Saturday, March 10, 2012

Last Days on Grand Cayman

The pier at Rum Point, Grand Cayman Island. We waited for a boat to Stingray City, which is out in North Bay where stingrays gather to be fed and petted, and for us to snorkel.Looking to the left.All of us on Captain Jimmy's boat.Captain Jimmy.Nate with stingray. Alex didn't want to go in the water at first, but we persuaded him.When he went in he wouldn't let his legs down into the water. Fear took over again.He was sorry he agreed and begged us to bring him back to the boat. Notice the legs still up in back.Captain Jimmy soothed him a bit, but he was still dubious.Closeup of stingray on Captain Jimmy. Notice its eyes.Next day we walked to Starfish Point. Alex wanted to build a cabana on the beach with these.Alex wasn't afraid of starfish.We found two to check out. Then it was back to Old Man Bay where we're staying to relax by the pool until the last sunset. Flying back to Maine tomorrow after stops in Miami and Dulles. Long day, then back to winter. I see that it's in the forties and fifties for the week though. Not bad for mid-March.

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