Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lying Fool and Amen Media

"Oh no. Our story is crumbling."
Our president is either a liar or a fool - or both. When our Ambassador to Libya was murdered with three other Americans, his administration said it was because of a Youtube movie that sparked a demonstration which got out of hand - a completely bogus story for which there was absolutely no evidence.

Yet, Obama’s lackeys in the Mainstream Media swore to it. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice did too. They didn’t say that’s what they thought happened, they insisted it was true. Last week, the president was forced to admit that their story wasn’t true, but was not pressed about why he misled us all in the first place. Was he being deceitful or stupid? There’s plenty of evidence he was both, but nobody in the Mainstream Media was digging into it. The president and his surrogates insisted that with the information they had at the time, it was perfectly reasonable to have reached that erroneous conclusion, but now that they have more information, they’ve changed the story. There are no demands for explanations about where their original bogus information came from or why our three top foreign policy officials could get it so wrong when they blamed it on a film. 

Obama campaign logo and murder scene
Last Sunday night, Steve Croft on 60 Minutes let President Obama get away with calling the attack “A bump in the road.” PBS’s Gwen Ifill called it a “dust-up.” Full-scale war is about to break out between Israel and Iran, which threatens to shut down the Strait of Hormuz through which 30% of the world’s oil passes every day. Petroleum prices are already through the roof. Our economy is staggering. So is Europe’s. Shooting in the Persian Gulf will make oil unaffordable and even unavailable with winter approaching. The al Qaeda flag has been flying over American embassies in four Middle Eastern countries. Obama, Ahmadinejad and Netanyahu are all addressing the UN this week, but Obama says he doesn’t have time to meet with any world leaders. He’s too tied up with appearances on Letterman and “The View.”
How does President Obama get away with this? How can he know that the media won’t investigate him? Because it never has. He’s gotten a pass throughout his political career and he still has one. How did the al Qaeda terrorists know that Ambassador Stevens would be vulnerable to an attack in Benghazi? How did they know the location of his safe house where he was murdered? There was a mole in Libyan security - or in the US State Department itself. Remember the accusations five weeks earlier against Hillary Clinton’s close aid Huma Abedin? Five congressmen said she had multiple ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, but they were accused of Islamophobia. Will she be investigated now? Don’t hold your breath.

Abedin and Clinton
I watch the Sunday morning news shows which purport to analyze the week’s events, but that’s not what happens on them. They’re nothing but sub-committees of the Obama campaign, Fox News Sunday being the only exception. They’re ambushes, or set-ups at best. For the second week in a row I suffered through “Meet The Press,” which used to be a respectable news program under Tim Russert, but has devolved into a Democrat pep rally under David Gregory. I have to make myself watch CBS, NBC, ABC and PBS because, depressing as they are for an informed conservative like myself. I have to see what kind of pablum the American people are being fed.

David Gregory puppet
On “Meet The Press,” the invited guests hammered Romney and ignored the festering wounds of the president. They talked only about “Romney’s terrible week” and ignored Obama’s foreign policy debacle and cover-up. Genuine conservative Bay Buchanan was under siege with alleged conservatives Joe Scarborough of MSNBC and David Brooks of the New York Times on a panel with liberals like Democrat adviser Dee Dee Myers and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed. Brooks and Scarborough were introduced as conservatives, but I wouldn’t call them that. They’re tokens who kiss up to whoever pays them. At best, you could say they’re malleable about their beliefs. Scarborough had a pretty solid conservative voting record as a congressman, but after years on MSNBC he’s gone native. Maybe it’s Stockholm Syndrome, but he’s using his notoriety to slam Mitt Romney more than Barack Obama. There’s little the Mainstream Media like better than getting conservatives to turn. Scarborough and Brooks get way more invitations than genuine, articulate conservatives like Paul Ryan, Charles Krauthammer, or dozens of other possible spokespersons.

Former conservative Joe Scarborough
China is threatening war with both Taiwan and Japan, both of whom we are obligated by treaty to defend. Will we? China doesn’t seem to think we will under President Obama, which is why they’re rattling their swords. Because he refuses to work with Congress on cutting entitlements, massive defense cutbacks are looming for January under "sequestration" which his own Secretary of Defense says would be disastrous.

Looming defense cuts when "sequestration" kicks in this January

Although he’s the president, Obama has no plans to deal with imminent medicare or Social Security bankruptcy. Instead, he takes pot shots at his opponent’s plans.

