Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Are We Going To Win This War?

We’re at war. Our enemy is radical Islam. It's the aggressor and its goal is to put the world under Sharia Law. Its biggest obstacle is the United States of America because we are the epitome of Western Civilization. Our goal is to defeat radical Islam.

“Are we going to win this war?”

That critical question was asked by someone from the audience at a panel discussion called “The Sharia Challenge in the West,” I attended two weeks ago at the three-day CPAC 2011 (Conservative Political Action Conference). The panel of experts included former CIA Director James Woolsey; former US Attorney Andrew McCarthy who successfully prosecuted the first World Trade Center bombers in 1993; Clifford May - president of the Foundation For the Defense of Democracies; and Ayaan Hirsi Ali - one of the most courageous people alive.

“Are we going to win this war?”

None of the panelists answered with an emphatic “Yes” and that depressed me, even if it didn’t surprise me. Each indicated we could win, but whether we will or not depends on how much Americans want to win. That, unfortunately, is still an open question.Andrew McCarthy, Ayaan Hirsi Ali at CPAC 2011

Panelist Ayaan Hirsi Ali has the most to lose if we don’t win because she’s already marked for death by our enemy. She wrote the script for “Submission,” a movie directed by Theo Van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker and grand-nephew of the famous Dutch painter. “Submission” criticized Islam for sanctioning abuse of women. Both Hirsi Ali and Van Gogh were threatened with death if they released it, but they did so anyway.

Shortly after, in broad daylight on the streets of Amsterdam, a Muslim immigrant shot Van Gogh eight times, cut his throat, and pinned a note to his torso with a dagger, saying Hirsi Ali was next. Ever since, she’s been under armed guard 24-7-365. Even though she was an elected member of Dutch Parliament, her government has balked about paying to defend her. She moved to the United States and accepted a fellowship with the American Enterprise Institute. Her security is now paid for privately.

“Are we going to win this war?”

The question lingered in the air. Hirsi Ali said the way to win is to “offer an alternative vision,” and I couldn’t agree more strongly. Western Civilization is itself an alternative vision, but our universities and our media are dominated by liberals who blame it for the world’s ills. American colleges and universities are eliminating western civilization courses. And, The Muslim Brotherhood’s goal is to “bring down western civilization from within,” (If you hit this link, scroll down for the English translation). The American left (including many in the Obama Administration) supports the Muslim Brotherhood and its offspring, Hamas. Ramsay Clark, Bill Ayers, Code Pink, and A.N.S.W.E.R. tried to bring aid to Hamas by breaking the Israeli blockade of Gaza last year. The American Left abhors Western Civilization and cooperates with the Muslim Brotherhood to bring it down. “The way you fight this thing is to expose it,” said panelist Andrew McCarthy. Trouble is, leftists dominating our universities shout down speakers who try to expose it. Sharia is Islamic law. Under it, women cannot go out in public unless accompanied by a male relative. Thieves get their hands cut off. Adulterers and homosexuals are stoned to death. If you reject Islam, you’re killed. A woman’s testimony in legal issues is worth half that of a man.

The slogan of the Muslim Brotherhood is:

Allah is our objective.
The Prophet is our leader.

Quran [Sharia] is our law.

Jihad [holy war] is our way.

Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.
Our enemies are anxious to die for their cause. Millions are brainwashed from birth as was Ayaan Hirsi Ali growing up in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya. She said: “Their paradigm is a paradigm of death. That is their core vulnerability. It is a core of death. You defeat it by pushing a core of life.”She’s right of course. We need a massive propaganda campaign to expose Sharia Law and the theist totalitarianism of radical Islam for the dark-age depravity it is. We must contrast our enemy’s vision with the values of our constitutional democracy embodied in The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with its Bill of Rights.

“We’ve inhibited ourselves,” said Hirsi Ali. “We’re not speaking out enough,” because too many of us have been indoctrinated with multicultural political correctness. “If they defeat us,” she added, “it’s because of our lack of confidence.”Right again. As our leftist media and our leftist universities continue their indoctrination, fewer and fewer Americans understand that our republic is the summit of civilization. Many won’t ever realize that unless we lose it. Then they’ll find out the hard way, but the rest of us need to witness confidently while there’s still time. We need a president who will celebrate Western Civilization, not apologize for it, who will call our enemy by its names: Radical Islam, Sharia, and jihad. We need a president who will champion American exceptionalism, who will foster patriotism in every American and proclaim the United States as the greatest country in the history of the world - because it is.

