foreign ministers continue to insist the greatest threat to the kingdom is climate change because they're not afraid of climate change. They worry about ISIS, Ebola, their jobs, and their health care."
In a way, you are right. The average American does not worry about climate change and does worry about ebola. This is why we have elected officials - so they don't respond to the whims of the easily-spooked, ill-informed masses! climate change is real, and the more you understand it the more frightening it is. Ebola is real, but the more you understand it, the LESS frightened you are of a major outbreak on American soil. I have plenty of issues with Obama/the political left, but focusing on scientifically-backed climate change over scientifically-refuted likely American Ebola outbreak is just sound judgement.