Our president smoking weed

Foreign countries won’t lend to us anymore, so the Federal Reserve is printing money to pay for our ever-expanding entitlements. Then our president wonders why food and gasoline prices rise so fast.

    Romney has to show some chutzpah and challenge Obama on all these fronts even if the media doesn’t. If not, he’s going the way of McCain and America will be left with the lying fool for another four years.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Once again I will pass this along.

Texas Transplant said...

WHY CANNOT MORE PEOPLE HEAR WHAT YOU ARE SAYING? It is so frustrating to see prospective voters who are still brainwashed into believing what the last liberal "talking head" tells them. I grew up in a country which is now eddying down the drain of socialism. Are we so self-destructive that we act like lemmings in response to lie after lie belching from the TV screen? I pray that enough of us turn back from the cliff edge to save this country from a fate which may be worse than death.

Rhonda said...

Obama is a fraud, from his birth certificate, SS number, real estate dealings in Chicago, to his flowery speeches from 2008. Have you heard of Larry Sinclair? His story has not changed one word in all these years, and yet the media stays quiet about it. A really good article on line is titled "The Top Ten Heroes Responsible for Defeating Barack Obama". Larry Sinclair is one of them. I choose Mitt, not that he is perfect, but because we must get Obama out, and we can't waste a single vote this time.

Bradley said...

My wife (who's from Maine) and I have stopped watching the news completely, it's too painfull. We are fortunate to live in a very conservative county in Maryland, if you can believe that. Most of the people I deal with on a daily basis realize what is going on at the White House and with the media. But we also realize our state is already in the blue column; we are outnumbered. All we can do is continue to try and spread common sense.

Ol Hickory said...

It is beyond amazing that you refuse to get it.
There is NO difference between Obama and Romney.

You all are being played, yet again. What are you gonna do? Wait another four years and cast another vote? Ha!

Until you demand real democracy not some corporate freak show then we all lose. I though people in the USA were smarter than this. Guess not. Keep "voting" for those corporate stooges. Keep,playing pretend.
You do realize your willful ignorance is literally killing this nation? No, I know you don't.

""You get the point. Obama is not in charge. Romney would not be in charge. Politicians are the public face of corporate power. They are corporate employees. Their personal narratives, their promises, their rhetoric and their idiosyncrasies are meaningless. And that, perhaps, is why the cost of the two presidential campaigns is estimated to reach an obscene $2.5 billion. The corporate state does not produce a product that is different. It produces brands that are different. And brands cost a lot of money to sell.

You can dismiss those of us who will in protest vote for a third-party candidate and invest our time and energy in acts of civil disobedience. You can pride yourself on being practical. You can swallow the false argument of the lesser of two evils. But ask yourself, once this nightmare starts kicking in, who the real sucker is."

Chris hedges truthdig.com

Einstein said th definition of insanity is doing something over and over and expecting different results each time. So yeah, keep voting.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the two party system! Personally, I never need more than two ways to approach an issue. Everything is black and white. I love having only two choices, that's real democracy. Especially when corporations can be considered citizens. I bet the founding fathers wish they'd thought of that one. I truly like how corporate money dictates my life. What's more, I think the fact that each of the two candidates is owned by the same conglomerate is genius.

So yes, I am going to vote this year! Two choices? Whatever! If they tell me it's legitimate it must be, right?

P.s. the fact that we still use the electoral college makes perfect sense. A system that was invented because people travelled on horseback still makes sense to me. Why would we want a real popular vote election? That makes no sense------ most votes wins? Nah, have secret delegates from each state vote in your confidence, but they don't have to, makes perfect sense.

So no, don't protest whatever you do. God knows you'd be a dirty hippie if you tried to exercise your god given rights. Why perform acts of civil disobedience when you can take part in a fixed "election" and make fun of the people with the courage to stand up to this bullshit.

Gut check time America.

Rhonda said...

Why ARE we still using an electoral system of voting that was begun back in early colonial times? Because:

1. We had only 13 colonies, with about 4 million people spread along the eastern coast without modern means of transportation and communication.

2. They didn't think that a popular vote would work because they were afraid that the people, who included mostly farmers, would be unable to make an educated decision with so little information about the candidates available to them.

