Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Tragic Vision

Violence. Avoid it whenever possible but be prepared to use it. Why? Because there will always be others to use it against us. That’s the conservative view. I’m a conservative too, and that’s our view of how humans interact. The human race can improve, but it will always be imperfect.

If you’re a secular conservative, you know there will always be sociopaths, and you should be prepared for encounters with them. If you’re a believer, you know there will always be evil this side of heaven, and we should be prepared when we meet it. Both the secular and the theist views are based on something we conservatives call “The Tragic Vision.” It’s the concept first coined by economist Thomas Sowell that there are no ultimate solutions to problems in the human condition, only trade-offs. This contrasts the liberal view that a utopia is attainable, that we can perfect both ourselves as individuals and the societal human condition as well - and government is the vehicle to attain that perfection. The conservative refrain is: “Human nature being what it is . . .” whereas the liberal refrain is: “If only . . .”

Which brings us to the newly-renewed gun control debate. Conservatives believe that “Human nature being what it is . . . we need armed guards in schools.” Conversely, liberals believe “If only . . . we could ban guns altogether our schools would be safe.” The conservative looks at what happened at that Connecticut school and thinks what Wayne Lapierre said: “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” A liberal looks at Connecticut and thinks what John Lennon said: “Imagine all the people living life in peace.”
Liberal elitist David Gregory used his “Meet The Press” show to ridicule Wayne Lapierre’s NRA for it’s support of semiautomatic rifles and putting armed guards in schools. That’s fine for Gregory who put his own children into a private school with eleven armed guards. Last Sunday President Obama - who sends his kids to the same school - went on Gregory’s show threatening to restrict access to guns for the rest of us ordinary Americans. He said he’s fully behind Senator Dianne Feinstein’s bill to renew and assault weapons ban.

President Obama, Senator Feinstein, and Attorney General Eric Holder all want to disarm Americans, and they’re exploiting the Connecticut school shooting to re-invigorate that long-time liberal dream. Knowing this, millions of ordinary Americans are frantically buying guns at an unprecedented rate. Obama’s election in 2008 and especially his reelection in 2012 have spurred gun sales, but the torrid anti-gun rhetoric since Newtown has really done it. bigtime. There’s a domestic arms race underway.

Not only are citizens arming themselves, but so are domestic government agencies- seemingly against a potential domestic uprising. I don’t know how else to account for it. Not only does the IRS need to hire 15,000 new agents to enforce Obamacare, but according to an article in “Business Insider,” it’s buying shotguns for its investigators. It’s one thing for the IRS and Homeland Security Departments to buy ammo, but the Department of Education? The EPA? DHHS? What do they need thousands of rounds of hollow point bullets for? They’re all stocking up. It makes one wonder what the heck is going on.
Eric Holder at Columbia

Remember Senator Obama when he was campaigning for president in affluent Marin County back in 2008? He talked disdainfully about ordinary Americans bitterly clinging to their guns and religion. AG Eric Holder of the “Fast and Furious” assault weapon scandal said in the 1990s: “We have to be repetitive about this [in our schools]. We need to do this every day of the week, and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.” When pushing her first assault rifle ban around the same time, Senator Feinstein said she would favor confiscating weapons from Americans if she could only get the votes. It’s scary to contemplate what might happen if the Obama Administration tried anything like that in its second term. That’s what the British tried to do in Lexington back in 1775.

Anti-gun liberals like Feinstein are always careful to give a nod to hunters, as if Americans only want their guns to hunt deer, but they misunderstand. Most Americans I know want their guns for two other more compelling purposes than hunting: to protect themselves against criminals and to protect themselves against their own government, should that become necessary. Handguns usually suffice against criminals, but assault rifles would be needed against government.

It’s not just about deer hunting, Senator Feinstein. It’s about liberty and freedom.


Anonymous said...

We can rationalize all we want and prove this and prove that by statistics. It still takes only one person with one gun with one bullet to needlessly kill one person. This is not an argument for or against, just a simple fact of life. Let's stop talking about it and let the people vote on changing the Constitution. A simple yes or no on rescinding the second article of the Bill of Rights.

Anonymous said...

