Monday, March 03, 2014

Smartest President Ever?

The things I feared most when Barack Obama was elected to a second term are unfolding.
Last Friday night, Obama said: “There will be costs” if Russia invades the Crimea. Hours later, Russian soldiers moved in. Remember that 3 AM phone call Hillary Clinton warned us about in 2008? Remember Saturday Night Live’s satire about it? “This is hard!” said the actor playing Obama about being president. Indeed it is. The man who is accustomed to voting “present” when hard decisions are necessary is on the spot now.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia, one of the world’s many thugs, believes our president is spineless - and is taking advantage. A lot can happen in the three years remaining in Obama’s second term, and the invasion of the Crimea is one of many to come. It’s another vision of the world as it is becoming during the Great American Decline. It’s another test for “the most intelligent man ever to become president,” according to presidential historian and sycophant Michael Beschloss. Obama should ace it, right? Maybe not. Could Beschloss possibly have been mistaken? We’ve never seen any of Obama’s grades because won’t release his records.

Expect ever-more-difficult tests right up until January, 2017. Will Putin cut off natural gas to Ukraine? Will he invade the mainland? Does he have his eye on the Baltic States? Does anybody really expect it’s all going to stop here?

So far, President Obama has issued statements. His chief diplomat, John Kerry, talks about crossing lines. The world remembers what Obama said about a red line in Syria last year: “A red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized,” he said. Syria did both, and what did Obama do? He said, “I didn’t set a red line. The world set a red line.”
For years, Obama has gotten away with contradicting himself like this on the American political stage. The mainstream media had never gone after him the way they went after the cowboy, and maybe he thinks he can get away with it on the world stage too. That’s how he’s always handled whatever challenges have come his way. “Get out the teleprompters!” he’d say. “I’m going to make a speech!” The mainstream media lauded him for his brilliance every time. How is that working with Putin? Not good. Rather than expel Russia from the G-8, Obama threatens to expel Russia from the G-8. Does he really think that’s going to scare Putin?

Try to think of it this way: A bully is walking down the beach and sees a cowboy and a community organizer. Which one is he going to kick sand at? I can just picture it. Can you? Obama stands up rubbing his eyes and draws a line in the sand with his toe. Putin crosses it. Obama backs up and says, “Oh yeah? Well how would you like me to issue a statement?” When that doesn't work, he says: “All right, that’s enough! I’m doing to tell Chris Matthews to call you a racist!”

The rest of the world is watching too. China said Monday it agrees with what Russia did in the Crimea. Remember: China has always wanted Taiwan back, and the United States has pledged to protect it. China also wants some islands in the Sea of Japan, and it could prompt Kim Jong Un to invade South Korea again. What would Obama do about any of that? I read a report in Stars and Stripes that our troops stationed in Okinawa are gearing up by having a stage show on base in which our gay soldiers perform in drag. That ought to scare ’em. The best defense is a good offense, and what better way to offend communist troops than a drag queen performance? The community organizer really knew what he was doing when he repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”
Sunday’s Washington Post quoted Andrew C. Kutchins of the Center for Strategic and International Studies: “If you are effectively taking the stick option off the table, then what are you left with? I don’t think that Obama and his people really understand how others in the world are viewing his policies.”
Thinking now of Kerry’s recent statement about global warming being the “most dangerous weapon of mass destruction.  . . . The science is unequivocal, and those who refuse to believe it are simply burying their heads in the sand.” Now that he has to deal with thugs like Putin, perhaps he’ll change his mind about that. Like Obama, Kerry thinks he’s wicked smart, even though his grades at Yale weren’t quite as good as those of the cowboy president Democrats believed was so dumb.
At a time when America needs real leaders, we’re left with Obama and Kerry. Putin is eating their lunch.


Anonymous said...

Eating their lunch? I would say that attacking on 9/11 (taking advantage of the dumb cowboy in office) was blatently eating somebodies lunch. Thank god that once the cowboy left we caught the person responsible, and have had no incidents anywhere close to that happen.

I have a sick feeling that you would welcome another disaster just so you can say "I told you so". As it is, you are just blowing mindless wind.

bc64a9f8-765e-11e3-8683-000bcdcb2996 said...

Oooo usual suspects. Poor essay comprehension, anonymous non sequitur AND ad hominum, ad nauseam. Do not engage.

Keep hammerin' Tom.

Anonymous said...


"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Instead of throwing around Latin logic terms you don't understand, how about you go through and look at some your own past comments? Trust me, they demonstrate a seventh grade grasp of sentence construction and rhetoric. Or maybe you're the unacknowledged next e e cummings.

This, sir, is an example of an ad hominem.

Tom McLaughlin said...

