Monday, March 10, 2014

Leftist La-La Land

In leftist la-la-land people really believe they can bring about an age when we “Ain’t gonna study war no more,” as the old gospel song goes. They really believe America was the primary cause of war in their lifetime. They believe that after they twice elected a president who would fundamentally transform America as The Big O has so often promised, war would disappear. He said it would only take five years the world would be filled with smiling, happy people holding hands. That’s why Obama’s chief dopelimat diplomat, John Kerry, characterized Putin’s invasion of Crimea saying: “It's really 19th century behavior in the 21st century.” He’s not supposed to be doing this in the world he and his boss understand.
Putin obviously hadn’t heard that Obama has already ushered in the Age of Aquarius here in 2014. The moon is in the seventh house. Jupiter aligns with Mars. Peace is guiding the planets and love is steering the stars. So what the heck is Putin doing? Young people are, like, “Oh my god!” which is the most severe exclamation in their parlance. Is it possible that Obama can’t actually change the world? If that’s true, maybe he can’s really stop the oceans from rising either! But he promised! We voted for him! Twice!
Nonetheless, Obama and Kerry are proceeding as if the biggest problem facing the world early in the 21st century really is global warming, and the mainstream media is cheering them on. Only three weeks ago Kerry called it: “perhaps the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction” and belittled those who don’t believe it as “flat-earthers.” Well, this writer knows the earth is round - and human-caused global warming is a crock, but most leftists still don’t think so. Global warming is a religion with them, and while their faith has been shaken by the winter we’ve had, they still believe.
Obama is proceeding with his global warming policies undeterred, as if his branch of government is the only one with power. When Congress failed to pass his “Cap and Trade” legislation, he had his EPA declare carbon dioxide a “pollutant,” so all of you reading this right now are polluting the air as you exhale CO2. More recently, his EPA dialed up air standards so high it's putting the coal industry out of business.
Meanwhile, Congress sits on its hands while he amasses power in the White House. He’s turning one executive department into a protection racket. When congress refused him funds for selling Obamacare, he used HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, whose department regulates insurance companies, to shake them down for money. She contacted them, and said, in effect: “Nice little insurance company you got there. Be a shame if anything happened to it. And by the way, I need some money to implement Obamacare.”
When he couldn’t silence Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, even with George Soros spending millions on Media Matters, he turned to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler who regulates radio and television. He sent FCC officials to media outlets saying, in effect: “Nice little station you got there. Be a shame if anything happened to it. By the way, we’re conducting a “Critical Information Needs” study here and we’d like to ask you a few questions, like how do you select what stories you report?”
When “too many” black students were being suspended from schools, he turned to Education Secretary Arne Duncan who regulates schools, and Attorney General Eric Holder out to talk to them. Both sent their people around saying, in effect: “Nice little school you got there. Be a shame if its federal funding dried up, now wouldn’t it?”
In spite of all its failures in the 20th century, leftists still believe that communism can work. They just didn’t have the right leaders in Russia, China, Vietnam, North Korea, or Cuba. If they did, Utopia would have manifested by now. Obama is the one though. He told us so. He can do it, if only those Tea Party Republicans in the house weren’t standing in his way. They nearly stopped him from taking over 16% of the economy with Obamacare, and now all they can do is criticize it.
In spite of the continuing disaster of the Obamacare roll-out, the mainstream media are doing their best to find a silver lining. What do we expect? They’re all leftists too.


Eric said...

Sounds like you have only been listening to the voices in your bubble again instead of joining the real world.

As a real leftist, and not some made-up caricature of one, I know that humans will never stop fighting wars. I do not believe the USA is the main cause of wars in my lifetime. Nor do I believe in communism. Get out some, Tom. Talk to some real people. Broaden your horizens.

And Tom, how do you "know" that human made climate change is a crock? That is called an opinion. An ill-informed opinion, but still an opinion.

Congratulations on the acceptance of a spherical earth. It took many people hundreds of years more than others to reach this conclusion, and it might take that long to convince the modern day Flat-Earthers about climate change. I'm so glad I can rely on scientists to form my opinions about science matters instead of herding up and re-bleating what is fed to me political windbags.

The NASA website reports what all rational people know - that 97% of scientists agree that climate change is very likely to be caused by humans.

What "fact" did you yank out of your rectum to disagree with this? Or was it something, giggle, Rush Limbough said?

Ah, say no more.

Brian said...

I remember when Tom, in a classic "research" display of amateurism and sloppiness, posted a link that directly contradicted the point he wanted to make. He comes close again. I looked at his goofy picture of a figure breathing and making the claim that the EPA said this was polluting. Recognizing BS when I see it (and boy do I get a lot from Tom) I followed his link the the Wall Street Journal. lo and behold, right near the beginning of the column, was the line:

"The EPA's finding doesn't say carbon dioxide, or CO2, is by itself a pollutant"

Is Tom hoping we don't read his links? Or does he not bother to read them himself?

Either way, the work of a real hack.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Tom about the Mainstream Media being bought off by billionaires. So does the following column:

WASHINGTON — Radio host Bill Press spoke in Washington, D.C. about how liberals are “at a big disadvantage” when it comes to getting their message out because of the political “imbalance in the media today.”

Press explained that he believes the right-wing bias isn’t just on Fox News — thanks to philanthropists Charles and David Koch, he said, the bias is apparent everywhere.

“It’s not just Fox, which you might expect, right? It’s much bigger than that and it really is an organized campaign led in large part by a couple of men who until about a year ago were under the radar, operated under the radar. And I’m talking about Charles and David Koch. And they are everywhere.”

Read more:

Nancy said...

Obama "said it would only take five years the world would be filled with smiling, happy people holding hands."

Tom, can you please give me the closest quote from Obama that you can that comes anywhere near the same meaning?


Anonymous said...

By stating that this winter should have anything to do with shaking Climate change belief really shows his ignorance.

Here is a link if Tom wants to educate himself, but The International Business Times is probably not among the approved reading materials his cult allows access to. Plus, it involves science, and we know what he thinks about that malarky.

Mark said...

Ooooh, likes like Tom needs to congratulate himself again on hitting his target!

His target this time being rational, intelligent, thinking people.

Way to rile those people up Tom!!

Steve said...

I lifted the quote below from the National Review article linked about the FCC being approached by Obama.
“However, there have been consistent doubts that the survey was ever going to happen. In a December follow-up article I found that none of the major broadcast, print, or online media in Columbia, South Carolina – the market selected for the Critical Information Needs pilot study — had heard from either the FCC or Silver Spring, Md.-based Social Solutions International (SSI) the FCC’s contractor on the project.
Columbia media professionals, along with the South Carolina Broadcasters Association, reiterated Friday that the pilot survey never began.
'No one has been contacted in Columbia,' WLTX general manager Rich O’Dell told NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE Friday, prior to Wheeler’s announcement. 'There’s been no official contact by anybody at the FCC or anywhere else.'"

Dan Pangburn said...

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CO2 change is NOT one of the drivers.

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Anonymous said...

"When “too many” black students were being suspended from schools,..."

But what do they do if, you know, "too many" black students are outperforming their Union taught brethren by leaps and bounds? Like, say, in NYC?

Yeah, yeah, I know. "But that doesn't count because...."