Tuesday, April 08, 2014

If It Can't Go On Like This, It Won't

Republican leaders don’t like Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, or Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina. Both are trying to do what they promised their constituents: shrink government. In the process they’re driving Senate Minority Leader McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner crazy. McConnell and Boehner don’t really want to change Washington. They only want to talk about it. They’re both big government, career politicians who go along to get along.

The Republican Party as exemplified by its congressional leadership is not conservative The so-called Tea Party Wing of the Republican party is. Though I usually vote Republican in a lesser-of-two-evils effort, I’m a conservative first. That means I believe in small government and consider the monstrous growth of our federal government America’s biggest problem. I believe in the US Constitution because it exists primarily to limit government, though you’d never know it given what’s been happening. Our federal government has taken power from states and we need to put that process into reverse.
The Democrat Party champions two things: big government and abortion. It exists for people who look to government and not to themselves to solve every problem that comes along. It exists for people who want government to regulate every part of everyone’s life except sex. But, they want government to pay for their contraception. And if they still become pregnant, they want government to “fix” that for them by providing abortion. If they get a sexually transmitted disease, especially AIDS, they want government to “fix” that too by paying for expensive drugs to keep them alive. They want to play with whomever they want, whenever they want, and if anything goes wrong, they want government to take care of it. Meanwhile, if they don’t feel like working, they want government to provide their food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and education. If they have children, they want government to take care of them too. And, Democrats want open borders, so people from other countries who want to sneak in here can have all those things too.
Let’s see. Have I left anything out? Oh yeah: all that is expensive and Democrats object if government spends so much on military defense that it cuts into providing the other stuff. When that happens, the military budget should be cut. Doesn’t matter that military defense is the only thing I’ve mentioned so far that the Constitution allows government to do. It should still be cut to pay for all the other things government does that the Constitution never intended. And, if there still isn’t enough money, then our bloated government should borrow it. If we have trouble paying back what we borrow, we should print money to keep paying for all that stuff the Founders tried to prevent.
Is that everything? No, wait: when people getting all those government handouts complain it’s still not enough, Democrats blame evil corporations, especially oil companies, especially if they’re owned by the evil Koch brothers. They tell us that government would give out even more stuff if only those evil corporations and the evil Koch brothers weren't hoarding so much money for themselves.

Democrats, especially our president, are trying their best to take money away from all those evil rich people and spread it around, because they know who deserves it and who doesn’t. They know how much people should have. They could give away more stuff if it weren’t for people like Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy, and those other Tea Party Republicans. Democrats hate them as much as they hate the Koch brothers. Republican leadership hates them too.

We Americans have to have to have our taxes paid next week, the half of us who actually pay federal income taxes, that is. We’ll give over $3 trillion to the feds and $1.5 trillion to the states. That’s more than we spend on food, clothing, and shelter, and it still won’t cover what our bloated government actually spends. It doesn’t cover what we borrow, and it doesn’t cover what we print either. Even if we took 100% of income over a million dollars from those evil rich people, we could only fund government for a few months. Obviously this cannot go on forever. And what happens to things that cannot go on forever? They don’t.
So how is it going to stop? One of two ways: either we shift into reverse and shrink the federal government or it all collapses. Democrats pretend it can go on forever. Republican leadership says we have to do something, but when it comes to actually doing it, they give in to Democrats and on it goes. Only Tea Party Republicans actually want to stop it before it’s too late. All the rest call them extremists.

Will any of this change after the November elections? We’ll see.


Average American said...

Tom, check out my latest post to see Trey Gowdy at his finest! I sure wish more of them would grow a set of balls and follow his example!


Anonymous said...

Republicans champion two things. One is having Americans pay taxes for corporate welfare, in which 100 BILLION dollars is spent annually, including 41 billion to fossil fuel companies (research and develpment, but god forbid alternative energies want a piece of the action). They also champion a system with loopholes allowing many big businesses to pay NO taxes, and to pay their employess below a living wage. CEOs make an average of 17 times what they made in 1965 with NO increase to their peon workers.

To sum up:

Our tax dollars paid so CEO's can get bigger bonuses (because we all know how much that helps the economy) = GOOD!

Tax dollars to help somebody hurt and temporarily out of work = BAD!

Anonymous said...

Also Tom, if we never gave another dime to those evil poor, sick people that might help us fund what, another few weeks?

Anonymous said...

Naturally, the traditional "You HAVE to vote for the collaborative
GOP pol with experience, lest your vote for "other" be wasted as a de facto vote for "them""
stuff has begun in earnest.

I do my best to educate folks, but apparently the appointed IRS "project manager" still runs free.
We'll see.


Greg Benton said...

America has frequently been criticised by her allies for being 'isolationist' in the face of challenges and threats beyond her borders. This was certainly the case in WW1 and WW2 until circumstances were such that the US felt compelled to engage, e.g., Pearl Harbor. Some might even say that the Mexican border is similarly and largely ignored in spite of all the rhetoric.

It occurs to me from your commentary Tom that your country has managed to now have become isolationist of itself where the challenges and threats are menacing from within. Your people, Republican or Democrat, it would seem do not want to engage the profound instability and weakness that has grown because of your massive debt, ill-managed defence and the insidious weakening of the fundamental structures and institutions that hold together the moral and judicial fabric of the Republic.
It seems utter madness that a gaggle of appointed judges are permitted to either trump the will of the elected or displace the democratic forum by creating so-called 'new law'.

Coming from the side that ensured the safe delivery of delicious tea into Boston Harbour, only to be rudely accosted by rebels apparently ungrateful and unwilling to pay for the protection by the Royal Navy of the colonies and its' business from pirates at sea, it strikes me that your contemporary 'Tea Party' needs to do much more than tossing tea or Nancy Pelosi into the harbour.

