Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Visions of the Left

The left is on the ropes. Their Keynesian tactics to “revive” the economy are making it far worse instead. Conservative Tea Party types pushing the Republican Party to the right and taking over the House of Representatives are making it difficult for tax-and-spend liberals to continue on their road to bankrupting the country. The Supreme Court is poised to declare Obamacare unconstitutional. President Obama is sinking in the polls. The European Union, the ideal welfare-state leftists used as a model for decades, is disintegrating. Pundits claim that if the election were held tomorrow, Democrats would lose the Senate and the White House too. They took over everything in 2008 and they’re going to lose it all in 2012, so what is the left doing? They’re trying to start a left-wing tea party called “Occupy Wall Street,” or OWS.What's left when the left occupies New York City (from London Daily Mail)

One of OWS’s catalysts is Van Jones. Remember him? He was President Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar.” He was going to turn America’s energy economy around to wind mills and solar panels, lower the oceans and defeat capitalism. Then he was forced to resign when people began realizing he was a nut case. He was a “Truther” who believed America orchestrated the September 11th attacks and he was a communist. He announced to the Mainstream Media his “American Autumn” which was going to “rebuild the dream” of America in the spirit of the Arab Spring. He described the “phony, made-up deficit stuff” as if our bankrupting $14 trillion debt didn’t exist. “If we could pass the president’s jobs bill . . .” everything would be all right. He wants 99% of Americans to tax the richest 1% and spread the wealth.Hungry mouths to feed? This Chicago woman is overfed.

OWS’s unique brand of weirdness is coming to a city near you if it’s not there already. Do they know what they want? A perfect world, it looks like. Some want to plant trees. Others want free colleges and forgiveness of five and six-figure student loans they ran up as Gender Studies and Queer Studies majors. They certainly weren’t Math majors or they’d know that if we took all the income of the richest Americans, we could run our federal government for less than three months.OWS freaks blocking Brooklyn Bridge (From Christian Science Monitor)

Others want the homeless to be given homes. Many are just strange-looking, smelly, dreadlocked, pierced, tattooed freaks. They’re the social/political, left-wing equivalent of, evolutionary-throwback, agricultural types one sees at Fryeburg Fair. They make you wonder where they go the rest of the year. They can’t possibly work; who would hire them? A head shop? A punk-music group? A marijuana farm? They followed the Grateful Dead for years until Jerry Garcia died, and now they’ve found something else to do.Old Hippie camped out at "Occupy (Portland) Maine"

Others are trust-fund babies, left-over hippies who believe in governing by consensus in long meetings in which everybody feels safe to talk about their feelings. Drudge posted an example of what OWS calls “collaboratism” from Atlanta. “Occupy Atlanta” discussed allowing Congressman John Lewis to speak. A leader with a microphone spoke in three-word cadences so that the entire consensus-cult could chant in repetition everything he said. They used weird hand gestures to communicate consensus or lack thereof. Others took turns speaking in the same creepy cadence - which were, again, repetitively-chanted by the group, while Congressman Lewis waited and watched. The expression on Lewis’s face indicated he was thinking: "Who the f*** are these people?" just as I was when watching the spectacle on You Tube. Ultimately, these politically-correct zombies decided against letting Lewis speak, and he walked away with his union entourage. Those reading this in a newspaper really should go to and see for yourself what many of these OWS people are like. "Occupy Chicago" led similar zombie chants.

Unlike the smelly, dreadlocked contingent, these zombie leftists appeared to maintain personal hygiene standards. Mentally, they’ve gone over the edge. I sat through enough teacher staff meetings at which we had sensitivity consultants coach us about how to make everyone present “feel safe” enough to speak - so we could “come to consensus.” They trained us to use “thumbs up,” “thumbs down,” and “thumbs sideways” gestures so the leader could “take the temperature” of the group non-verbally. Sometimes I was tempted to make other hand gestures, but restrained myself so my hot-house-flower colleagues wouldn’t faint. If the sensitivity consultants trained us to do the OWS repetitive-chant technique, I’d have left the profession much earlier.I don't get it, do you? Sign at "Occupy Maine" encampment in Portland.

Though they were organizing behind the scenes from the beginning, the public employee unions SEIU and AFSCME are in the open now. They’re joined by street people drawn to the free food provided by sympathetic businesses. Teenage party types come too, drawn by drug use and public sex. Others are paid by Soros-funded recruiters who advertise on Craig’s list. Many in the OWS contingent are anarchists. In what is becoming the icon of the OWS “movement,” one was photographed by the London Daily Mail defecating on a police car in Manhattan. Other pictures showed mountains of trash.OWS Movement (from "London Daily Mail")

None of this was seen at Tea Party demonstrations. The contrast between left and right in America is quite stark, and which side wins in 2012 may well determine the survival of our republic. For almost three years now, we've been seeing what leftist policies do - and it's very clear that our country cannot survive them much longer.


Terxas Transplant said...

You have hit the nail on the head once again, Tom. I don't know why, but the word "anarchy" keeps resonating in my mind.

Winsotn Smith said...

