Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Declaration of Dependence

How many of us still “hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”?

As July 4, 2012 approaches, it’s the essential question. After all, 53% of Americans voted for a president in 2008 who doesn’t seem to hold these truths. In several speeches after he was inaugurated, he left out the three essential words “by our Creator” when quoting from the Declaration of Independence. One was in a speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus during which he paused and fluttered his eyelids, as if he were suffering an involuntary tick lasting a second or two - and then proceeded to leave out those critical three words. It didn’t seem like an accidental oversight to me. It seemed deliberate. Click the link here and watch for yourself. What percentage of Americans will vote for him again in four months? It’s the essential question of the age.The words are revolutionary. All the signers at the bottom of the Declaration of Independence agreed with them and placed their lives and property in danger when they signed because if they lost the ensuing revolution, they would be hanged and their property confiscated. They knew that. They believed in a Creator with a capital C. They believed in liberty. They were willing to die for those beliefs. How many of us are willing to die for them now? My guess is not so many.The principle upon which our country was founded is that our rights come from God, but it looks like Americans today don’t believe that. They tend to believe instead that our rights come from government, and an increasing number don’t believe there is any such thing as a God. Most sit back as secularists chip away at religious freedoms in schools, in the military, and virtually every public place whether local, state, or federal. Provisions of Obamacare now require churches to pay for abortion-inducing drugs, which those churches consider murderous. This has sparked a major backlash among Catholics - the largest Christian denomination in America. Catholics initiated their “Fortnight For Freedom” campaign last week in which they declare their unwillingness to obey this Obama’s mandate.Secularists think they can create a perfect society without God because people are inherently good. They think government is the vehicle for their utopian creation. Believers, however, hold that all men are sinners, and don’t see any possibility of utopia this side of heaven. They see government as a necessary evil which, if allowed to get too powerful, can create hell on earth.Then there’s the Declaration’s right to liberty, which the World English Dictionary defines as: “the power of choosing, thinking, and acting for oneself; freedom from control or restriction.” What follows, of course, is taking responsibility for those choices. Liberty also carries the right to fail in our “pursuit of happiness.” The Declaration doesn’t guarantee it - only its pursuit.Conservative Americans believe liberty is the most important right. Leftists believe equality is more important. If some Americans succeed in pursuing happiness - or property, as it was originally written - leftists like President Obama believe government should confiscate it and distribute it to Americans who didn’t pursue it, or if the did, were unsuccessful in their efforts to obtain it. Leftists do this not only make them happy, but to persuade them to vote for leftist candidates who will pursue more redistribution. This is what America is becoming. Leftist redistribution schemes stifle our fabled American initiative and inventiveness, and consequently stifle our economy too. We’re losing our liberty - our freedom from government control and restriction. That is what’s bringing Europe down, and it will bring us down too if we allow it to continue. We’re seeing lately that Americans don’t want liberty so much as they want government to take care of them. That’s the trend.America used to attract people from all around the world who wanted to experience liberty - to build a life for themselves without government control. People who came here did that. Now, more than thirty percent of immigrants go right on welfare - twice the rate for native-born Americans - and many of them are illegal aliens as well. To get a second term, President Obama is appealing to people who see government as protecting their sexual liberties - and then making them dependent on government programs in every other aspect of their lives from cradle to grave. Those putting an X next to his name on November 6th would be endorsing a “Declaration of Dependence,” and spurning independence.On this Fourth of July, we should ask ourselves: Are we still a liberty-loving people, or have we become afraid of it?


Anonymous said...

You're right Tom. This is an ideological fight to see if people take care of themselves or the government takes care of them----the government way!

Gayle Finkbeiner said...

The "all men are created equal" phrase of the DI was just a piece of rhetorical excess which Jefferson used to appeal to the French government, a Monarchy influenced by the Enlightenment philosophes. We needed the support of the French King and his army and navy which came in very handy later at Yorktown VA.

The phrase is self-evidently false by nature and I can't believe the Planter/Aristocrat Jefferson believed it. We are equal only before the judgment of God and in a decent society we should be equal before the law. All else is bunk. Of course, in modern America, some are now more equal than others before the law. We give such evil action cover by calling it remedies for "disparate impact", "gay rights", and "affirmative action". It's still bunk.

Anonymous said...

Irony huh? You couldn't be more afraid of freedom and liberty! Please! You have no idea what it is to be free. You'd rather listen to pederasts talk about make believe men in the sky (white men of course)!

God has nothing to do with us having the right to be free. Nothing.

You rant about freedom and liberty yet your imprisoned in an extremely limited way of thinking. The two party system is responsible for that.

Come on.....

Winston Smith said...