A thoughtful private email came this morning from an old veteran:

Dear Tom, I don't enjoy my position. BUT, We had a disaster in Somalia. Iraq is back to normal--Shiites and Sunnis slaughtering each other every week, the Muslim doctor, who found Osama Bin Ladin for us is in a Pakistani jail, the Crimea is a place where the British were slaughtered by the Russians back in the 19th century, we owe our enemy Communist China a couple of trillion dollars at least. Our V.A. hospitals are filled with double amputees and with with Post traumatic stress disorder, our military machines are older than the operators, morale on our aircraft carriers is very low because so many female crew members are home on pregnancy leave--------as an out of service former infantry soldier from the European theatre World War II, it is my opinion that Uncle Sam should not be trying any more to be the world's policeman. With that in mind, I suggest that the President should stop bleating out meaningless threats, and that the American G.I. should not have to look forward to multiple deployments. G.Washington had it about right. Avoid foreign entanglements.

He's right. This guy slogged across Europe while the Russians were coming in from the other direction. War is hell.

We have no military options in the Crimea situation and Putin knows that. We should not attempt any.

Meaningless threats are useless though. Assad ignored them. Iranian mullah's ignored them. Now Putin. There will be others who push the envelope now. They make things worse and we look stupid and weak.

NATO has to beef itself up because clearly the Russian threat hasn't gone away. Obama should deploy those missile defense systems he backed away from. He should announce that.

Clearly it isn't time to draw down our military to pre-WWII levels as Hagel proposed last week.

David Sayers said...

Actually anonymous, I thank God that that we had that "cowboy"in office on 9-11 instead of "pajama boy"You didn't catch obama and neither did the current white House occupier. Navy Seals did that deed."o" isn't capable of leading a troop of Girl Scouts.Your hope and change "wonder boy" is being shown for the "nothing" he really is!

Glen said...

Tom, I am having trouble following you. On one hand you agree that we should "avoid foreign entanglements." On the other hand you seem to be chastizing Obama for "taking the stick option off the table".

Which is it?

You seem to say that we should build a huge missile defense system and just hole up from the rest of the world and defend ourselves as needed. At the same time you seem upset that Obama is not "scaring" Putin.

And did you really think through the consequences of just ignoring all foreign entanglements and letting the rest of the world do as they will? If we let our enemys get too strong will our defense system, no mater how large and expensive, really suffice?

Can you clear up your thoughts a little?

Tom McLaughlin said...

Germany and Japan were existential threats to America. WWII was a foreign entanglement. We stayed in until we achieved unconditional surrender of both enemies - that was clear and decisive policy by both Roosevelt and Truman - followed through to the end.

Then Roosevelt relented at Yalta and Stalin took eastern Europe. The Cold War began - very different challenge. Truman met it by issuing the Truman Doctrine - containment of communism and NATO was created to contain the Soviet Union, to prevent it from taking over western Europe. NATO is a foreign entanglement. Should we remain in it? It’s a key question. Yes, we should.

Why? Several reasons. When we passed NAFTA, GATT and other trade agreements, we exported our ability to maintain our defense systems. Those “free-trade” decisions meant we couldn’t remain self-sufficient any longer. They were foreign entanglements. Either we re-tool or we remain entangled. And who will protect free trade? There’s no one else who can but America. We either do it or we don’t.

Neither Obama nor his leftist advisors understand that the best way to preserve peace is to prepare for war. He’s dismantling our war-making ability, but that’s not the worst of it. Our enemies have to believe we mean what we say. After five years of Obama “leadership” in the world, the world has taken his measure and they see a smooth-talking blowhard who “reset” our Russian policy. He relaxed the sanctions Bush erected after Putin invaded Ossetia. He scrapped the defensive missile systems Bush set up in eastern Europe. After promising he would not rest until he brought the Benghazi killers to justice, he lied about what happened there and covered it up. Nobody paid the price for killing Americans. After drawing a red line in Syria, he denied he ever said it. After sanctions brought Iran to the table, he and Kerry relaxed them made a terrible deal with the mullahs that allows them to keep their nuclear weapon-building capacity.

This statement published today sums it up well:
“The low-IQ US president and his country’s Secretary of State John Kerry speak of the effectiveness of ‘the US options on the table’ on Iran while this phrase is mocked at and has become a joke among the Iranian nation, especially the children,” General Masoud Jazayeri of Iran said.

Nobody takes Obama seriously anymore. 53% of Americans in a Gallup poll say he’s not respected by foreign leaders. 71% of Americans regret voting for him. The rest of the world has an even lower opinion of him and we’re stuck with him for three more years.

But he still has you, Glen.

Glen said...

What do you mean by "he still has you Glen"?

You know what they say about assumptions.

No politician or Party "has me". I am an independent. I do not automatically look to attack everything a certain party does. This is not an Us against Them game.

But again, which is it? Stick on the table or avoid entanglements. You have said both.

Anonymous said...

If you are not 100% in lock step with Tom and his ilk, and not an absolute no-questions-asked, no individual thinking, ditto headed clone, then you are the enemy.

