Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Multicultural Miasma

We’re devolving into tribalism. Americans vote for members of their tribe, or for those their tribal chiefs tell them to vote. Ninety-tree percent of blacks voted for Barack Obama. In Philadelphia, fifty-nine wards voted 100% for Obama. There wasn’t a single vote for Romney or anybody else. The Hispanic-American organization called “La Raza,” (translated, “The Race”) told its tribespeople to vote for Obama and 71% did. La Raza’s loyalty is to Mexico, not the United States and their affiliated organization MEChA sees our southwestern states as the province of “Aztlan” and Mexican sovereign territory.

Time was when Americans were proud to proclaim themselves part of the great “Melting Pot” to which immigrants from all over the world came because they valued what America stood for: One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all - not for someone of this race or that gender. For all. We were Americans first - and that trumped every other affiliation we may have had.

Today, however, we hear endless breakdowns of how single, white women voted for Obama while married, white women voted for Romney. We learned that the Obama campaign wrote off white, working men because they could never be persuaded to vote for Obama - unless they belonged to unions, because those guys were already in the sack for him.

Leaders of the “Congressional Black Caucus” claim criticism of UN Ambassador Susan Rice for lying about Benghazi is motivated not by her lies, but by racism because she is a black woman. No black politicians questioned her erroneous statements about what happened on September 11th in Benghazi, Libya where four Americans were murdered by Arab Muslim radicals.

Black entertainer Jamie Foxx called Barack Obama “Our lord and savior” on “BET” - “Black Entertainment Television.” After turning out to vote for their tribal leader earlier this month, blacks are now asking for their spoils according to an article on called “You Owe Us.”

Demographers tell us that Hispanics are the fastest-rising segment of the US population and that, if Republicans don’t start pandering to them fast, there won’t be any more Republican Party.  Some Republican “leaders” are caving. Rather than educate the electorate in the effectiveness of conservative principles and the flaws of so-called progressive policies which have brought us to the edge of the cliff, they would pander and compete with Democrats for tribal alliances.

Author Tom Wolfe, who has been chronicling American societal trends since the 1960s, just published his latest: “Back To Blood.” It’s set in Miami where there is no majority, but race and ethnicity trump everything. His characters are Cuban, black, white, Russian, or Haitian, etc. Their identity as Americans - as citizens of the United States - is secondary or non-existent. What bonds them instead is some combination of race, sex, status, or pornographic licentiousness. For fifty years, Wolfe has been showing us ourselves, with all our carbuncles. First he used non-fiction with “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” and “The Right Stuff.” Then he used the novel with “Bonfire of the Vanities”; “A Man in Full”; “I Am Charlotte Simmons”; and now: “Back To Blood.” In an interview for the “Telegraph” Wolfe said: “Miami is a melting pot in which none of the stones melt. They rattle around. A lot of Russians are there now, Haitians, Nicaraguans. Miami is plan B for everyone in Latin America at this point. And everybody hates everybody . . .”
Americans who champion Multiculturalism also cheer for open borders and world government. Obviously, they think all these tribes can smile and hold hands as they celebrate diversity, but Wolfe and this writer tend to disagree.

Abraham Lincoln called America “The last, best hope,” but that hope is fading once again. He called us “a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” Then he wondered aloud “whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.”

I’m wondering too a century-and-a-half later as I watch our “Great Melting Pot” devolve into Multicultural Miasma. I have to watch as our once-great republic declines further and faster because things have to get worse before they can get better. I have to hope that a majority of voters eventually realize that big government is the problem - not the solution - that the limited government outlined in our Constitution by the founding fathers is indeed the last best hope of mankind.


Anonymous said...

Tom Wolfe? The closet fag who hasn't written anything worth reading in over twenty years? Figures...

From the New Yorker book review:

"A world in which no one is ever quiet is a false one; it is a stage, not a world. Miami is a big, noisy, crazy, spectatorial space, for sure; but “Back to Blood” merely confirms what we already thought we knew about that city, and fails to dramatize ordinary people within that space. So it founders both as fiction and as reportage, as the reader can test, by comparing this brassy yeller with quieter but far better novels that have drawn on intelligent research (like “Netherland” and “Lush Life,” both set in New York), or with formidable works of courageous reportage (like “Maximum City” and “Behind the Beautiful Forevers,” both about life in Mumbai). Wolfe isn’t interested in ordinary life. Ordinary life is complex, contradictory, prismatic. Wolfe’s characters are never contradictory, because they have only one big emotion, and it is lust—for sex, money, power, status. His own prose is monotonous in the same way. It confuses the depiction of strength with the energy of verisimilitude. This is perhaps why he is obsessively drawn to describing enormous male physiques, which are analogues for his own exaggeration. In “Back to Blood,” we have not only the massive musclescapes of Nestor and the police chief but also those of Mr. Estevez, the teacher (“His chest bulged out against a white shirt”), and the gigantic black drug dealer, and various outsized Russians, including Sergei Korolyov (“His big powerful blood-gorged neck was shrinking . . . likewise his marvelous sculpted chest..."