Your president is no Paul Revere, John Adams, or even Betsy Ross. If you like your King you'll be able to keep your King.

I believe that someone, somewhere in America in due course will arise as a champion who will keep the ship of state from listing. It is remarkable that such a figure, who of necessity would have broad appeal and strength of character, has not yet emerged.

Whomever he or she is, I pray God that he or she will not tarry. Your allies need a strong and courageous America; just like your magnificent and sadly unappreciated warriors. Someone whom the likes of Putin or Assad would not be subject to ridicule and laughter as is the present case.

God bless the USA.

Anonymous said...

gjfkghj98467954798ther said:

Undoubtedly, the foregone "You MUST throw grain at the hobgoblin with the biggest toes, lest your yen for "the usual" be blasted as a de facto coup for "us""

things have begun in most sincerely.

I do my best to educate folks, but obviously the appointed "grand snowball" still roams in uncharted waters.

We'll find out when the cold ham floats our way.


Steve said...

CaptLOL, that was hilarious.

Yu said...

Speaking of taxes....Why the compliant servile attitude toward paying them? It's a scam. Plain and simple. Not part of our history nor our duty.
Why not enlighten people rather than perpetuate ignorance?

Taxes got to the non federal federal reserve to the interest we are charged for letting them borrow money for us. The fed is not federal. It is in fact a group of international bankers who lied and manipulated their way to being " the federal reserve". It is a scam. Period. And rather than pay these criminals we should be outright refusing.

As a former "educator" shouldn't you be informing us of how the fed was created? how it was snuck through congress during Xmas recess, etc. In 1913. And how we should all be refusing to participate in such a corrupt, downright evil, system. This country has a history of fighting, quite successfully, central banking scams.

You seem preoccupied with non sense and sensationalism and skirt anything crucial, controversial or substantive.
Is it too much to ask for people who write public columns to start writing about things that matter?

( the creature from Jekyll island nicely explains how the fed was created.)

Mr. Jones said...

Democrats and republicans? Really? Can't we evolve beyond this limited thinking? As if there are only ever two solutions to a problem...

How is it possible that in this day and age we let these mega bank/corporate "parties" dictate our lives? It's absurd. There isn't any difference in policy between these two parties. Just a lot of talk and marketing by corporate media " news". In reality, it doesn't matter who is the puppet, er, president. Look at the current "peace prize winner" soaked in the blood of innocent women and children he has drone murdered in countries we aren't at war with! Two Americas. We know of! Constitutional scholar?!? Haha! Yeah right!!

Are we that dumb? Are we tht easily dupped? Bought off with iPads and iPhones and cable tv? We keep pretending, hoping it'll get better. Pretending voting means anything when it is a useful ruse to keep us feeling like we have a say...look around...we don't.. And some puppet stooge whore in congress isn't going to do a damn thing....

Time for this country to stop playing pretend.

Mr. Jones said...

"The Founding Fathers frequently struggled with the proper measure of resistance. Many colonials wanted vengeance on the British after the Boston Massacre in March of 1770, but patriots knew that the timing was not right. The battle to rally citizens to the cause and to educate the masses as much as possible on the facts took precedence over the desire to enter conflict. The Founders endured five more years of British government criminality until nearly 80 farmers and militiamen stood outnumbered on Lexington Green on April 19th, 1775 to confront an army of 700 British regulars on a mission to capture rebel leaders and destroy weapons caches. No one knew at the time that the war would be sparked that day, but everyone knew that a fight was inevitable and near.

I believe the same feeling hangs in the air of modern America for REAL Americans, and by “real”, I mean those who actually support and defend the constitutional values and principles that lay at the foundation of our society. We sense that something is coming; a great change, or an unstoppable reckoning.

The question of when to strike back is pivotal to any resistance movement. Turn to violence too soon or without proper cause in the eyes of the public, and the rebellion may lose the moral high ground and the support of the populace. Wait too long, and the totalitarian hordes may be too far entrenched, forcing the rebellion to fight from a position of strategic weakness.

There are those who might argue that America crossed the “red line” long ago and now our society is simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic while arguing over futile semantics. In certain respects, I can see their point. The U.S. political system is utterly lost. Anyone who still has faith in the Left/Right paradigm after two terms of George W. Bush and nearly two terms of Barack Obama is either insane, or mentally challenged. It should be obvious to Republicans and Democrats alike that our government does NOT represent the average man, and our election process is a sham. Democrats in particular should be equally furious and ashamed as the candidate they blindly worshiped to the point of cultism has now forsaken every value they thought he represented.

The legal apparatus of the U.S. is also beyond repair. Those in the mainstream who argue that grievances with government should be addressed by the courts instead of independent action obviously have not considered that the courts continuously uphold and defend legislation like that contained within the NDAA, which allows for rendition, torture, and even assassination of American citizens without trial or due process. And where are the prosecutions of Constitutional violations by the NSA? Why aren't men like James Clapper in prison for lying directly to Congress. Why hasn't Eric Holder been slapped in irons for his involvement with “Fast and Furious”? And what about the international financiers who back these politicians? How many of them have been prosecuted for their involvement in the toxic derivatives scandals that are destroying our economy to this day?..."

Continued at:

Mary said...

I just read a great quote by GOP governor John Kasich about accepting federal funding for Obamacare:

"When you die and get to the meeting with St. Peter, he's probably not going to ask you so much about what you did to keep the government small, but he is going to ask you what you did for the poor. You better have a good answer."