And then we can simply "vote" to restrict free speech because that might hurt someone's feelings, followed by a vote to accept Shariah law as a religios freedom! Give me a break...the Constitution is there to guarantee rights to all citizens and was put in place to protect us from disasterous governments like the one we have now! NO ONE is going to "vote" to take my rights away, you can bet the farm on that! Especially not when votes are bought with handouts I pay for through taxes for those who want to take advantage of the system. Our guns are all that separates us from socialism at this point and there are too many lazy, uneducated, selfish and entitled-feeling voters that would gladly vote for another free handout over a constitutional right!

Anonymous said...

AMEN... with more and more illegals coming into our country and Obama giving them the right to stay and vote, it wouldn't take much for them to side with the free loading anti-american president that we have. I say, if you don't like or want guns then don't get one. But for those of us that care about our country, family and well being then we should have the right to own guns. Funny how we never see on the liberal news all the times a legal gun owner has stopped a crime or saved a life. They only tell you the bad things to keep everyone scared. Maybe if they allowed teachers and parents to disaplin children there would be less disrespect and crime. People always say they miss the days when things were simple and people were nicer. That's because these days everyone has to be politically correct and "equal". Well, life isn't "equal", people are all different and like the old saying goes..."you can please some of the people all of the time but you can't please all of the people anytime". Time to let teachers be teachers and parents should start being parents again.

Steve said...

I apologize for not addressing the major point of your article, but this is a link that debunks the claim of 16,000 IRS new agents. This ranks up there with the claim that Obama used a teleprompter to address sixth graders that was debunked years ago.

This goes back to bias. In one of your responses you admitted Fox's bias is conservative. You dismiss everything in the broader media because you see it as a liberal bias, yet you're devoted to the conservative bias of Fox. Why is the bias you agree with gospel and the bias you disagree with deception?

Steve said...

I just opened the link you provided to the article claiming 16,000 new agents would be hired to enfource Obamacare. The link is to a Politifact article that debunks the claim and lists it as most false. It appears you didn't read the article, but only read the headline.

Tom McLaughlin said...

So it's 16,000 IRS employees then. How many will be using shotguns in the performance of their duties?

Steve said...

Just read the articles. The number of qualifiers addressing the 16000-agent claim is too many to reprint. The article you linked listed the claim as "mostly false."

Tom McLaughlin said...

I read them. Politifact is nit-picky to say the least.

Check this out:

Steve0 said...

Tom - what can an assault rifle do against an armed drone? Why would the Government ever fear us when they can pay a kid to play a video game?

Guns aren't the problem - people are...why didn't you bring up mental health?

I would recommend you check out Dan Carlin's latest podcast called 'common sense'. He had a couple of radical ideas for gun control.

Steve said...

The article does a much more comprehensive (and sourced) job of explaining how partisans reached the 16,000-agent figure.
I checked out the publiusforum link. It actually doesn't prove anything, or it proves exactly what everyone wants it to prove. To partisan liberals, it proves Republicans do lie more than Democrats. To partisan conservatives, it proves politifact underreports Democrats' lies.
If the author listed Democrats' lies not reported on by politifact, then you'd have some leverage.
At the top of the publiusforum article, the second and third words - "new chart" - are a link to the article the chart is pulled from. Did you read that? It's hilarious. The author wrote, "They also unfairly tarnish Michele Bachmann as a liar, when anybody who follows her already understands that many of her statements aren't meant to be truthful in the first place -- she simply says what she feels.” You trust an author who exonerates Bachman by saying “…many of her statements are meant to be truthful in the first place…”? Why isn't he that forgiving with any of the Dems on his list?

Anonymous said...

The truth is you can vote to change the Constitution, there is a process. Have you not heard of Prohibition. Allowing 18 year olds to vote, allowing women to vote allowing everyone to vote. Repealing prohibition. I am not aguing for or against anything, but you are so wrapped up in your single issue that nothing else matters.

Anonymous said...

That was not aimed at you Tom. You are the Historian..

Anonymous said...

"The great thing about the second amendment is that the only time it will be needed is about the time we will need to use it"

Thomas Jefferson

Gary S. said...

Steve, it is useless to argue facts with someone like Tom. Tom believes what Faux News, and other right wing media tell him to believe. Thinking about how he does "research" makes me very glad he is not trying to teach our children any longer.

