Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fourth Estate Failure

Stinking corruption in Chicago has been obvious for years, and President-elect Obama has been nothing but a go-along, get-along guy all during his twenty years there. It’s not a secret. I’m absolutely ripped that our mainstream media didn’t do their jobs and ignored it all during Obama’s two-year campaign - when it was out there for all to see. As an Illinois state senator, Obama was a top advisor to Governor Blagojevich in his first gubernatorial campaign along with Obama’s recently-appointed chief of staff, Congressman Rahm Emmanuel. They’ll claim this extremely corrupt governor is not the Rod Blagojevich they knew, even though he’s been under federal investigation for seven years. Obama said he didn’t know the Reverend Wright had been making those outrageous sermons for twenty years either, even he also said he was there in the pew every Sunday. He didn’t know Blagojevich’s bag man, Tony Rezco, was a crook when they did a shady real estate deal together. He said yesterday that he never spoke to Blagojevich about his Senate replacement, but his campaign manager, David Axelrod said he did. Give me a break.

Now, at a critical point in our nation’s history, our president-elect is tarnished - at the very least - by this scandal. We have him because the media delivered him to us. We’re at war and changing horses in mid-stream. Our economy is on the verge of collapse. We need a strong leader more than ever, but we have to do the vetting that should have been done before the election. I’m squeezing my jaw so hard I’m going to crack a tooth.

In Thomas Carlyle's 1841 book On Heroes And Hero Worship, he wrote: “[British politician Edmund] Burke said there were Three Estates in Parliament; but, in the Reporters’ Gallery yonder, there sat a Fourth Estate more important far than them all.”

Our Fourth Estate has failed us, big time.


Anonymous said...

If President-elect Obama, in this situation, uses his typical response (i.e. "I didn't know.") when challenged by his associations with questionable, ethically-challenged people (and bomb throwers)then, at the very least, we've elected an idiot to represent and lead the United States. I think quite the opposite; I think he's intelligent which means he is corrupt. Hey media, Messiah? Hardly. I hope I'm not going to be charged with a hate crime for writing this.

Anonymous said...

Charge me with a hate crime,too. Nobama is corrupt from his birth in Kenya to winning the election. It is incomprehensible to me that no one seems to even question this "media idol". When the Israelites turned their back on God, He chastized them. This country has turned away from God and the principle it was founded upon. We are getting what we deserve!

Harvey in North Baldwin

Anonymous said...

The secular-progressive libs seem to always resort to "we are the government" which is utter rubbish. The fact is that the pols are there every day while Joe Sixpack is trying to earn a living and live in reasonable manner. As this happens we have a body politic & fourth estate manage the sheeple. Obama is big on controlling information to the point that there is no creditable proof of his constitutional viabilty publicly available, while Palin & the plummer were ripped to shreds. "Troopergate" over a moron who tasered an 11 year old? Can we say "fabricate from whole cloth"? Stanley Kurtz got quite a taste of this when Obama's surrogates threatened the radio stations he went on, amoung other things. I take exception to the outright lie that this is what a representative republic is.

Anonymous said...

Hogwash! What's the problelm? We, I mean the Liberal Democrats and some stupid Republicans re-elected a Clinton Clone.
Clinton was much more than tarnished and they re-elected him.
Seems to me that we got what we asked for, so shut up for the next 4 years and then if there is a United States left, come out swinging!