"Conservative Americans believe liberty is the most important right. Leftists believe equality is more important."

Wow...Nothing says freedom and liberty like programmed thinking.

Can you see the major fault in your logic here?
Pigeon holing two groups and labeling them with what you think is right? Freedom? Hahahahaha

Weak.....The irony is beyond belief but explains a lot. You have a mighty curious idea of freedom and liberty. I always thought freedom and liberty were personal choices---not picking one of two ideas from contrived "political" parties.

What's worse is you fail to see that the same greedy bastards who put O in office also put W there. There is no democracy, there is no freedom in voting, there is no America anymore. If you would address that rather than push their agenda mindlessly we may evolve? But no, I guess the ego cant take the hit, huh?

Tom McLaughlin said...

No difference between the parties, Winston? I'll remind you on this historic day that not a single Republican in the House or the Senate voted for Obamacare.

And, I predict that those judges appointed by Democrat Presidents will have voted that Obamacare is constitutional and those appointed by Republicans will have voted the other way.

You're sounding like a one-trick pony with this rhetoric. It's the corporation, huh? They don't vote, Winston. Only people vote, and that's who elect our leaders.

I'm not thrilled about Republicans and their policies, but they're sane when compared to Democrats.

Thank God.

Anonymous said...

Obama is part of the government, not the church.

The principle upon which our country was founded is that of freedom of religion. We have inalienable rights regardless of where they come from.

Many U.S. citizens don't believe in god. Whether they do or not makes no difference to their rights. No need for any politician to mention god as a source of rights.

Winston Smith said...

Again, wow. If you are really naive enough to believe that this country isn't run by the corporate/banking cartel than good luck.

Voting? Are you kidding me? That may fly with a ten year old, but.....Voting? Remember 2000? Enough said...It's not who votes but who counts the votes. The electoral college negates any rational idea of equality in voting anyway....If you really believe a vote can change anything then, well, that explains a lot.Voting.....Please...

One trick pony? Ha, yeah, one trick pony. Keep playing the game Tom. Keep voting. Keep pretending the democrats and republicans don't serve the corporate/banker elite.
Pretend Obama isn't carrying out the neo con war agenda. Keep talking about obamacare rather than the fact that O and his admin team are murdering american citizens with drones and destroying the constitution. Keep pretending. I get it. I do. It's easier to play the left vs right game than acknowledge the truth.

Keep believing inna system that offers two solutions to any and every problem. Its called dichotomy Tom.
Divide and conquer. And you help further their agenda! Thanks! Keep aiming low!

Winston Smith said...

Obamacare and the circus in congress doesn't mean a damn thing Tom. Nothing.

While the sheeple are distracted by Obamacare things like NDAA are run through congressQ
How about fast and furious? Obama and HOlder should be in jail!!! I've mentioned this countless times before and it's happening now! But you pay heed to Obamacare? It was written by big pharma! Who gives a tin shit if the republicans didn't vote for it! It s a joke! Big pharma will write another version and the democrats will feign outrage! Hello!!

So, fast and furious? Is there anything more important? NDAA? Faking reports from Syria?
etc. etc.

Winston Smith said...

This is exactly my point. Michael Moore, the fat slob who pretends to be a democrat, to piss people like you off, is really a corporate shill. He's playing a part. Quite effectively I would add.

It's all a big lie.

Anonymous said...

First, last, and always the Declaration of Independence is just that. It is a letter to the King of England expressing our unhappiness with the way he was running things. It is not the law of the land, the Constitution defines the law of the land and no where does it claim a God or call for a specific religion, so the Catholic Church and any other should be left out of the discussion.

Tom McLaughlin said...

I'm good with the above post right up to: "so the Catholic Church and any other should be left out of the discussion."

It's significant that our Bill or Rights begins with "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;"

The first part of that goes to your point. The second part goes to mine. The Obamacare HHS mandate "prohibits the free exercise of" Catholicism and other religions who believe abortion is murder.

OL Hickory said...

Catholicism? Who cares? It's abut the govt making you buy something!! Tom,it's a creation MYTH. It ain't real pal.

Govt forcing us to purchase services! it's over! Done.
It was written by and for big Pharma. Obviously.

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake FAST AND FURIOUS should see holder and Obama in jail!! Running guns to mexicn cartels that end up killing US citizens!

Gee, why isn't the corporate owned media covering this more? Hmmmm....

Anonymous said...

The Obamacare HHS mandate does not prohibits the free exercise of Catholicism or any religion that believes abortion is murder. It allows people to follow whatever belief they want about abortion. It doesn't allow their employer to decide for them.

Tom McLaughlin said...

It forces them to pay for abortion-inducing drugs - to facilitate murder.