I wonder where he "researched" his idea that liberals think perfection is possible. Being a liberal, and knowing tons of them, it does not ring true at all. Perhaps his "research" consisted of a John Lennon song lyric? lol

I wonder if Tom thinks that citizens should also have the right to have bombs...nuclear weapons?...why not? They're "arms", don't we have the right to have them to protect ourselves from the government?

Would you care to respond, Tom? I understand if you can't.

Greg said...

HILARIOUS!!!! Too good to be true!!! Tom puts a link that REFUTES what he said!!!

He doesn't even read his research!

Oh god, I am dying of laughter here. This is such a great example of Tom and his writing/thinking process.

I love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tom, how long ago was the Constitution written? It's a vastly different world now. Give me ONE, just ONE reason why ordinary citizens need access to assault weapons and magazine clips with rounds of 80 -100 shots? Do you have no common sense at all? Assault weapons needed against the government? Are you mad? Actually, I think you are.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he thinks we need them to protect ourselves against the government. Which makes me wonder how he feels about citizens having bombs and other weapons of mass destruction. Because really, how is a bunch of assault weapon toting citizens going to fight off a government with these more powerful weapons?

Rhonda said...

The Weimar Republic disarmed it's German citizens in 1928, paving the way for Hitler's rise to dictatorship. The Holocaust wouldn't have happened if the European Jews had been armed.

The guy who killed the firemen was banned from owning guns because he was a convicted murderer. It didn't stop him. He got his neighbor to buy them for him. We can't punish the moral law abiding citizens for the actions of a few.

The 2nd amendment is not about duck hunting, it's about the rights of all of us against the possibility of a president trying to go dictator. It's about our colonial ancestors, who were all armed, as they depended on a gun to kill game to stay alive, but it turned out to be about a militia that rose up against tyranny in the form of the British.

I don't own a gun, but I will defend with my life your right to own one.

Gary S. said...

Rhonda, any movement to completely ban weapons is so small as to be vertually non-existant. There are no where near the amount of politicians, or citizens, that want this to happen. But where to draw the line is the question. Tom has obvioyusly ducked out of this conversation after his humiliating link, so he won't answer. Tom has once again, typically, thrown up the white flag of silence. But what do you think? What arms should be banned? Machine guns? Bazookas? Bombs? And if some of these should be banned, why? Are they not "arms"?

As for the Nazis, they actually loosened up the gun laws when they took control.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how suckers like Tom keep falling for the fear-mongering tactics of the far right. "16,000 new irs agents"....ooops, wrong. "Obama wants to disarm us". Hmmm, why did he get such a great rating from the NRA? "The IRS is arming their agents"! Do a little research, Tom. The IRS has long had CI special agents, which, During the Bush Administration, participated in Anti-Terrorism Task Forces, World Trade Center searches, investigations of Saddam Hussein's regime, and other such assignments.

"Run out, buy guns, be afraid!!!" screach the Chicken Littles.

Anonymous said...

Funny how in one sentence Tom calls for armed guards in schools, and in another he wonders what the heck is going on saying that the Department of Education is buying guns.

Tom must be shriveled up in a little ball of shame and humiliation after this column and it's fantastic link!!!

Anonymous said...

How did having an armed guard help out at Columbine?

Carl said...

Can anybody think of a more humiliating experience in the history of blogging than what happened to Tom with his link?

Picking Romney to win in a rout may be a close second in it's revealing of how out of touch Tom is with his country, but NOTHING tops a liar and/or ignoramous who links a factcheck that refutes themself!!

Anonymous said...

If Tom was not a glutton for punishment he would have given up trying to write columns years ago.

Winston Smith said...

Amen tom. I agree. 100%.

I would like to add that the reporting of the sandy hook tragedy was bungled and inept from the start and deserves your full attention. Way too many discrepancies and just plain weirdness to ignore. For example, and to name just a few, where is the second shooter apprehended in the woods? Why was it reported the mother worked at the school not to find she didn't and no me even knew her? it was first reported the shooter used pistols. There is footage of police pulling the " long gun" from the trunk. Was there another gun? Why no CCTV footage? And, you must watch the full interview with parent robbie Parker. Amazingly strange. Please explain his demeanor seconds before he realizes the cameras are rolling...or watch the medical examiners press conference. Bizarre....there are a lot more things I could mention but this deserves everyone's full attention. Do your own research! Please. This is crazy stuff, I admit, but too much to ignore.

