Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Racism and Wolves

The villagers don’t all come running anymore when the NAACP cries “Racism!” It’s getting so they don’t take that organization any more seriously than they took the boy who cried “Wolf!” There used to be lots of racism when the NAACP formed, but they still claim to see it everywhere, even when it doesn’t exist. The shepherd boy who cried “Wolf!” in Aesop’s fable was bored and wanted to generate excitement with his antics, but that’s not the case with the NAACP. They cry racism lately because they’re afraid government programs they’ve lobbied for may be curtailed due to pressured from groups like the Tea Party.

There was a time “colored people” were oppressed by Jim Crow laws and white racism, but it’s almost half a century since the Civil Rights Bill was passed, the KKK was neutered, and racism turned into the racial preferences known as “Affirmative Action” which the NAACP supports. For nearly two generations, the deck has been stacked in their favor, but too many still play victim because it’s all they know how to do. As long as some “villagers” in the form of politicians and media keep running up, wringing their hands and appeasing them when they cry racism, they’ll continue. Many like me, however, stopped responding long ago. We’re not racists, we never owned slaves or oppressed minorities, and neither did our ancestors that we know of. We realize that all people have suffered throughout history - and there comes a time when we have to stop whining and get on with it.

Americans are getting mighty tired of that growing segment of our citizenry who see themselves as victims and who habitually blame others for their situation. There are many others who carry around guilt for having been born white, or wealthy, and will come running whenever someone claims “I’m a victim!” Victimology has become a lucrative racket for people like the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and organizations like “La Raza” (translated: “The Race”) and AIM - the American Indian Movement. There many other victim groups whose grievances no longer exist, or have diminished to such an extent that they’re hardly recognizable, but they continue to sing the same old song.

As Walter Williams wrote this week: “Yesteryear, it was the Klan or White Citizens Council who showed up at polling places to intimidate black voters. During the 2008 elections, it was the New Black Panthers who showed up at a Philadelphia polling place to intimidate white voters and tell them, ‘You are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker.’ What's worse is the U.S. Department of Justice has decided to not to prosecute.”

Former Justice Department attorney J. Christian Adams resigned over this, claiming voter intimidation charges were dropped because of racial bias and corruption on the part of President Obama’s Attorney General - Eric Holder.

Racism isn’t the cause of astronomical crime rates or high unemployment rates for black men. Their self-made subculture is a much bigger factor, but few have the courage to point that out. Who wants to hire someone who drives up blaring obscene, angry rap music with his hat on backwards, his pants sliding off his rear end, and purposely speaking in fractured English? I sure wouldn’t. Black men are not arrested and imprisoned at higher rates because of racism. They’re arrested and imprisoned more because they commit more crimes.

Young black men today are not victims of racism as much as they’re victims of race-hustlers who profit from perpetuating the myth that racism is what’s keeping them down. They’re victims of their own thinking - that if they study hard, do their homework, get straight jobs, save money, and walk the straight-and-narrow, they’re “acting white.” They’re victims of government give-away programs that have subsidized their irresponsible behavior for half a century.

It’s those continually-expanding entitlement programs - which disproportionately high percentages of black people and other minorities have come to depend on - that are threatened by the Tea Party, because they’re bankrupting local, state, and federal government. Rather than examine the efficacy or affordability of those programs, the NAACP cries “Racism!” It worked for most of a century, but it’s wearing very thin now.

Whenever I hear the incessant, deep-base cadence of rap music, I feel a visceral negative reaction. Not only does it glorify illegal drug use, exploitative and degrading attitudes toward women, nasty sexual behavior, and violence against law enforcement and rival gangs - it’s celebrated by the entertainment industry as “authentic.” That industry meets annually to bestow awards on the “artists” who produce it instead of condemning them for the malignant mindsets they spread.

When this subculture is mimicked by the rural white boys I teach, no good results that I’ve ever been able to see. We tolerate them walking around in schools and other public places with their pants down below their asses and this malignancy has infected young males from the sticks to suburbia. My least functional male students wear the outfit and imitate the behavior. They think “acting black” is cool. They revel in music and the anger it drills into them. They disdain learning. They’re rebels without a cause. They’re caught up in a contagion of anger and belligerence, and they think it must be normal because too many of the so-called adults around them seem to accept it as such.They accept it because if they criticize it, they might be accused of racism.


sami said...

You certainly have a thing about men's behinds, don't you?

Anonymous said...

"Many like me, however, stopped responding long ago". Uh huh. So what's this drivel all about if it isn't "responding"?

Alex said...

Go ahead, Mr. Big-Bad-McLaughlin, judge and oppress without having experience. You decry wearing pants that are too large, sag in the legs, and expose undergarments; however, have you actually tried it yourself? It is invigorating to have to stop walking every five steps to pull your pants up. And the shuffling motion you're forced to walk in? Oh god, the pleasure is too much. Before you start insulting fashion statements you should try them out yourself. Besides, I know plenty of women who think it is *very* attractive for a man to expose his backside in public.

Anonymous said...

You dare to say what most people think. It is not so much the "droopy drawers" image but the fact that it typifies disrespect for manners and mores; entitlement without responsibility. It is the zoot suit of the 21st Century; the collective thumbed noses of some young men who have forgotten why they are angry but want to be "cool" and succeed only in looking ridiculous...

Anonymous said...

Mr. McLaughlin - again you have summed up the "racism" situation very well! You are a courageous man to report the facts so well - thank you for your observations. As well, the culture of "imitation" we see in our society (I work in downtown of a large city and ride the public transit) is disheartening. Imitating poor standards does not elevate anyone, and that is what too many young people. Unfortunately, young women are emulating female singers, actresses and other "prominent" women who set a sad, low standard.
Please keep up the great commentary - your "mirror" on our society is important.

Daniel said...

Well stated. The race-baiters need the support of their victims

Anonymous said...

The problem goes a lot deeper than how you wear your pants. You can dress 'em up and send 'em to school but as long as there is even one person calls who calls Mr Obama a nigger it will continue.

DAWN said...

Here in our local news (Florida) there was a story yesterday about a black teen who physically attacked a white man in his 20's for listening to rap music.

The teen told the victim to stop listening to rap music because "white people shouldn't listen to rap music." He then struck the man in the face.

Let's see if the black teen is charged with a hate crime.