Saturday, February 28, 2009

CPAC 2009

It's exciting down here. No doubt about it. Conservatives are fired up. I desperately needed a right-wing re-charge after 12 months in blue-state Maine.

I was surprised, however, to learn that even though Geert Wilders was in town, CPAC sponsors "couldn't fit him in." Was that it? Or did they run short of courage? Lots of mumbling and speculation about that.

Thankfully, some more gutsy new-media types like David Horowitz, Pam Geller, Robert Spencer and Andrew Bostom sponsored a reception for him last night in another part of the hotel - separate from the CPAC function rooms - and I was able to attend.

Surrounded by tough-looking bodyguards, Wilders delivered a stirring speech - the highlight of my visit. He's a brave man.

More later about him.


Anonymous said...

I think, lots of conservatives get sold on the MSM propaganda that European Rightists/Conservatives are all reincarnations of the German and Italian National-Socialists of the 30s and 40s of the past century.

That fairy tale has to be replaced by the FACTS for the Conservatives this side of the Atlantic!

It is, once again, about hanging together, if we don’t want to hang separately! European and American Conservatives can simply not AFFORD anymore to ignore each other.


Unknown said...

I have realized that I am living in my own little world. I never thought that there would be conservatives in Europe. I agree, we MUST hang together. Liberals can easily agree to unite under no standard at all. We have to stop the trend...and where it's leading us.

Anonymous said...

Tom Tom Tom I just returned from Fl and opened up this email....envy envy wow wow ...Geert AND 2 heroes and there you are w/ them. Congrats on what was a great CPAC event...I can only say WOW!! Sincerely Laurie