Where is that purple van? And it's occupants?
Watch gene Rosen and listen to his story...again, bizarre..

Winston Smith said...

.."As the Sandy Hook conspiracy spirals out of control. Many questions have yet to be answered or even brought up by the mainstream media.
Alternative news outlets are leading the charge with great investigative journalism, bringing no one to believe the official story.
Connecticut cop Mark S. Mann breaks down all the evidence and facts surrounding Adam Lanza’s killing spree. Don’t we all love a good conspiracy?"

Listen to this former cop here....

Anonymous said...

Some wackos feel a need to turn everything into a conspiracy theory. Let it was a horrendous tragedy that is only belittled by goofy attempts to turn it into a Hollywood conspiracy.

Winston Smith said...

Anonymous, seems to me most " wackos" are the ones believing everything they see on the tee vee.

Until youve looked at the many inconsistencies, discrepancies, and outright weirdness get back to me.

I don't blame you really, it's scary stuff.

Watch robbie Parker's press conference. The whole version. And explain to me, please because I really want to know, how and why he goes from laughing smiley guy to grief stricken parent on cue?

It's pretty darn easy to sit back and cry tin foil hat yap yap yap rather than apply some critical thinking. I get it. It just doesn't hold any water anymore. You mainstream media zombies are the last betrayal of freedom left.

No CCTV footage? Really? I must be crazy, huh?

Winston Smith said...

..and there's no need to "turn" anything into a conspiracy because its staring you right in the face! The biggest "conspiracy theory" is the mainstream corporate medias account.

Winston Smith said...

The San Antonio Theater Shooting the National Media Ignored
January 3, 2013
Print Version
Source: Bob Adelmann, New American

At approximately 9:25 p.m. on Sunday night, December 16, just two days after the horrific shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, Jesus Manuel Garcia, age 19, entered the China Garden restaurant across the mall from the Santikos Mayan Palace 14 theater complex in San Antonio, Texas, looking for his ex-girlfriend. Angered that she had just broken up with him, he sent her a text messagesaying that he planned to go to the restaurant where she worked and “shoot somebody.”

Before she could warn patrons at the restaurant Garcia entered and started shooting. One bullet slightly wounded one patron while others scattered out the exit doors and headed for the safety of the theater lobby across the mall. Garcia chased them and continued shooting.

This got the attention of an armed off-duty law-enforcement officer who was working at the theater, Bexar County sheriff’s Sgt. Lisa Castellano, who chased Garcia to the back of the theater where he ducked into the men’s room. When he emerged, Castellano shot him four times which immediately and effectively ended the threat. Garcia was handcuffed with the help of another off-duty officer and taken to the hospital where he was listed in stable condition. He was charged with attempted capital murder of a police officer and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and his bail was set at $1 million.

Gary S. said...

Hmmmm, neither Tom nor anybody else dares answer the question of where they think the line should be drawn when it comes to citizens owning arms. I guess the right wing medcia has not told you how to think about that so you have no thoughts.

Tom McLaughlin said...


Winston Smith said...

If you believe the corproate media regarding sandy hook then you deserve everything you get. Everything!

You all supposedly are freedom loving Americans yet you never question the corproate media? The facts are staring you in the face! you'd rather buy the lie!!??

No wonder.

You have absolutely no credibility if you question DC but believe everything the media "reports".

So, let me get this right. You believe a hundred fifty pound kid with aspergers with no professional training and weighed down with ammo and gea rwalked into a locked school and got off over one hundred rounds and no one survived? He dodnt miss? He reloaded how many times? How many shots is that a minute? Hmmmmm...

Wow...and I'm the crazy one, huh?

( not even mentioning the glaringly obvious lies and discrepancies)

Gary s. said...

So Tom thinks everybody should be allowed to have weapons of mass destruction. I'm not surprised, it is on the same level of absurdity as many of his opinions. And as equally un-thought out. Hmmm, wonder what would have happened in Newtown if the killerr was allowed to buy wmds at Wal-Mart or a trade show? Oh wait, a GOOD guy with wmd's would have been able to stop him!!!

