Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Provocative Palins

Sarah Palin provokes. Just her presence on the national stage has the political world in a tizzy. She doesn’t even have to say anything. Being who she is creates a firestorm. And who is she? She’s someone who got into politics for reasons we say we want people to get into politics - an ordinary citizen believed she could do things better. She challenged the status quo in Alaska and won. She made it to the top as governor - the youngest ever and the first female. She challenges oil companies, the Democrat establishment, and the Republican establishment - and actually changes things. This would seem to be enough for the National Organization for Women and the Mainstream Media to make her a Goddess. But that’s not happening. Instead, they hate her guts and they’re doing everything they can to destroy her. Why? What’s up with that?

It’s because of the rest of who she is. It’s because she’s a conservative who believes in God. Those two facts trump everything else and make her unacceptable to NOW, to Katie Couric, to Sally Quinn, to Oprah, and all the rest of the Mainstream Media. Palin’s very existence threatens their whole world view and they can’t stand it. She had five kids and quite obviously doesn’t give a whit about all those extra carbon footprints. That would have been enough for the liberal media to call her crazy, but then there’s this: She found herself pregnant for the fifth time with a Down’s Syndrome child. She was in her forties, had just been inaugurated governor, and it was very inconvenient - but she didn’t have an abortion! What is wrong with this woman? It’s one thing to say you’re personally opposed to abortion, but to actually live out your life according to your beliefs even when it’s hard? Who does that anymore?

Palin didn’t have an abortion because she believes her son is a gift from God. She couldn’t kill him before he was born any more than she could kill him after he was born. It was out of the question and her husband supported her. All politicians say they believe in God, but to actually put your trust in Him when things aren’t going the way you’d like? When you’re worried and afraid? Nobody really does that anymore, do they? What is wrong with this woman?

When McCain asked her to be his running mate, her unmarried seventeen-year-old daughter was pregnant and she told him about it. It wasn’t a secret in Alaska, but nobody brought it up nationally until rumors circulated on left-wing weblogs that Palin’s fifth child was actually borne by her seventeen-year-old daughter and Palin was covering up by claiming it was hers. Many in the mainstream media reported on the rumors and disingenuously amplified them behind a pretense of objectivity. To counter the smears, the McCain Campaign announced nationally that Palin’s daughter was pregnant. Nearly all of us know people who have had abortions in similar situations, but the younger Palin isn’t going to abort her child either. She’s planning to deliver it and marry the baby’s father instead. Doesn’t she realize that left-wing feminists have worked their oversized butts off for over four decades just so that women like her can get rid of their unwanted children? Now here are two women bearing inconvenient babies in the same Palin family. What is wrong with these people?

As if all this weren’t bad enough, Sarah Palin eats meat. Worse still, she personally shoots some of the animals she eats and seems to enjoy doing so. Not only does she kill and eat caribou, she wants to drill for oil in their habitat! And her husband actually does it! in the Alaskan wilderness! While working with his hands! Talk about disrespect for nature. He races loud, smelly snowmobiles across wilderness areas too and doesn’t seem to care whether animals or cross-country skiers may get upset about it. True feminists don’t marry men like that. What kind of woman is this?

Looks to me like Palin and her husband are the kind of people Barack Obama warned us about: “Typical white people who cling bitterly to their guns and religion.” If Sarah Palin is allowed to continue her rise to political power, millions of other women may start using her as a role model. Decades of carefully-crafted, radical-feminist propaganda will go down the drain. Clearly, this woman cannot be allowed to win.


Anonymous said...

You are right on as usual, Tom. I wasn't going to vote for either McCain or Nobama, but with Palin on the ticket, I'll hold my nose and vote for McCain which is actually a vote for Palin.

Keep up tthe good work and wrinting.

Harvey in North Baldwin

Anonymous said...

An odd thing is that she (Palin) doesn't seem bitter about her "inconvenient" children. Holding on (clinging) to her religion actually seems to have brought her peace and acceptance.

Lately, Obama is the one sounding bitter.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that I can say about this Sarah Palin is - You go, girl!!! You have my vote.

Anonymous said...

Obama has talked about "change". what it would amount to is that he would change the sheets in the brothel. Sarah Palin is going to tear the brothel down.

Works for me!

Picking her for VP, at the moment it was done is one of the most heartstopping moves I have witnessed in American politics and I have been watching this stuff since JFK took on Nixon in '60.

What a refreshing new breeze in the nation today for this.

Anonymous said...

Tom, I have been reading your opinions for many years. I don't always side with you, but I enjoy hearing your point of view. My concern with Sarah Palin is more about her judgment. I do not question her willingness or desire to have five children or to carry to term her last pregnancy, even after the early diagnosis of Down's syndrome.(Although I do wonder why she had these diagnostic tests to begin with, since she has stated that abortion would never have been considered.) Did she use good judgment or maybe someone could ask her what she was thinking as she progressed in her latest pregnancy and didn’t even have the common sense or decency to share her critical medical condition, that being a high risk pregnancy, with her staff until she was seven months pregnant. Didn’t she care about the baby enough to let her staff know about her pregnancy? Didn’t she have enough concern about the baby she was carrying to go immediately to a hospital in Texas when “her water broke” or she was leaking amniotic fluid, as opposed to getting on a commercial flight risking her life, the baby’s life and perhaps even her fellow travelers’ lives had the labor progressed mid-air. Or better yet, didn’t she respect her other children enough to prepare them for the eventuality of their new baby brother being born with Down’s syndrome?
She is quoted in People Magazine:"Initially Palin hid her pregnancy – and her pain – from both the public and her children, son Track, now 19, and daughters Bristol, 17, Willow, 14, and Piper, 7. 'Not knowing in my own heart if I was going to be ready to embrace a child with special needs," she reveals, "I couldn't talk about it.'"
Now she says she will be the champion of families with physically and mentally challenged children, but when she opted to not go immediately to a hospital in Texas to give birth to her high risk baby, I need to wonder about her thought process.
The bottom line is this: she is the governor of Alaska and any clear thinking person would want their immediate staff to know about their high risk pregnancy. A staff needs to be prepared to react appropriately had Sarah gone into early labor, etc.
What I would also like to know is why when she gave her acceptance speech she couldn't have been a bit more forthcoming about the famous bridge to nowhere. Is it asking too much for her to have said something like this: "I was supportive of the work of our congressional delegation in securing these funds for a bridge; however, once I took office as governor I began to realize that the completion of this project was going to cost the citizens of Alaska too much in state revenues; therefore, I put a stop to this project and have redirected these federal funds to other needed Alaskan projects." Instead what she said was: "I told the federal government thanks but no thanks, if we want to build a bridge we will do it ourselves." The truth is the money was not returned to the federal government,but the later makes for a better sound bite.
I could go on, but I won't. The final outcome will be decided by the voters. I only hope that all of us will be able to cast our votes after knowing the truth about all the candidates.
From my perspective having lived in California, Alaska, New Hampshire (Conway) and now Arizona...sometimes I just have to use my gut to make decisions. Something is not quite right with McCain's choice and there is too much at stake. And I am not talking about abortion rights, creationism vs evolution, gay rights...it is about good sound judgment.
Thanks for your time.

Unknown said...

...just a fyi, one of the children is her daughters.

I do hope she did this to protect her daughter from the ravages of the MSM and not to protect her position in politics.

Time will tell. I wish her the best.