Read more:

Judy Hamby said...

And what have you written recently
Anonymous? Nothing? Gee whiz. I was right.

Winston Smith said...

Which is it? Your afraid of colored people or big government? this...2012 or 1953?

Who gives a rats ass about multiculturalism when we have drones murderimg people, the govt running guns and drugs in Mexico, and a dwindling bill of rights and constitution!!
Banker bailouts, the fed printing money at will, and the fake two'party system to keep the simpletons from actually excercising freedom and liberty.

This is a fascist corporate nightmare we live in. And you all are letting it happen when you focus on the wrong issues.

Wake up

Anonymous said...

How about 1984 Winston?

Rhonda said...

Susan Rice is being criticized because she, Obama and Hillary, all lied to the American people for two weeks about what caused the terror attacks in Benghazi that killed four Americans. When are the liberals going to stop being such racists? Is everything about race? No! For Rice, it is about honesty and integrity, neither of which she appears to have, and even if she does have those important morals, they aren't showing. The American people deserve better.

Abe Lincoln said...

Yawn. What a waste of cyberspace.

Ol' Hickory said...

Rhonda--liberals, conservatives? America deserves better than a fake two party system controlled by the corporate elite and banksters.

Race? What on earth are you talking about?

Obama, Hillary, Rice etc., are doing the same thing W did. And Clinton. In fact, Obama is outdoing W's agenda!

If you are such a bastion of morality then how about us murdering american citizens via drones with no due process in countries we aren't at war with!Or NDAA! Fast and furious! You sheep never respond to these crucial blows to our constitution. never. You merely puppet corporate talking points from corporate tv. Hint, the military industrial complex owns most of your "news".... Come on...

How about Bradley Manning? A crying shame and an outrage to our once great nation...

It's over. You can keep playing pretend or wake up. They dont give a s*&^ about you and me. The two party system is meant to distract and divide. And its working...The last thing they want is us to unite.


Ike was right said...

Yeah big gov is the problem. Agreed. But why then do you keep voting? Why put your faith in greedy corporate whores? These people don't give a damn about us! Obviously! Look at the level of incompetence on Capitol Hill!

And,,let's be clear, the textbook usa govt is a fraud, a lie, a sick joke. Corporate lobbies run the show. Just look at a company like Monsanto. The military industrial complex Ike warned us about is real and extremely powerful. They even own media outlets! So, why keep turning to them for help? They control us through puppet political parties. Divide and conquer. They've won!

Yes, Tom big gov is the problem. As is the false faith in either "party". You know it. We all do. Yet you continue to want to see the world through the republican point of view. Well, there ain't a republican point of view anymore. Not a real,one anyway. Just some lame theatre of the absurd on television. You can't call big gov the problem and still turn to it for change. That's the real problem here----- no one has the balls to really stand up, what we need is nothing less then revolution. We all know it, deep down.

It's time for the American people to call bs and take this country back. This war mongering is getting us nowhere.

Curious said...

I'm curious why, as a former teacher, you never tackle the big questions of our day? Bradley manning? Ndaa? Unconstitutional wars? Drone murders with no due process? Obamacare/romneycare? The tsa? And on and on.

It seems a teacher, a person who knows the constitution, would want to comment on these things? It's always something about race, sexuality, or some other distracting emotional non sense you write about. Meanwhile, our republic is slipping away.

Fred said...

Boy, did Tom ever get his a$$ ripped apart in the Conway Daily Sun over this column!

Personally, I couldn't even tell what Tom's latest rant here is about. Is he upset that immigrants are not "melting" fast enough and becoming more like the tribe of old, white males who voted more for Romney?

Tom says: "...if Republicans don’t start pandering to them fast, there won’t be any more Republican Party." If Tom means by "pandering", that the GOP treat them like equals, like humans, then I agree. But I don't even know if pretending to respect minorities is enough to save the party.

Tom seems upset that minorities don't vote for people who show them no respect, and who are only concerned about how best to make the rich even richer, with policies that pushed our economy to the brink of disaster (which was averted, thanks to Obama) and want to repeat the same disastrous policies. And THAT, Tom, has nothing to do with your preoccupation with race and social castes, but has to do with common sense economics.

Winston Smith said...