Anonymous said...

Winston, you are beyond nuts. If there was the ANY chance of your wacky tale being true, the corporate media would be over the story like the opportunistic, money grabbers that they are. Do you realize the ratings and newspaper sales they would get from a story like you are insinuating?

C'mon, get back to talking about the moon lnding being faked or something else that does not insult the memories of 20 kids.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Actually Garry, I would ban WMD for individual Americans, but that's about all.

Jed said...

If y’all want to investigate conspiracy theories that almost never turn out to be true, that’s fine. I’ll focus on real problems, not made up ones. Is there a possibility that Sandy Hook was a conspiracy? Possibly. But given the track record of 9/11 conspiracy theories, moon landing conspiracy theories, JFK shooting conspiracy theories, Area 51 conspiracy theories, Holocaust conspiracy theories, etc., I think I’m safe in calling B.S. and moving on with my life. There are REAL problems and REAL government injustices.

Gary S. said...

But why ban wmd's, Tom? Doesn't the Constitution guarentee us the right to bear arms? It does not cherry pick certain arms. Could you explain your reasoning, please?

Anonymous said...

I watched the Parker video and saw a grief stricken father going through horrific, life-alertering nighmare. It sickens me that wackos would use something like this to play conspiracy games. If you knew anything at all about coping with grief you would realize that laughter is a very common coping mechanism to deal with grief. It would tear out your soul to always stay in "sober" mode. What on earth are you suggesting. That he knew is daughter was going to die and doesn't care? That his daughter is not really dead? What?!? Stop the insanity.

Anonymous said...

Much of the "second shooter" speculation was spurred by a man who was detained and released after being spotted in the woods outside the school. Numerous witnesses and TV stations reported seeing a man handcuffed and placed in a police car on Friday morning. After he was interviewed and released, police moved on to other matters, but the record was never fully cleared up and the event got lost in the larger story, leading many to believe the arrest was being actively suppressed. We admit it took a bit of digging to discover that others had figured out that the man in question was most likely Chris Manfredonia, the father of a Sandy Hook student, who attempted to sneak into the school after the shooting started. Police can be heard relaying his name over their radios, but few outlets managed to follow up with that detail.

Peter said...

ok Winston, I'll play along. I truly am interested in your thought process. What would you say is the main piece of evidence to support your conspiracy claim? Pick one thing, the most damning thing you have, and we'll take it from there. Are you really shocked that after an event like this that reporters would be racing for stories and throwing out rumoured tid-bits, like the mom was a teacher, or a pistol was used, etc?

What is it that made you bite on this?

Ted said...

Since we tossing out Constitution questions for Tom to duck, I am curious as to what well regulated militia he considers himself part of.

Winston Smoth said...

First anonymous. Really? That's your answer? The corproate media is NOT complicit? That's your angle?
Because of the rating and money------ ???

Nope. Controlling information is far more important than money.

Get back to me when you've done some research

Winston Smith said...

Anonymous. Wow. Stated with some authority. Maybe cite your sources? Because the issue of a second, even a third gunman is still an open issue. No closure.

And other anonymous---- if you watched robbie Parker's FULL press conference then I don't know what to tell you? You must watch the very start when he goes from jovial to mourning on cue. And don't insult me by saying I don't know about grief! please! I know bs when I see it.

Robbie Parker's video is the tip,of the iceberg..are you really trying to justify his behavior?

Winston Smith said...

Peter---- there are many inconsistencies to look at. And out right bizarre events.

First,don't dismiss the medias bungling of the mother and their claim that she worked there. Initially, it gives some motive. Curious that no one NEVER heard of her? How could something like that even start?...moving on, you mention the pistols. Again, don't try and belittle. There is chopper footage showing cops pulling out a "long gun" after the shooting. Hmm? Suicide by bushmaster? Not easy.

There is much more. Robbie Parker's full press conference, second and third shooters, the medical examiners press conference ( explain that guy, please) there is police chatter regarding a purple van that was pulled over in connection--- who was in it? Where are they? Gene Rosen's absurd story? The fact there was a drill for this days before! No CCTV footage! ( this is astonishing considering the supposed high tech security system) lanza didn't miss? Really? You realize how many times he would've had to reload? Weighed down with all that gear a kid with aspergers magically entered the school and began shooting? And don't miss? Not one survivor? Where is the evidence?! any evidence?!