The thing about the corporate news-media -propaganda is that it is so predictable. I could've written this article for you Tom. No problem. Do I really have to connect the dots for you where corporations and media are concerned? Seriously?

It seems to me that sure, you can isolate some young "hippie" and put him/them on camera and state that the vast majority looks like that. In fact, thats what the media has done. But a more proactive and open minded approach reveals that this is a growing movement based on myriad issues.
Issues that EVERY American should be concerned about. Sure, you can focus on the distracting bs that fox, msnbc, and cnn report on. But please don't spew that non sense like it's the truth.

It is also very important to not let Obama and the "left" co-opt this movement like they are trying to do now, with the help of the media. The Koch Bros. did the same with the tea party. They see the threat, and it is very real. Furthermore, Michael Moore has to go. Sorry Mike---we like Capitalism!! We just need it regulated--ya know--like it was. The non federal federal reserve is the true enemy!! End the Fed!! The pro communist spin is just that--spin. Ever hear of a provocateur??

I find it very hard to believe that any red blooded american isn't sick and tired of being treated like a slave. We are overtaxed, our health is a commodity, and we continue to invade and terrorize foreign countries! Enough! We sat back and let the white house bail out the banksters. We let the fed, the banks, and DC continue what is essentially a ponzi scheme. You wonder why people are taking to the streets---really? We are being screwed and soon will be extinct.

This has nothing to do with the controlled "left" and "right". The quicker we eschew such non sense the better of we will be. Does anyone really still believe that our so-called "political parties" aren't owned by the same people? Didn't Obama's election prove that?

In closing, again, this article was very predictable.
It would have been refreshing to see you highlight anything but the same derisive spin that the corporate media has treated this with. The picture is much bigger than some "trust fund hippies with no direction" all you need to do is really look.

You are either for the corporate-nation-state or against it. you are either for the constitution, or against it.

Tom McLaughlin said...

I'm for the Constitution above all. Capitalism? I'm in. The "corporate nation-state"? If by that, you mean crony capitalism, I'm with you in your opposition.

Do I feel as if I'm being treated as a slave? No. The Constitution is still legal. We still have opportunities here. Government hasn't taken over everything yet.

Bailouts? I'm against them - TARP and all. Let them sink or swim. Bankruptcy isn't that bad, unless it's the country we're talking about.

Are we overtaxed? Yes.

How about that Winston? We agree on much here.

Are both political parties owned by the same people? They have been, but Tea Party conservatives are a threat to them. I'd rather got with the conservative tide and shrink government and let corporations go it alone without bailouts of any kind.

Left and Right are real. Communism/socialism is real. I much prefer what we have now to the creeping socialism I've been witnessing, and I smell a lot of it in OWS. Don't you?

Laurie from Bartlett said...

Capitalism is NOT the problem...CRONY capitalism is the problem...and the Obama administration is the most corrupt to lead the USA! The tools provided by capitalism are being used by all protesters. Globalist policy that this administration(and the Clinton machine) supports is a key element of disenfranchising the American from his country. Let's support our sovereignty (a STRONG AMERICA) via respect for the Constitution. We need to take America back!

Winston Smith said...

Yes, we do agree on a lot. However, your assumption that the Tea PArty is some independent entity, free from the corrupt GOP is simply not true. It was at the beginning. But the Koch Bros. co opted that movement. Like Soros is doing with OWS.

Left and right are not real. That assumption means that there are only two sides to an issue. That the world is black and white. It is not. Furthermore, the "left" and "right", as previously stated, are bought by the many many lobbyists in DC. They use the established parties to divide and conquer--im not sure how people cant see that? That doesn't mean there aren't differing opinions and views. We simply need a true representative government. Free from corporate influence. A government truly of and by the people.

Socialism at OWS? I would not say that socialism is the driving force behind the movement----not at all. But, yes, there are people who think socialism is the answer and they are there protesting with the others. I do not agree with them, but it is their right. I think it is greatly blown out of proportion--for obvious reasons--to spin the movement in the media.

You dont feel like a slave? The constitution is still in tact? Really? Obama has crapped all over the constitution. So did Bush. We just murdered a US citizen with a drone!! With no trial! I dont care if he was the most evil human on the planet!! Try him!!
Our constitution and laws are what separate us from them...Not anymore..As i write this Obama is cooking up a scheme to justify attacking Iran--essentially starting WW 3. The latest Iran assassination plot is such a contrived joke that I cant believe they have tried to pull this off. No, our constitution has been hacked.

Yes, Tom , we all have a lot more in common than we think. Especially when we turn away from the system they control. Who in their right mind at this time in our history wants more war? More tax? more control of the food you eat? (look into the feds raiding raw milk farmers--amazing) etc. etc.?

Anonymous said...