In this day of instant information and communication, we no longer need the electoral vote! There have been past elections that would have ended differently had it been a popular vote! Let's get rid of the electoral vote!

Doug said...

Didn't you write this same column last week?

Eric said...

I started reading this column in the Daily Sun and had to dig out last week's paper to see if it was indeed the same column with a new name. It turns out it is rewritten a tad.

You know how the propaganda machine works.....repeat a lie enough and people will believe it is true.

Tom, please. Go back and re-read how you got wupped last week with a reality stick.

Tom McLaughlin said...

As they say, it's not so much the original act, it's the cover-up.

It's unraveling for Barack and Hillary. The FBI "investigation" is bound to take until after the election, but others are looking into it now.

They both knew 24 hours after the murder that it wasn't the film.

Anonymous said...

....and maybe they will "investigate" if that cigarette he was smoking was...gasp...marijuana!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, it's "unraveling"!!!

I have to hand it to you, Tom. That fantasy world you have created for yourself seems very entertaining!

How about those felony charges being brought up against Rmoney for lying about Bain?

Brian said...

Tom still doesn't get it. He seems really not to know that he is a member of the frothing, lunatic fringe. Little but loud. As out of touch with reality and the mainstream as Romney is with reality and the middle class.

OK, Tom, the mainstream and the middle class are bad, lazy people. You are smarter and better than them.

Rant on!

Anonymous said...

Hard to imagina a bigger elitist than Mitt "let 'em eat cake" Romney. Little surprise that he has Tom's support.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering why you don't attack Barry, I mean Barak, for fast and furious? He and holder should be in jail! They ran guns AND drugs in Mexico!!! Or Ndaa? He was just sued for it and lost! Chris hedges et al sued Obama for Ndaa and won. Ask yourself why you don't kow that.

From hedges article regarding the recent court win:

"The decision to vigorously fight Forrest’s ruling is a further example of the Obama White House’s steady and relentless assault against civil liberties, an assault that is more severe than that carried out by George W. Bush. Obama has refused to restore habeas corpus. He supports the FISA Amendment Act, which retroactively makes legal what under our Constitution has traditionally been illegal—warrantless wire tapping, eavesdropping and monitoring directed against U.S. citizens. He has used the Espionage Act six times against whistle-blowers who have exposed government crimes, including war crimes, to the public. He interprets the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force Act as giving him the authority to assassinate U.S. citizens, as he did the cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. And now he wants the right to use the armed forces to throw U.S. citizens into military prisons, where they will have no right to a trial and no defined length of detention."


Now make the argument Barak isn't a neo con shill.

Liberal? Commie? Nope. Cold blooded lying murderer with questionable citizenship and shady parents ( CIA)

Anonymous said...

To the last Anon: When you mention "questionable citizenship" you lose every ounce of credibility.

Can you name another president that has shown more citizenship proof than Obama has?

No, I didn't think so.

Allen said...

About that "weed" photo. Isn't it just like Tom, and the radical right which he represents, to just state something as fact with no proof?

Time to man up, Tom.

Anonymous said...

How cute. Tom got stubborn when his media myth was debunked last week, so he's trying again.

Hey, I got an ideas for your column next week...how about trying to convince people that the mainstream media is wrong in thinking that your radical ideas, lies, and slander are not worth printing!

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, Barry soetoros birth certificate is feasibly fake. Way too many questions surrounding his past. Not to mention his parents links to the CIA. This guy is exact.y the opposite of what he portrays.

More importantly, off all the atrocities I mention regarding Obama----running guns, killing American citizens with no due process, prosecuting whistle blowers, etc. etc. you choose to question his citizenship status? Typical.

Get over it. Obama is a fraud and a liar. A shining example of corprprate controlled fake two party bs.
Do you realize the amount of drone strikes this guy has authorized in country's we aren't even at war with? For every " al quaeda" member killed countless women and children are murdered and considered collateral damage!! Come on!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon...I'm with you on much of this. The drones are reprehensible and the corporate controlled parties make my stomach turn. But I steer clear of all the "Obama is a gay, alien muslim with a swastika tatto" type talk unless there is actual evidence to back it up. There is NO evidence showing that he was not born in the US. Hate him for real reasons, there are surely enough of them.

Anonymous said...

