Thursday, September 16, 2010

Waning Summer

Most people know I'm a teacher around here. "Summer's over," they tell me at the Post Office, the store, the gas station, because school started three weeks ago. But it's not over. Waning, yes, but it hasn't ended just because the school busses are running. It started early and it's been a grand one.There was very little rain. Water grass on Lower Kezar Pond exposed some nice red stalks. It was a nice day for kayaking.Out for a walk one day with granddaughter Claire and daughter Annie. Another granddaughter is incubating about three feet down to the lower right. Can't wait to see her. Life is good.Claire likes me.Saw a bald eagle annoyed with an osprey one day over Kezar Lake. Chased him all over the sky for about a minute. It was quite a show.The sun came up behind a spider web the next day. I was running late, but stopped anyway for this. Got my shoes all wet in the dew, but it was worth it. Gotta take time for beauty.Afternoon clouds gathered in the western sky.Alway liked mills like these in Saco. Oak logs were floated down the Saco River - possibly from here in Fryeburg/Lovell - to hold up the floors. Local brick, local wood, power from the river. All so ruggedly built, they survive to this day. Many have been gutted and await commercial tenants looking for office space, but a slow economy and glut of commercial real estate threaten these magnificent old buildings. Hope this sunset over the mills isn't foreshadowing.Sunset over Kezar Lake. Is that a dolphin? A character from "Neverending Story"?


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

GORGEOUS pictures, Tom, and Claire is ADORABLE. I have one, Sera, who just turned one years old and another incubating, too. :-)

Tom McLaughlin said...

Congratulations Kimberley. Children are signs of hope. Hope everything comes out all right when the time comes.

Glad you liked the pictures. I enjoyed taking them, especially when I'm with Claire.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Tom. Your granddaughter is a split image of you!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful area with us. We had a brushing of snow, yes snow, today in Calgary.