I was with you Fred until you mentioned dictator obama.
Obama didn't avert anything! He's a Goldman Sachs stooge! And a constitutional scholar and Nobel peace prize winner who blatantly is dismantling the constitution and our rights and murdering people at will!

How on earth do you Obama sycophants sleep at night?! Do you think of the thousands of innocent women and children he's killed via drone strikes as collateral damage?
You realize he's murdered American citizens with no due process? In addition, he campaigned on championing Whistleblowers---- guess what? He's persecuted more Whistleblowers than any previous administration! He ran guns and drugs in Mexico with holder!

I mean, it's mindnumbimg, the outright lies. Yet, somehow, the Obama minions love it!! Thank you!

You guys are just as played and used as guys like Tom.
Until you commit to real critical thinking and eschew the corporate media we are all doomed! Get it?

Linda said...

Hi. I just wanted to share what i thought was the funniest political cartoon I have seen in years.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Okay Linda. I read it. It's leftist clever.

So, the president should decide how much CEO's make? From where would he get that power? The Constitution doesn't grant it to the president, nor to Congress.

"Bolster the social safety net"? You mean the one that's already bankrupting the entire country? The one Obama is ignoring now in the "fiscal cliff" talks? He wants to add to it instead?

You and he and Tom the Dancing Bug are in leftist, liberal La-La Land.

Oh, and if you haven't got any logical argument to make? Use the race card.

I've heard it all before. It's tired. Thus we drift toward the precipice.

Winston Smith said...

And still no answer to the real questions.

You'll hit softballs all day long but when it comes to the real meat and potatoes you've got nothing.

One more time----- address the constitution and Ndaa, fast and furious, Bradley manning, drone attacks ( the constitution doesn't allow a president to select who he wants killed, especially with no congress involved), the tsa, etc. etc.

Obama has gotten away with more than W ever could've imagined. It's genius, really, call him liberal, give him a peace prize and let him kill and murder at will all the while whittling away at the bill of rights!

Ceo's salaries? Who gives a tin shit? And by the way, the left and right are both considered la la land. Why? They are both fake! Is it painful to realize the system is a big lie? Must be.........

"Insanity is doing something again and again and expecting different results each time" --- Einstein

Keep voting! Its working, no really, this time it'll be different, because this guy is a republican/democrat.
Don't you know that there are ever only two sides to an issue?

Winston said...

Paul Craig Roberts
Dec 4, 2012
Liberty consists of government being ruled by law and citizens having control over law. This was the way our founding fathers set up the US Constitution. It is the Constitution that defines the United States. Every member of the government and the armed forces swears allegiance to the Constitution–not to the government or to the president or to a political party or to an ideology–to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic.
Today the emphasis needs to be on the Constitution’s domestic enemies in “our own” government. America’s foreign enemies are miniscule. But the domestic enemies are legion. America’s enemies consist, with whistleblower exceptions, of the entire US government, both executive branch, legislative branch (with possibly a dozen exceptions), and judicial branch (with few exceptions).
The three branches of our government have united to destroy US civil liberties in the name of a hoax, “the war on terror.” Even if the US were overrun with terrorists, how could they harm us more than our government has harmed us by destroying the US Constitution?
If you don’t believe that the US Constitution has been destroyed by Republicans and Democrats alike, read my book coauthored with Lawrence M. Stratton, The Tyranny Of Good Intentions, and the five articles whose URLs are provided below.
Bradley Manning, a member of the US military, complied with his oath of office, with the US Military Code, with the Nuremberg standards set by the US government, with the strictures expressed by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the George W, Bush administration, and with his own conscience. Manning, allegedly (we will never know), released to WikiLeaks the video of the US military murdering two journalists and a dozen innocent people walking down a street.
After the murder of these people by the US military playing video games with live people, a father with two young children stopped his van to help the survivors crawling in the street. The US military, due to either blood-lust, incompetence, or total evil, killed the father and sent high caliber bullets into the bodies of the two small children.
The murderers then blame the father for bringing children into the combat zone created by the incompetence or evil of the US troops, who obviously get their jollies from murdering people. TV cameras are claimed to be weapons and justifications for murdering 15 people.

Subsequently, a few people, whom the video shows to be unarmed, walk into a building.
The US troops claim the unarmed people have weapons and RPGs and send three hellfire missiles into the building. The US troops then report that all the “targets” are dead.
Any real patriotic American who saw this video would be compelled to release it. If Manning released it to Wikeleaks, then Manning is the most morally responsible American alive. What has Manning’s moral conscience cost him?.........continued at

This is what matters! Whatever the mainstream media isn't covering IS what matters. Or you can whine about homosexuals and fake corporate "news" talking points like the fiscal cliff all engineers to distract from the real,issues.