Never said gay or alien Muslim. I do my own research on such matters. No corporate media sources here. Repeat, no corporate media here. So, where is all of your "proof" of obamas citizenship status? Did you hear that on CNN? Fox? Msnbc? The times? All corporate puppet media. Yup, you have all the facts. Not.

The birth certificate is likely a fraud.

Look into the CIA connection with his parents. Like I said before, way too many inconsistencies surrounding his past.

So, the guy who murders Americans at will via drones and does nothing but lie and lie and lie yet when it comes to his citizenship he's all truth? Wow, you
Must be one of those complacent yuppies?

Anonymous said...

"Never said gay or alien Muslim."

Ah, so you are unsure about the swastica tattoo?

Why do I need proof (as if a birth certificate and announcements from both of Hawaii's major newspapers, the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star Bulletin, recording the August 4th, 1961 birth of Obama wasn't enough) that he was born in Hawaii? I feel that the spirit of our country dictates that if there is no proof otherwise then you are not to be condemned.

And why don't you believe that Obama is gay? Information from the same source of the supposed CIA connections, Wayne Madsen, has said that Obama was a member of a gay bath house, and that President Bush had an affair with Condoleezza Rice. Why pick and chose what you are going to believe from this Madsen guy, a regular contributor to the Russia Today propaganda channel.

Believe me, brother, I am far from a yuppie. And I don't go around calling people, whether they are the President or not, liars unless I have some proof.
Can you offer some proof of his lies?

Are drones the right way to go about fighting terrorism? I'm against them, but some experts in humanitarian law make some good arguements, if you are wiling to hear them:


I don't fully support obama, but if Romney wins it is instant victory for Corporate Dominance of America.

Anonymous said...

Madsen? Whatever. Never read/listen to him.

There are plenty of people questioning obamas past. Plenty.
How about the CIA connection? Hmmm?

Bush? More likely he and the old man are pedophiles.
Remember the gay escorts caught in the White House?

Proof of his lies? This says it all. Wow. You have got to be kidding me!! Ha! Where to start? Lets see, he promised to defend Whistleblowers, yet he prosecutes them with zeal. Shut down gitmo. Hold the banskters accountable. Trying to blame fast and furious on bush ( he and holder should be in jail for this one). " no more wire tapping of citizens".promised the most transparent administration in history. Guess what? He is the LEAST!!

It goes on and on and on.

And I don't need anyone telling me that drone kills are ok. Please. I don't condone murdering women and children. Period. Nor do I support dropping bombs in country's we aren't at war with. Not to mention we created al quaeda. Then again I realize your more likely to die from a bee sting than a terorist. Humanitarian law? You realize the irony there? Anyone defending drone attacks that kill myriad nano cent people is no one I will tolerate.

But, alas, your final sentence tells all. You actually think there is a difference between the left and right. Guess what. They are both corporate puppets! It's a joke. Obviously, look at,the neo con war mongering agenda Obama has continued. Not to mention his assault on civil rights and the constitution!! Btw, he was just sued, successfully, over NDAA.

There is no difference. The two'party system is a bankster corporately controlled charade. And it couldn't be more obvious.

Anonymous said...

By the way, not sure what planet you call home, but America already IS and has been corporately dominated.the world is merely a conglomerate of corproations. Nations and creeds? Long gone.

Civil disobedience is all we have left. And you all know it. Much easier to sit back and play pretend with a "vote" I guess.

The fact that you think choosing one of two people represents true democracy is insanity.

Anonymous said...

That you have never heard of Madsen clears things up for me. It means that you don't bother to get to the bottom of where your "information" comes from. Madsen is THE source for the CIA "story", as he was the source for Bushes supposed affair with Rice and Obama's visits to gay bath houses. Yup, he made up the story, others picked up on it, and you obviously picked it up from those second-hand sources.

So there are "plenty of people questioning Obama's past". Big whoop. There are also plenty of people who claim to have seen Bigfoot.

Obama HAS been trying to hold banksters responsible, and has to an extent, but is constantly being thwarted by a congress that is in their pocket.

So go ahead and live in your fantasy world in which all politicians are equally bad and voting does not matter, and nations and creeds are gone. It's a sad scenario you have painted for yourself, but I get the idea that you kinda like the "drama" of it. You fit right in with their plan to suppress as many votes as possible.

Anonymous said...

Fantasy world? Ha. Hardly. The corprorations and banks own congress along with AIPAC. Fact. Now that corporations can be considered people, well, it's truly over.
To believe anything else is to live in a fantasy world.