There is more...

Do some research, watch some of the many videos out there that people are posting. It's scary stuff.

Winston Smith said...

Watch Alex jones own piers Morgan from CNN last night!!

Thank you Alex!!!!

Peter said...

Winston, some questions for you. Please answer. So far nothing you have said gives me any reason whatsoever to supect a conspiracy.

Are you implying that every newspaper and local tv station across Amrerica is involved in a conspiracy to "control information"?

Why is it that virtually EVERY tragedy that makes big news has a conspiracy plot involved. Seriously, can you name me ANY big tragic event that doesn't? Things like this never just happen the way they appear to?

Can you give me any scenario for what you think is the cause for Parker's "bizarre" behavior? I saw the whole video and did not leap to conspiracy conclusions because a grief-stricken man momentarily looked light-hearted moments before having to compose himself to talk about the death of his daughter. What is a possible scenario you have for this - please, give me any.

People DID hear of the mother. And you scold others for not researching?

What difference does it make if the killer also had a pistol or not, or if another rifle was taken from his car?

Show me evidence of second and third shooters.

Who cares if the police pulled over a purple van?

Schools have lock down drills all the time. You are grasping at straws.

It has now been revealed that Lanza taped two cartridge magazines to his .223 calibre rifle so he could reload as quickly as possible and continue his killing spree, according to The Telegraph. Wayne Carver, the Connecticut medical examiner, has said the technique is known as "jungle taping," and has suggested that this explains how he managed to kill 26 victims at the school in a matter of minutes.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the Alex Jones - Piers Morgan video. Hilarious!!

It perfectly sums up the two sides. One comes off as calm and rational, the other as a ranting blowhard that complains about the use of facts (oids).

Jones mocked Piers for having notes when momemts earlier he himself had tons of papers in his lap he was reading from.

He yelled about "factoids" and proceded to ramble off FBI "facts" himself.

The man is a big buffoon. Great TV!

Winston Smith said...

Alex Jones, bafoon? Maybe? But he was dead on. His point was that the facts speak for themselves and ignoring the prescritptipn pill epidemic as at least of the cause is laughable and very irresponsible.

The agenda is obvious and jones called him out using piers' own tactics of cutting people off and intimidation.

By the way, piers "facts" were pathetic diversions.

About time someone stood up to these mainstream corporate media setlist and hacks!

Winston Smith said...

If you think robbie Parker's behavior is fitting for a grieving father then good luck to you. To me, and many others it look a lot like acting ( you do know there is a company dedicated to providing actors for emergency training drills right?)
He is clearly and deliberately changing his mood sfter he asks if the camera is on? I mean....seriously?? Weak..

You can research everything else for yourself. Are you helpless? Come on...there's many videos on YouTube that'll make you think. And answer your questions since apparently you can't find your own answers. The purple van is an interesting tale...fake nun costume and all! Interview and video second and third shooters all,over the net. It every important that his mother was reportd to,work there. Very. It establishes motive first of all. How could such a thing be misrepresentedz.. Makes NO sense. And no, sorry, no one really knew her at the school at all. And no, schools do not have lock down drill like this all the time. Simply not true.
This was astutely the art security system. No CCTV football. How about you answer some questions?

Did you watch that medical examiners "press conference"? Didn't think so. Gene Rosen?
Inform yourself!!! These ARE the questions our press should be asking and answering!! Why do we need to do their job!! .

Many videos on YouTube. Watch as many as you can.

Start here....

Never heard of that particular website before but there are many more like it.

Also listen to both parts of this, this former cop has some great points to make regaing the shooting.

After you be digested all the video and audio you can stomach then get back to me.

Winston Smith said...

Sorry, auto correct typos everywhere Peter.

Trying to type on a phone. Apparently I can't.

Hopefully you can translate it yourself.

I urge you to watch the videos and listen to the audio interviews.

A lot of questions....a lot....

Ol 'Hickory said...


Piers Morgan did not come off as calm and rational.
He had no real questions. Jones answered them all before he asked. The gun murder in London rate question was a joke. As Alex pointed out, the violent crime rate tripled! guns? Whatever?