This might be a great topic for Taking Sides. For myself, I really don't understand what the occupy Wall Street people actually want as far as legislative action, if anything at all. It's quite puzzling. However, I do have a problem with your portrayal of anyone who holds different views from you as a 'freak'. You can always pick and choose extreme members of any movement. It would be like someone casting all catholic priests as child molesters, all southerners as members of the KKK, all gays as S&M fanatics, or all conservatives as greedy white Christians. I certainly don't think the occupy wall street people are well served by dressing like zombies, but that's their right. I don't see what having messy hair or sloppy clothing has to do with anything. Einstein would fit right in! I also find it quite hypocritical the way that Fox News blowhards are saying that these people are little more than "law breakers", when the REAL Tea Party (1773) engaged in the most famous example of illegal protest in the nation's history! Just because someone holds different opinions than you or dresses differently, doesn't make them idiots, fools, socialists, or non-patriots. Don't fall into the trap of demonizing or ridiculing people just because they look different or have different views. This is America, the melting pot of ideas. Don't overlook that.
- Bill Edmunds

Anonymous said...

Good column. It's amusing to read the comments; they reflect the fact that no one knows what they want. And above all, they have no idea what they want., There is a sense of global dissatisfaction; a feeling that everything is about to change and probably not for the better. Maybe all this talk about the December 2012 apocolypse has sunk in more than we can credit. It is good that the young are expressing their contempt for the way we oldsters have things arranged but it would be even better if they could stay focussed long enough to put forward a cogent view of how they see things should be handled. And why do they have to be so disshevelled, rude, bad-mannered: don't they know that if simply by cleaning up themselves, their thoughts and words and their environment they would be more easily accepted. Gordo

Anonymous said...

When they started in Egypt they were hailed as heroes!
When they started here they were mocked and misrepresented! America...Supposedly the most free nation on earth? Where you are supposed to speak your mind and stand up for what is right. But when you do you are attacked as a hippie, or a lazy slob!! Someone please wake me from this nightmare! What is going on?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the president's approval ratings going down, I notice that you failed to mention that the republican congress has the lowest approval rating since such things were measured (13% in a Gallup poll just this week). Does that mean both liberals and conservatives are "on the ropes"? Or are such facts only worth mentioning when they support your opinions?

Winston Smith said...

I cannot stress enough how relevant this half hour cartoon about the federal reserve is!

If you care about the country and the economy, please watch.

Tom--please watch--this one you'll wish all your past students had seen.

And please pass it on!!

End the Fed!!!

bill doe said...

"hippie blah, blah, dirty, blah, blah, commie, blah, blah, leftist, blah, blah, evil, blah,blah, Soros, blah, blah" Eminently predictable. Every teabagger/gop dog whistle/talking point is included.

Tom's idea of a REAL revolutionary is an angry white guy who dresses up in revolutionary war drag, carries a misspelled (and probably racist) sign, then goes home to his trailer, to look for his Social Security check and slap his wife around.

The right lacks the commitment to camp out anywhere for any length of time in order to protest anything. They're too well fed and comfy, and besides, they've got the big money of the Koch Bros behind them. They don't need to endure discomfort, nor would they be able to. If the faux-grassroots teabagger "protests" had involved any discomfort, those angry white guys would have been oughta there.

McLaughlin has no proof of any of his assertions, not that he needs any. The right is exempt from the curious notion of using facts. Herman Cain prefaces many of his comments by saying, "I don't have the facts to back this up...." and then he goes on to make something up. The corporate media smiles and nods. No questions asked.

It is interesting to note that McLaughlin did manage to unearth a few pictures of his particular fetish: half dressed men, to illustrate his fanciful diatribe.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Jeez Bill, your cage was really rattled, huh? Were you one of the Anonymouses who has had enough testosterone injections to post under a name?

What I saw in Portland seemd a perfect microcosm for what's going on everywhere else class warriors like yourself are gathering to spew.

One question: If you're so repulsed by what you read here, why visit? Nobody is putting a gun to your head.

bill doe said...

Your need to apportion some sort of emotion to my comments is strange, Tom, as is your rather unseemly interest in my testosterone levels.

Anonymous said...

Dill Doe sounds strangly like one of the Carroll county Disgruntled Democrats that seminar post you Tom...What's the next move Dill? Tell us what we should do and we will follow.

Name withheld for fear of being put on the Obama OWS watchlist

Winston Smith said...

Here is as close as you're going to get to real reporting on OWS.

Tom--Watch the fed video yet? If so, please comment.

p.s. the assertion that there are free drugs and free sex at OWS in NYC is absurd and irresponsible.

Winston Smith said...

sorry--here it is. The most realistic coverage of OWS so far. It is sad that it takes a Russian TV station to get it right

Anonymous said...

Tom, If you can find any real facts, bring them on Wednesday to the station and we can do battle. Remember of course that none of the protesters are apparently armed unlike the gangs that strode through the N.H. state house looking like junior Rambos. Your article looked like it had been written by Fox News, you can do much better than that.--- -- Gino

Spineless said...

Here is a link showing more dirty hippies and free sex fiends--- oh, wait, wrong video.

This video shows whom is really occupying NYC.

War veterans who have had enough!! watch both videos if you want some actual truth. Not make believe bs

pinko said...

If these folks are so inconsequential, why is Tom "run little leather boy" McLaughlin so upset about them?