European leaders including Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Nicolas Sarkozy, and the UK’s David Cameron are finally declaring that leftist moonbat multiculturalism is a total failure. As columnist Pat Buchanan puts it: “Only in Canada and the U.S., it seems, is the issue still in dispute.”CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) will, no doubt, scream “Islamophobia!” But, as panelist James Woolsey put it: “If you’re opposed to the beating of women and the killing of apostates, you are not an Islamophobe.”

Please ponder this: How can we expect to defeat our enemy if we’re unwilling even to offend him?


Anonymous said...

Tell it like it is, Tom. This country needs to wake up to reality and not persue "Political Correctness"!
The current effete, Muslim loving, (Look at the Prez!) administration is too lily livered to do anything.

Harvey in North Baldwin

Anonymous said...

You are a fascist Tom

Anonymous said...

Generalizations are dangerous - even this one, but I agree with the overall premise of your posting today. In Britain, many of the large cities have a prepredominantly Muslim population who feel they can demand to be judged under Sharia law when charged with offenses. Some Courts have allowed this. Those who live in a country, whether citizens or not, must abide by its laws.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article! Thank you for your timely diligence, Tom.

Show Low Yaqui

Anonymous said...

My god, have you seen all of those crazy blood-thirsty radicals in Cairo and Tunisia protesting in the streets?

Are you serious? My god, keep perpetuating myths in order to keep everyone scared.

Tom, there is no such thing as democracy or the united states anymore and you should know that.

I refer you to the 1976 film Network, and a scene w/Warren Beaty that beautifully describes the state of our world---circa 1976.

The film does a better job at explaining than I can. Please watch the following clip.

Let's all grow up and see the big picture and stop hiding behind "political" parties (which the founding fathers warned against, for good reason)

Anonymous said...

I love this country with all my heart and soul and all it stands for but I fear it is our Freedoms that will doom us. As long as we are allowed free speech, free religious belief and the other freedoms granted and assumed we will never be able to defeat this common enemy. We spend a lot of time and effort patting outselves on the back and stroking our National Ego, but the time has come for more and someone needs to stand up and have the guts to act.
I wish I had a solution.

I probably will not live long enough to see the final outcome but I am not ashamed to admit I am afraid for myself and all who come after me.I still like to quote the great Pogo Possum.

“We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Brian said...

"...our universities and our media are dominated by liberals who blame it for the world’s ills."

What are you basing this statement on? Perhaps you can give us some examples? It seems to me that this statement is akin to saying that our businesses are dominated by conservatives who are racist, selfish, and who could not care less about destroying the planet. Both statements are just as valid.

I'm thinking it might be just nonsense, like this other statement of yours:

"The American Left abhors Western Civilization"

You see, I am part of the American Left, and I, and all the many liberals I know, do NOT feel this way. This statement is like saying that the American Right abhors anyone different than themselves. Stupid, right? So why say it?

As for your following goofy statement ...

"We need a president who will celebrate Western Civilization, not apologize for it,.."

...let's see ONE instance where Obama apolozized for western civilization.

I know you have a reputation for throwing out false statement and then being unable to defend them when called on it. Are you going to throw up your white flag once again by ignoring this?

Anonymous said...

PLease stop perpetuating the myth that the media is liberal or has a liberal bias. Please. Rupert Murdoch, Ted Turner, et al are not liberals.

This is thrown around so carelessly that you actually believe it.

Anonymous said...

Kissinger went to the middle east when they first discovered oil and were essentially nomadic herders.
They had no money to build the infrastructure for an oil industry. We gave them the money and they, in return, would buy US T-Bills, buy our cars (and Europe's) our tractors, etc. etc. Since then we have propped up many dictators and leaders.
Now the system WE set in place is failing and your hyperbolic nonsense does nothing promote an agenda you willingly comply with.

DAWN said...

the best friend of truth is time. Great article Tom. Keep it up! :)

Anonymous said...

"As long as we are allowed free speech, free religious belief and the other freedoms granted and assumed we will never be able to defeat this common enemy."

Nominate for fascist #2

Tom McLaughlin said...

One of the Anonymous posters above said and was cited by another:

"As long as we are allowed free speech, free religious belief and the other freedoms granted and assumed we will never be able to defeat this common enemy."