Seems piers knew he had nothing. Because he didn't.

Peter said...

Helpless? I researched the crap out of this and came to a different conclusion.

You are saying that Parker is an ACTOR??!!?? Why wouldn't he care about getting into "character" until the cameras are on. There are lots of people around, press, etc - he is not trying to fake out them too? And so where are the real parents of the dead kids? Once again (you keep evading this) paint me a scenario to explain this that is remotely plausible.

I teach 3rd grade Winston, and yes, we do have regular lock down drills. So you're pretending to be an authority on this leads me to doubt other things you say.

What reliable source told you that "nobody" know Adam's mother. And so what if they didn't. There are plenty of mothers of kids who years ago attended my school that nobody "knows".

You talk about reports of second and third shooters as being "all over the net". Guess what, Winston, so are sightings of big foot and "evidence" that Walt Disney and Hitler were the same person. Strange how you automatically dismiss "mainstream" media but jump all over anything some stranger posts on the web.

Yes, I watched the medical examiner and Gene Rosen.

For the final time, please give me a scenario that could possible have happened that fits in with your theory. Newton is real town you know. Real people live there. The whole town is not made up of actors covering for a group of other actors pretending to be parents in the town of children that were killed.

If you can't offer any possibilities then I have no more time for such nonsense.

Winston Smith said...

Hey Pete, I never claimed to have any answers. I don't know why? The facts are simply to hard to ignore and don't add up. I didn't say Parker was an actor, though it wouldn't surprise me really. I just can't explain his behavior at all. I've witnessed plenty of grieving people in my life and his change of disposition makes no sense at all in light of the tragedy. You find this to be normal? Or not at all suspicious, weird? I can't agree at all with that. And the medical examiner? Wow...beyond strange. And the lab coat? seriously? Gene Rosen? He never called 911? That is impossible to believe. And all the interviews I watched never even raise that question!

The school had state of the art security yet he entered the building how? Conflicting reports on that. And , again, tell me why there is no CCTV footage? Parents not allowed to see dead children! No survivors? That seems hard to believe.

The purple van that was detained is certainly suspicious and raises the point again of an inept media. There is no actual journalism taking place on CNN fox or PBS. What is the story with this van? Is there a connection?

And lanzas mother. Reporting, immediately mind you, that she was working at the school makes no sense at all. She had no connection at all. Why report this? More importantly, how? and I simply don't buy the doomsday prepper story at all. How can I? the press have no credibility!

There are other important and strange discrepancies.
I highly suggest listening to the connecticut cops interview. All of it. He makes some great points. Worth your time if this whole thing captivates you as it does me.

No Peter,I have no answers, never said I did. I do have a lot of questions that our media continues to ignore. Again, they have no credibility or integrity. And it seems anyone willing to question the mainstream story, despite their fumbling and lying, is deemed a conspiracy nut...

It simply doesn't add up...

Winston Smith said...


From controversial professor at Florida Atlantic univeristy James Tracey's blog,

Just read it. I urge you toy as well. Then, let me know if you still believe the mainstream media.

buttercup said...

Those who think their guns will defeat a tyrannical government are deluded. The tyrannical government has drones, tanks, Blackhawk helicopters, military planes, bombs, and of course nuclear weapons. You'll be standing on the ground impotently shooting your little Bushmaster into the air as you get shot down like a dog.

Gun owners live in a strange fantasy world, part American Revolution and part Wild West. The one place they don't live is in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Winston Smith said...

So, you still think sandy hook actually happened? Well, at least the way the wayit was sold to us?

Thank you for betraying the rest of us because you can't imagine that a telvision would lie to you. Wake up. This is a nightmare. Not a dream. And your willful ignorance regarding the reality behind such false flag events is NOT helping. Unless you like the emerging corporate fascist state.

Go ahead, keep arguing over bs while they take our guns.

Never mind questioning the media and sandy hook.

What a pathetic bunch of spineless sheep.

Thank you

Rhonda said...

@Gary Where do we draw the line? Good question. My fear is that once we have banned the assault rifle, what will come next, and next, and next? Until we are all left completely unarmed. That will allow for any entity to completely take over the U. S., knowing that we will be unable to resist a tyrannical takeover.