Voting? Seriously? Two candidates is what they give you and both are owned by the banks! Divide and conquer, and it works like a charm. Why anyone thinks two choices equals true democracy is mind numbing. Hello! You still prescribe to a system that uses the electoral college! No popular vote, what a joke! And you merely need to look at the election of 2000 for proof that its who counts the votes, not who votes.

You have no idea what you are talking about regarding obamas parents and th CIA connection. Don't give a sh&$ about rice and bush or the gay rumor. But parents who are foreign citizens with CIA connections? That's interesting.

Madsen? I said I never read/watched him. Never said I hadn't heard of him. And he is NOT the only person connecting obamas parents and the CIA:

"As many of you know, this blog ran a series a few years back on Obama's possible family connections to the CIA. Wayne Madsen -- a writer untrusted by many -- took up my research leads (without crediting me) and came up with new material. Some of his finds are genuinely intriguing, while other parts...well, I don't know what to make of it all. That's Madsen for you."......

I understand that you get "news" from the corporate media. You do realize the same people, who own the news own the candidates right? And run the military, and the FDA, etc. etc..... I hope so.

Uhm, regarding Obama and the banks? Look into Goldman Sachs contributions to his campaign. Or the ex Goldman guys who are employed in d.c..then tell me about how hard he tried to hold them accountable!! Haha!

So go on living the corporate nightmare. Where GMO food is considered healthy, the federal reserve necessary,taxes normal, and murderimg innocent women and children via drones truly American.

Naturally you don't address fast and furious, the murder of anwar al awaki and his 16 year old son, Ndaa (why would Chris hedges and Noam Chomsky, et al, sue Obama over this, hear about this in the mainstream media?) the prosecution of Whistleblowers and the utter lies regarding transparency.

Regarding the Ndaa decision. Obamas team immediately appealed the decision. What does that tell you?

"The decision to vigorously fight Forrest’s ruling is a further example of the Obama White House’s steady and relentless assault against civil liberties, an assault that is more severe than that carried out by George W. Bush. Obama has refused to restore habeas corpus. He supports the FISA Amendment Act, which retroactively makes legal what under our Constitution has traditionally been illegal—warrantless wire tapping, eavesdropping and monitoring directed against U.S. citizens. He has used the Espionage Act six times against whistle-blowers who have exposed government crimes, including war crimes, to the public. He interprets the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force Act as giving him the authority to assassinate U.S. citizens, as he did the cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. And now he wants the right to use the armed forces to throw U.S. citizens into military prisons, where they will have no right to a trial and no defined length of detention."


Divide and conquer. Divide and conquer.

Anonymous said...

..."From there, President Obama’s opponents in federal court combed through hundreds of posts to answer questions regarding the NDAA over the course of several hours. And although the plaintiffs have not exactly been silent with the status of their fight since suing the White House earlier this year, the insight they offered on Reddit provided a fresh update on the case against the NDAA amid some of the government’s most unusual legal maneuvers yet.

Offering his take on the case, Hedges said that he even believes the NDAA’s indefinite detention clause is already being used to imprison Americans, “because they filed an emergency appeal.”

“If the Obama administration simply appealed it, as we expected, it would have raised this red flag,” Hedges added. “But since they were so aggressive it means that once Judge Forrest declared the law invalid, if they were using it, as we expect, they could be held in contempt of court. This was quite disturbing, for it means, I suspect, that US citizens, probably dual nationals, are being held in military detention facilities almost certainly overseas and maybe at home.”

“The signing statement is the most ridiculous part to this for me. He writes this statement saying he's not happy about the power existing, but then his administration fights so hard to keep that specific power in place,” Reddit user devilrobotjesus responded.

“If Obama didn't want it to happen, he would not have signed it, especially after stating that he would veto it,” co-counsel Carl Mayer explained. Mayer has represented the plaintiffs in the case of Hedges v. Obama and said that he plans on continuing his pursuit to take indefinite detention off the books.
“We will do whatever it takes,” Mayers added. “We are prepared for a Supreme Court battle.”
Activist and journalist Tangerine Bolen is also insistent on prevailing over the Obama administration, but says “The biggest obstruction to our winning this case . . . is our broken systems.” Bolen blames a lack of media coverage, insufficient public awareness “and the government behaving very badly, even in court, on the record,” for the difficulties the plaintiffs have had to endure, adding that the Obama administration’s constant missteps have been noticed by no one except “seven plaintiffs, four attorneys, one federal judge and the activists who have been following this case.”
“Amazing,” she added.