It's simple. Obama and any action he makes = BAD.

Simple minded folk like it this way. Easy, and not confusing. Everything is black and white.

bc64a9f8-765e-11e3-8683-000bcdcb2996 said...

"But again, which is it? Stick on the table or avoid entanglements. You have said both."
And both it should be.
Motorcycle clubs don't physically attack "animal rights" groups protesting outside their clubs. They don't have to. They carry a known big stick, and have used it in the past. SOME folks chose "easier" targets where consequences are unlikely.
Same went for WWII Japanese strategists when considering "attacking" the US mainland. "A gun behind every rock" was their fear. Apparently they read English account history books, as well as Sears&Roebuck catalogues. NRA program for education and marksmanship was certainly a "stick", that by it's mere existence, precluded it's use in home soil.
There ARE a plethora of other examples, many "bluster" and "saber" rattling. many more half hearted, underestimated tenacity, or overestimated "stick" folly.
Lest we forget, there's the "carrot" part of the "stick" theory. It to is best used as an implied intent. Sadly, history has repeatedly shown the consequences of "misunderstanding" that, and the folly of buying alliance, or "protection", with endless stream of such "treats", at the expense of one's own (or one's "village") supply of carrots, put by in the root cellar.
Mindful that I allude to many well known adages, rather than simply plagiarizing the one uncontested single volume copy of "The History of the world" in it's entirety, I graciously nod (that means "kiss up to")to our host for the opportunity to lead horses to water, and perhaps agree with the importance of water.


Anonymous said...

Captain DMO, once again your post is as discombobulated and convolted as bc64a9f8-765e-11e3-8683-000bcdcb2996

Take your meds before posting, please.

Anonymous said...

Captain, I am sure our host would love for you to "kiss up to him". Perhaps while you ogle the homoerotic photos that Tom is so fond of posting.

Tom McLaughlin said...

They may be erotic to you Anon.

To the rest of us - some 98% of the population, they're just sad - or outrageous maybe, when you think about what your hero, BO, is doing to the US military.

Anonymous said...

And just who is it that is creating these homoerotic photos? Well, you obviously got them off the only kind of sites you go for information, some one-sided right wing site.

Don't feel bad, there are appearently lots of closeted conservatives that get there jollys finding shots of a bare-chested and muscular Obama, and re-posting them for god knows what possible reason....except that they just flat out dig looking at them.

God, it must be tough being a sheep in the herd that has to swallow the "gay is a sinful choice" crap, when deep inside you yearn to be the real you and revel in your gayness.

Lance said...

As a proud member of the Log Cabin Republicans and another big fan of Tom Haggard, I really enjoy your site. You post some of the hottst pics around!!!

Can you please do another column strongly condemning (wink, wink) the gay lifestyle?

Anonymous said...

C'mon, give Tom a break. He may not be in the closet, he may really be just another ignorant and mean spirited homophobe.

It was suggested that Tom move to China because of his feelings towards the USA, but I think he would be better off in Russia, or in Uganda where he could join in the stoning of gays.

Here in the land of the free we will continue expanding rights for all.

Eric said...

"To the rest of us - some 98% of the population, they're just sad"

I wonder if Tom let his students just yank made-up statistics out of their ass and insert them as fact into their papers.

Thank goodness he is out of the school systems.

Tom McLaughlin said...

I see the homosexual harpies are swarming around still another of my columns.

Nice to get evidence that I'm on target again.

Anonymous said...

Miley Cyrus was also very happy that she was "on target" and got attention for her lewd acts.

KKKers also liked to be noticed for their moronic actions.

You are in good company, Tom!!! Congratulations!

Now pipe down and reach way up that big fat ass of yours and go digging for for "facts"


Anonymous said...

It is crazy how living in that little bubble of his distorts Tom's view of reality. Shutting himself off from the views of the outside world, and only listening and getting information from wacky conservative sites, he probably really does believe that most people (98%!!!) think like he does. Remember how he truly believed Romney would win in a "rout"? That was the information spoon fed to him.

Old misinformed, bigoted dinosaurs are dying out Tom. They will never totally disappear, and will continue to protect themselves into their ever shrinking bubble, but evolution marches on without them.

Tom McLaughlin said...

98 is the percent of the population that's straight genius.

Anonymous said...

Hey remember what Putin did in Georgia in 2008 when we still had the disgraceful Texan Usurper in "office"?

Do you guys not even realize the stench of your hypocricy?

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's the mental midget himself calling people Einstein!

Firts of all, your 2% for gays is conservative wishful thinking, with the more likely number much higher, some say as high as 20%,

But whatever the number is, you are assuming that all straight people are miserable little homophobes like you who consider all gay activities "sad" or "outrageous".

So there is no winning with your ignorant 98% comment. However you spin it, it is flat our wrong.

Typical of all your writing.