My sense is that Anonymous #1 wasn't suggesting those freedoms be suspended, which would make him fascist and totalitarian in the spirit of Nazis and communists, agreed. I think he has doubts that an open society such as ours can survive the surreptitious infiltration of Islamists and communists. So, he (or she) awaits our downfall.

I'm more optimistic. I believe in the American people to rise up and defend our superior republic, defeat our enemy and keep the Bill of Rights intact.

As for the American left abhorring western civilization? There's so much out there to document this. Start with Ward Churchill and the letters of support he got from academics around the country when the University of Colorado started taking steps to discharge him, then follow the links. In case you didn't know, I spent decades in the American left and many years in academia.

If you don't know this about the left, you don't want to know it. I don't have the time to teach everybody and I recognize the telltale signs of willful ignorance when I see them. This is all you'll get from me on the subject.

Brian said...

Let me see if I have this straight.

Your claim that the American Left abhors western civilization is backed up by letters of support for a professor who a jury found was wrongly dismissed??!!??

That is the best you have?!?

In other words you have NO examples of the Left abhoring western civilization. In your lame attempt you did cite an example of the left supporting free speech though, so thanks for that.

You say you recognize signs of willful ignorance...well, of course you do - your columns are the epitome of willful ignorance.

What better example of willful ignorance than the inane parroting of the president apologizing for America. I notice you did not even attempt one single example of this. Nope, just a "this is all you'll get from me".

That is because that is all you have....nothing.

Anonymous said...

"PLease stop perpetuating the myth that the media is liberal or has a liberal bias.'

Yes, that is obnoxious isn't it. Which is, I believe, why Tom says it. He has admitted to getting delight in antagonizing the left for sport and he thinks he sees a sore spot. Make up a huge lie and repeat it again and again. This goes beyone "willful ignorace", this is outright dishonesty. The sure sign of a morally corrupt being.

Anonymous said...

HaHaHa!! Laughable.

It's 2011.

The United States was bought and sold a long time ago.

Keep arguing about the left and the right while the fat cats get fatter.

Fear them crazy murdering Muslims like you did those evil vietcong or them terrorists. Be afraid! Always!

Anonymous said...

I hope your optimism is right Tom, and I thank you for what I believe was generally a supportive statement. It was merely an opinion which in spite of comments to the contrary does not make me a fascist. And of course the other person concerned had nothing else to say to justify the comment so I consider it irrelevant.

Peace and Love

Anonymous said...

Interesting how tom's manhood is so threatened that he feels compelled to slander Code Pink women with photoshopped photos. Well, at least he is not putting up his photos of the leather clad gays that he enjoys so.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Pathetic.

Go back to Massachusetts, please.

You will forever be known as the carpetbagging wanna be Mainer.

Anonymous said...


Are you still published in the Bridgton News? I didn't see this column there this week.

Alexander from Bartlett said...

Brian the Lib may have a little of a point. Last year I personally met a college professor who after vetting me thoroughly, admitted his conservatism. So may be there are more hiding in their closets, we just never hear from them? I do not think there are many though.

One anonymous brought Ted Turner as a “not liberal”. I hope your students will know history better. Just one example: Mr. Turner single-handedly broke the cultural boycott of the USSR after the invasion of Afghanistan. I was still there at the time. He condemned the US policies and assured us that we are good. His Goodwill Games were a great support for Communists. Fortunately it was not enough to counteract the SDI which eventually killed the beast. I guess his last wife was “not liberal” either?

Thank you for the good column.

Anonymous said...

"Fear them crazy murdering Muslims like you did those evil vietcong or them terrorists. Be afraid! Always!"

Don't blame Tom, studies show that people like him have different brains...

A newly published study coming out of the University College London in the UK suggests there may be clear differences in brain structure between liberals and conservatives. The part of the brain known as the amygdala – which is primarily responsible for reacting with fear and other more primitive emotions – was observed to be larger in people who identify with more conservative beliefs. At the same time – conservatives appeared to have a smaller portion of the brain known as the anterior cingulate – the part that is responsible for optimistic thinking. These results may explain why conservatives tend to put more of an emphasis on national security issues - and are more motivated by fear-driven arguments regarding terrorism. They also seem to align their beliefs with “worst case scenarios” – like Medicare is a train wreck! Social Security is bankrupt! It's why they freak out instead of wanting to work to these programs better.

