Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What Comes First

Family, that's what. The older I get the more I realize it. Here are Lila (my newest granddaughter) and her mother (my daughter Annie) in their pew just before Lila's baptism.Love in in my daughter Annie's face.

Here, Lila becomes a child of God thanks to Father Paul Dumais. Andrew is Lila's father.Water must drip off her head for an official Catholic baptism

Looks like it took.
Lila is pleased

We take the granddaughters home to give Annie and Andrew a break sometimes. They're still little enough that both fit in the kitchen sink for a bath.Claire and Lila

Before you know it though, they'll be teenagers amazed that they were ever that small.

My wife Roseann and I went walking on Westport Island, Maine where we've been staying over Thanksgiving. These two guys were doing off-season carpentry work on a vacation home and took a lunchbreak sitting on sawhorses. Beyond the lamp post on the left is the lighthouse on Southport Island in the distance. Beyond that, the Atlantic.Lunch break on Westport Island

We were all together in the big rental house for five days - grandchildren, adult children, sons-in-law.Riley, Alex, Sarah, Claire

It went good. I'd forgotten how it was living in a house full of children. It's nice, but as you hear so many grandparents say - it's good when it's over too.Coloring with Auntie Annie

I love oak trees. My ancestors used to worship them in Ireland before St. Patrick set them straight.Oak trees and ocean

Next morning the sun rose through more oak trees outside our bedroom.Sunrise over Sheepscot River

Then it went down over the other side of the island.Sunset over Westport Island, Maine

Tomorrow we head back home. It was a nice Thanksgiving with family.


Anonymous said...

Loved the photo essay...and was totally caught off guard at the final photo...oh my! Thanks for sharing. Nancy (FSM)

Diane H. Gurien said...

As usual, Tom's photos and wonderful commentary are just superb. And, of course, congratulations are very much in order.

We had nine family members here for Thanksgiving and, like you noted, it was a wonderful visit...and I'm glad it's over. Still very much in the clean-up and 'recovery' phase.

One comment, with apology beforehand: Could have done without that last photo, however. Sorry, Tom

Tom McLaughlin said...

You're right, Diane. I took it out.

Anonymous said...

What did you leave out, Tom? Gay kiddy porn?

Tom McLaughlin said...

No Harpy. It was a picture of the former world's fattest man on a lounge chair. I posted it, saying that I felt bloated after eating too much turkey.

Watch out for your obession with child pornography though. Lots of people going to jail for that lately.

Did you go to Penn State by chance? Syracuse?