Monday, June 30, 2014

Hope And Change Circle The Drain

The Obama Administration is actually doing what the Nixon Administration only dreamt. Nixon was forced to resign for even thinking about using the IRS to harass his political enemies, but Obama’s minions actually do it, and so far, have gotten away with it. Why? The Mainstream Media. They went after Nixon tooth and nail, but they treat Obama with kid gloves. Should we be surprised? No. The Mainstream Media gave him to us, and they’ve been protecting him ever since.

The president is powerful. Congress is too. Each is jealous of its power and each bristles when it’s infringed by the other. The media, however, are more powerful than both. Why? Because of the old aphorism: “In politics, perception is reality.” And who controls perception? The Mainstream Media. When they chose to go after Nixon for covering up the Watergate break-in, they crippled him. They covered the congressional investigation into Watergate relentlessly, and nothing motivates politicians like television cameras and newspaper ink. It’s like pouring gasoline on a fire. They fueled the process that forced Nixon to resign or face impeachment. Congress just went along. Ultimately, so did Nixon.
When John Dean gave then-IRS Commissioner John Walters an enemies list with 200 names on it, Walters was shocked. According to TaxProfBlog, Mr. Walters said in a 1997 interview with The Washington Post. “‘John, do you realize what you’re doing?’ he remembered saying. ‘If I did what you asked, it’d make Watergate look like a Sunday school picnic.’” Well, Walters didn’t do it, but Lois Lerner did. So did many other IRS officials, and not just the “rogue” agents in Cincinatti. They said their orders came from Washington, DC. I believe they came from the White House. Can I prove it? Not yet. Not until those emails are found. Do I believe they accidentally disappeared? No. Neither do 76% of Americans according to a recent poll, including a plurality of Democrats. They believe the Obama Administration deliberately destroyed those emails in a cover up. America smells a rat, and the all the kings reporters and all the kings spin can’t put it together again.
Watch Trey Gowdy shred IRS Commissioner Koskinen

Still the Mainstream Media choose to ignore the story, even after the president repeated his claim last week that the IRS scandal and other were “fabricated issues, they're phony scandals that are generated. It's all geared towards the next election of ginning up a base,” said Obama with unmitigated gall. What did The New York Times - flagship of the Mainstream Media - do with it? It devoted its front page to bridge traffic and buried the missing emails IRS scandal on page fourteen.
Nonetheless, it’s getting so that the only thing that pushes an Obama scandal off the stage is another Obama scandal, and there are still two and a half years to go in his second term. Obama’s poll numbers are worse than Carter’s or Bush’s. Even Obama kiss-up George Stephanopoulos asked him last week: “More than half of the Americans have lost confidence in your ability to lead the country and get the job done. That must have been stunning to you. Disappointing?” Obama blew off the question.

Clearly, the president is tanking fast in the eyes of the average American when only 11% believe the IRS loss of emails was an accident. All Obama knows how to do is make speeches. He will continue to lie eloquently, but what will the effect be on the majority of Americans who voted for him twice? Credibility, once lost, is extremely difficult to recover. How will his former supporters explain why they continue to support a narcissistic, incompetent, lying buffoon? And how will they reconcile this situation with their progressive world view?

Hard to predict, but it could come down to two scenarios: One, the American public will realize that their cherished “progressive” world view is inherently flawed. They’ll see that the VA is incompetent because it’s completely run by the federal government. They’ll make the intellectual leap and generalize their understanding that Obamacare will onlyl become a larger version of the VA - a completely government-run health care system and they themselves will be dying on secret waiting lists waiting for appointments that never come. They’ll extrapolate and realize that big government isn’t the way to fix problems, but that it is the problem.

Or not.

More likely, it will be scenario two: proud “progressives” will rationalize the failed Obama presidency by telling themselves that it isn’t progressivism causing the collapse; the cause is Obama himself. Either he isn’t competent to be president, or he is a schemer and has been all along - the wrong man to lead us all to progressive utopia. If we could only put the right person in there, everything would be fine. This is the more likely course.
Meanwhile, what do we do with the pathetic Mr. Hope and Change? How will the Mainstream Media handle him for the next 2 1/2 years? Be interesting to see.


countryboy said...

"They’ll extrapolate and realize that big government isn’t the way to fix problems, but that it is the problem." - Tom McLaughlin

“Government isn’t the solution, government is the problem.” – Ronald Reagan

(“No country on earth believes government is the problem!” – Bill Clinton:)

Anonymous said...
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anncorn said...

Excellent column Tom. Its difficult watching our country being taken down the drain by this administration. People need to wake up and see things as they really are but "hope and changers" will be reluctant to admit they were wrong. Hopefully the intelligent ones will turn the tide before its too late.

Anonymous said...

Easy way to get the emails, tell the boss of the IRS he is in contempt of court. Give him 24 hours to produce them or put him in jail for this contempt. Then get the deputy and do the same to them, keep working down the line and eventually they will turn up.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it?
In the municipal project poster above, where's the National Labor Relations Board member, or the Personnel Compliance Director?

Tom McLaughlin said...

They stayed back in the office that day where it was air-conditioned to confer with the LGBT liaison because Jose had evidently said something insensitive while he was down there in the hole.

Frostproof said...

What's also missing is an equivalent group just behind this one, with someone named Manuel filling in the hole that José dug the day before.