Journalist Chris Hedges extrapolated on Bolen’s opinion, singling out “a corporate-owned system of information” for not informing Americans that they can be imprisoned without trial at this very moment.

“MSNBC, which is a propaganda arm of the Democratic establishment, just as Fox is a propaganda arm of the Republican establishment, is not going to raise this as Obama is as guilty as Romney. If we had a healthy press this would have gotten more coverage, although the print media, and in particular my old paper the NY Times, finally did good coverage,” Hedges wrote.

Daniel Ellsberg, the former Defense Department employee who achieved notoriety a generation earlier by leaking what became known as the Pentagon Papers, agreed that the system is severely in fault in this instance.
“Virtually every public institution has failed us gravely. Not only the executive, but the courts, congress, most of the media and most of the churches,” Ellsberg wrote on Reddit. “Radical reform is needed, even to the point of non-violent revolution. “
Elsewhere, the panel touched on why they believe the Obama administration is so adamantly fighting to keep the NDAA legal..."

Contiued at: http://rt.com/usa/news/ndaa-reddit-plaintiffs-hedges-143/

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on most of what you say. But there is a reason why Wall Street and Big Business overwhelmingly support Romney, and that is because he is their complete and utter little bitch. Yes, the forces that be are almost impossible to fight, but at least with Obama we get the teeniest pretense of a struggle. He will make it a bit more difficult for them, which is better than nothing. Every bit of struggle against the Corporate takeover helps. There IS a difference. Our two party system sucks, but it is what we have.

Anyway, I can see you are passionate, and that people like you are good for our society. Keep on speculating about possible conspiracies, who knows, proof or no proof, you may be right about some of them.

I've enjoyed chatting with you...

Brian said...

Comments from Tom like "Former conservative Joe Scarborough" are very telling. He seems truly oblivious to the fact that it is the Far Right that has lurched so crazily further right, and that skews their opinion of everything.

Hmmm, it couldn't be that Joe Scarborough is not the one who has changed, could it? You admit that you have moved to the right from your more rational days...is it really that hard to see that you are still moving right, at a faster and faster speed.

Delusion does tend to snowball.

Anonymous said...

"the Federal Reserve is printing money to pay for our ever-expanding entitlements."

Now there is something I agree with you on, Tom. We have GOT to do something about these damn Corporate entitlements that suck up so much of our tax dollars.

Anonymous said...


The genius of the two'party circus is that they get people to actually believe there is hope in the other guy. There ain't.
Tough pill to swallow but undeniably true. Obama is a shining example and we all know it . Some just refuse to believe it thus they get behind their guy even more which entrenches them in the lie further. There is a reason the founding fathers warned against such a system.
We are at the point now where all we have left is civil disobedience. But this country refuses to stand up for itself. Our energy is redirected into a fixed "election". The corporate takeover is complete. Has been for awhile. If you can't see that, we'll. then I don't now what to tell you?

Voting for Obama will do absolutely nothing. Nothing.
Just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong when you say that people are getting behind Obama "even more". I, and people I know who voted for Obama, are disappointed with the slow progress and are disillusioned to some degree or another. We are behind "our guy" less, not more, and your failure to see this makes me question how you see other issues.

Are you really denying that things wouldn't be worse with the much more blatently Big Business ass-kissing of the Right Wing? You really believe that the Corporate takeover is complete??!!?? You don't think that there are still WAY more ways in which corporations want to dominate us and control our lives?? You think they are done with us, that they are satisfied?? Then you ARE in a fantasy world.
You keep mentioning "civil disobedience", and I hear you. People should not stand idly by, engrossed in their video games or whatever, while the people get screwed. What exactly are you calling on.....joining the Occupy movement? If enough people joined such a movement then perhaps it could make a difference. But meanwhile, why not do every little thing that you can that might possibly help? If I believe a Romney victory would exponentially quicken the sickening corporate takeover, why not vote against him?