Tom McLaughlin said...

I send my column to the Bridgton News every week and they either run it or they don't. The pattern I notice is that when I mention homosexuality in any negative way as I did a two or three weeks ago, they don't run it. Another factor would be that the paper is shrinking, as many newspapers are these days.

I remember people like the Anonymous one above who is hung up on who is a "Mainer" and who isn't, but I thought they'd all died out. Guess not.

Alexander: Glad to hear there are some conservatives in education, but I wish they'd out themselves. It can hurt prospects for upward mobility among college and university teachers and it can hurt one's social life at any level, but still . . . to stay closeted is to lack courage. And, Ted Turner not a liberal? If he isn't, I don't know who is.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that the Bridgton News has some morals and integrity and refuses to run anything full of mean-spirited slander and lies.

Good for them!

Anonymous said...

How about people who are hung up on who is a "liberal" and who isn't, and who is a "homo"l and who isn't, and who is a "real American" and who isn't...too bad they haven't all died out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Harvey, complaining about people loving Muslims sounds an awful lot like the redneck bastards who complained about "Ni&&er lovers.

Anonymous said...

The poster calling Tom a fascist got me looking up the meaning.

"Scholars generally consider fascism to be on the far right. Fascists believe that a nation is an organic community that requires strong leadership, singular collective identity, and the will and ability to commit violence and wage war in order to keep the nation strong. They claim that culture is created by the collective national society and its state, that cultural ideas are what give individuals identity, and thus they reject individualism."

Wow, Tom IS a fascist.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the thought of Tom googling and scouring the internet for one, just ONE single incident of Obama apologizing for America or Western Civilization and coming up completely empty.

"but, but.....there has to be LOTS of examples...I hear all my heroes, like Rush and Beck and Hannity and Coulter say all the time that he apologizes, so, so,...doesn't it HAVE to be true, then? Have I really been getting duped all this time? Does this mean that they have been lying about almost everything?"

Then I see Tom recomposing himself and saying "Ah, the hell with it. What are some lies and twisted truths when it comes to what i believe in.

Atta boy, Tom. You show a lot of character.


Gary said...

The Daily Sun, unlike the Bridgton News, will print literally ANYTHING submitted to it. This gives Tom a feeling that he is a real columnist. Kinda cute. But any paper with any standards about what it prints will weed out most of the BS submitted by Tom. These are what Tom refers to as "liberal media" - media that will not print lies and moronic attacks on groups of people.

Face it Tom, you are a hack who, through responder's facts and rational thinking, gets himself torn a new one every time you print your rubbish. It makes for an entertaining blog though. I love seeing a deceitful blowhard continuously forced to run and hide with his little white "that's all you'll get out of me" flag held in the air.

Cowardice to the nth degree.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said:
"PLease stop perpetuating the myth that the media is liberal or has a liberal bias. Please. Rupert Murdoch, Ted Turner, et al are not liberals.

This is thrown around so carelessly that you actually believe it."

I have always said that these people actually believe that the media is center/right. If you talk about Fox News I would agree but they claim that they have bias, as the claim, "we report, you decide". They claim and do report both sides but the lame stream media just claims to be the truth....America as a whole has begun to see this and therefore Fox News is moving up and the lame stream is moving down. But as far as your diatribe on them being "NOT LIBERAL", could it be that you are so in tune with Bill Aires that even the media seems right? I have Officially seen it all!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: "But as far as your diatribe on them being "NOT LIBERAL", could it be that you are so in tune with Bill Aires that even the media seems right? I have Officially seen it all!"

All you have to do is follow the money.
As far as I can see, there are no "liberals"
owning any major media outlets?

Beside, your missing the point entirely.
Those who own the media have an agenda. Part of that agenda is to perpetuate the propaganda of liberal vs. conservative--as if the American people can actually be separated into to two groups based on so-called political ideology...C'mon, we all know there are only ever TWO sides to an issue--it's all black and white, right and wrong...NO!!! Actually it's a circus organized to distract you from what is really going on. The corporate take over of the world is decades old but people like you still cling to this idea that America is a democracy and you have a voice. Please. It's time to grow up and realize our freedoms are being usurped and the people you look to in DC are nothing but shills and blow hards.
My god, I can't believe that you sheep still swallow the swill that they sell. Ever try and think for yourself? I know it's scary, but it beats the hell out of the alternative.