Saturday, September 29, 2018

Left & Right Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Newspaper publisher Mark Guerringue again sits in the left chair.

Mark suggests Republicans don't believe America is great, or why the slogan MAGA or "Make America Great Again."

I say Obama tried to stifle hydro-fracking, but Mark claims he encouraged it. I credit Trump for today's booming economy; Mark credits Obama. We argue.

It's the day before the big Senate hearing on Kavanaugh. We speculate about whether his appointment will be ratified. I think maybe yes, Mark thinks no. We discuss the charges by Christine Ford. I don't believe them. Mark does, but this is before the hearing. Marks asks if I think Ford is lying. I say that's a different question. I ask Mark why Dianne Feinstein held Ford's letter off until the last minute when she had it in July.

Are Republicans trying to get to the truth about whether Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Ford? I suggest they are. Mark thinks that naive. I contend Democrats would destroy Kavanaugh and his family to preserve Roe V Wade.

Most of the rest of the show concerns the Kavanaugh hearings. We know now what happened there. My predictions were pretty much borne out when Kavanaugh went after the Democrats as on a "search and destroy" operation.


Anonymous said...

If I were someone who had a decent upbringing and education but had always been apolitical and, for some reason, decided in the past few days to pay attention to the political spectacle at the Kavanaugh hearings, why would I ever throw my hat into the ring with the Democrats?

They’re not misguided, think a bit differently, just have a somewhat opposing ideology or are trying to grandstand for national attention, they are simply evil people (the spineless Republicans weren’t much better either with only a few exceptions). There is no one who could convince me otherwise. It was truly disgraceful!

Brian said...

There are more reasons that being a suspected sexual assaulter that Kavanaugh will not be suitable for the Supreme court. His horrendous, belligerent, whiny, crying act surely didn't display a Judge's temperament, but the number of lies that he has made, not just at the hearing, are worrisome.

In 2004 he said he was not involved in the handling of the controversial nomination of federal judge William Pryor. Emails proved that to be a lie.

He was asked if he was involved with a scheme to steal democratic staff emails related to judicial confirmations. Emails show he also lied about that.

In 2006 he lied about not being involved in the controversial nomination of federal judge Charles Pickering, as well as lying about his role in the nomination of William Haynes.

Then under oath on Thursday, unless you are willfully ignorant, you know he made lots of lies concerning his yearbook. "Devil's Triange"....C'mon...."boof", yeah right...."Renata Alumnius".....sure, Brett. They may see like tricky-tack lies, but not something you want out of a Supreme court judge.

As to the main charge....Ford proved to be credible and passed a lie detector. Kavanaugh came off poorly and refused a lie detector.

The only way to convince yourself that he is not a habitual liar is to lie to yourself.