You say it will do "nothing", but that is just a pessimistic opinion. You sound like you have given up already.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Look at the posts above, especially the hedges quote regarding obamas intensification of W's assault on civil rights. Obama, as has been proven, is carrying out the neo con agenda! How do you not see that? Look at the conflicts we are involved in! More than bush had us in! Come on! Drones? Brad manning, gitmo. Wake the f@&$ up. Goldman Sachs owns Obama. Period. Are you denying the big bank backing of Barak? Seriously?

One more time. Both candidates are bought and paid for. Divide and conquer, you are being played, obviously.
You know it.

Never said they were done with us. But you fail to see the elephant in the room. The corporate takeover of congress is complete. Not just the " right" . Look at obamacare, written by big pharma, a joke. Look at romneycare, it's the same!!!

We love in a supposed free country. Yet only have two choices for president? Please. Further, we use a voting system that is antiquated and easily manipulated. Now, corporations are people in d.c.. Please....

It's not that complicated. Mega bankster cartel and mega corporations run the world. The dog and pony show we call an election serves to give the illusion of democracy.

It is 1984.

Check out truthdig.com especially articles by Chris hedges, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. He just sued Obama and won and writes at length about the corporate takeover and myriad wars.

I'm done here. Good luck and don't vote for the corporate frauds. Obama is a lying murderer. Nothing less. Keep in mind the biggest military contractors also own major " news" outlets. Connect the dots

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, here's a great example.

..."Our political leaders, Democrat and Republican, are complicit in our demise. Our political system, like that in the declining days of ancient Rome, is one of legalized bribery. Politicians, including Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, serve the demented ends of corporations that will, until the final flicker of life, attempt to profit from our death spiral. Civil disobedience, including the recent decision by Greenpeace activists to chain themselves to a Gazprom supply vessel and obstruct a Russian oil rig, is the only meaningful form of resistance. Voting is useless. But while I support these heroic acts of resistance, I increasingly fear they may have little effect. This does not mean we should not resist. Resistance is a moral imperative. We cannot use the word “hope” if we do not fight back. But the corporations will employ deadly force to protect their drive to extract the last bit of profit from life. We can expect only mounting hostility from the corporate state. Its internal and external security apparatus, as the heedless exploitation and its fatal consequences become more apparent, will seek to silence and crush all dissidents. Corporations care nothing for democracy, the rule of law, human rights or the sanctity of life. They are determined to be the last predator standing. And then they too will be snuffed out. Unrestrained hubris always leads to self-immolation.."

Chris Hedges


Anonymous said...

The Obamacare that was passed was not the Obamacare that he proposed, but the watered-down by the right wing version. As was the case for so much of what he tried to do.

As for the "murderer" tag, it seems to be like the old philisophical question. Is all killing inherently wrong? Are the drones, in the long run, saving more lives then ending them? Would it have been morally right for a person to have assassinated Hitler in his early days of power, even if a few innocent victims were killed along with him?

You think it is all over and have quit. Fine, that is your choice.

I'm done here too.

Anonymous said...

Hitler? Really? Not even close. Anwar al awaki, a us CITIZEN, no matter what you think of him, was assassinated in a foreign country by a drone with NO due process! So was his sixteen year old son, also a US citizen!
No due process?! Realize the implocations of that? Wtf? I call that murder. No hyperbole here.

Please stop making excuses for Obama, you actually believe in obamacare/romneycare? My god we are doomed. You think ones health is a commodity? Wow!

Did you read the hedges quote above?

Fast and furious? Defend that one.

Quit? Never said I quit. Quit participating in a rigged system? Yes. Hell yes. The fight has just begun for those of us awake enough to see past the bs and circus freak show called politics.

The brave are standing up gainst unbelievable greed and corruption while the sheep cast "votes" and argue about which team is better. It's you all who have quit, not me. Take a step back and see it for what it is.

Anonymous said...

Just read a story about the Border Patrol Agent shot accidently, perhaps by his partner. Mexicans seem to be out of the picture, as Al Quida was out of the picture in Libya when the Ambassador was assasinated. Of course, just a coverup for political reasons there and why not in Arizona. We don't need bad publicity regarding Mexico now, when the election depends partly on illegal voters into the Obama camp.

Has anyone ever seen movies that depict the President and his power to make things seem different. Murder..a suicide. Jeez folks wake up. Administration officials are whores to their jobs and can do most anything they want under the radar and guise of law.

The current DOJ is in OBUMMERS pocket and the end justifies the means.