Wednesday, October 08, 2008

In The Tank

They’re not even embarrassed about how obviously they’re in the tank for Obama. Rather, they seem to feel righteous about it. Our media elite are so smug and insular in their world view, they don’t realize or care about how out of touch they’ve become with ordinary Americans - how we live or how we think. Paradoxically, our media elite see themselves as champions of the oppressed, of “minorities,” and other “victims” of “American oppression.” They’re embarrassed when ordinary Americans express our patriotism or our faith in God, considering it childlike and unsophisticated. Their friends are far too sophisticated to look at the world that way.

They know Obama goes to church and professes love of country, but they figure he does those things because he has to in order to get elected. And they want to see him elected because he’s one of them. He pronounces words as they do and he went to Ivy League school as they did. And like them, he sees the world from a hard left perspective. If we wonder why they don’t go after Obama’s William Ayers connection, that’s why. It doesn’t alarm them. Ayers fits with mainstream Democrat politics in Chicago. And why not expose racism in the Reverend Jeremiah Wright? Because they’re not alarmed by him either. He fits in with their world view too - way better than Justice Clarence Thomas does. Wright and Obama profess a belief in God, but it looks as if Thomas actually has one and lives his life accordingly. To our elitist media, that qualifies him as an intellectual lightweight and not qualified to serve on the US Supreme Court.

Seldom, if ever, do they question Barack Obama’s qualifications to be president, though his is the thinnest of resumes. Most of his career was as a “community organizer.” What the heck is that? And he served in the state senate? Big deal. He avoided nearly every controversial vote that came up when he was there, voting “present” instead of yes or no. US Senate? If ever there was a club for political prima donnas, it would be the US Senate and Obama did only two years there before running for president full-time.

Obama wants to be our chief executive, but his only executive experience was as Chairman of the Annenberg Challenge - a position Bill Ayers secured for him. Obama cited his Annenberg tenure in an unsuccessful congressional campaign, but has hidden it since and no wonder - it was a $50 million boondoggle which purported to raise standards for Chicago schools, which showed no measurable change when the money was all spent. Most of the money was authorized by Obama and spent by Ayers and his radical friends to push Chicago’s educational establishment further to the left than it already was. I remember getting $25,000 of Annenberg Challenge Grant money here in Fryeburg around the same time. A few other teachers and I trained students in the use of digital imaging technology and local history. I’m proud of what we did with just a tiny fraction of what Obama spent. The Chicago Democratic establishment, however, is trying to block reporters from investigating records of where Obama’s and Ayers’ $50 million went.

Then there’s Obama’s purchase of his Chicago mansion with convicted felon Tony Rezco - possibly using money from Iraqi/British billionaire Nadhmi Auchi, implicated in the infamous Iraqi “Oil For Food” debacle, the biggest financial scandal in world history until the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Obama is tangled up in that one too through his close associations with infamous Fannie Mae executives James Johnson and Franklin Raines (who, as CEO, took $90 million in bonuses). Johnson headed Obama’s vice presidential search committee and Raines advised his campaign on housing issues.

Since McCain selected Sarah Palin for his VP running mate, however, investigative reporters have swarmed over Alaska looking for dirt. Palin’s got at least as much experience as Obama, but all we hear about is her lack of it. She epitomizes ordinary Americans and the elite media’s contempt for her is sickeningly obvious. When she galvanized the GOP’s conservative base, they declared relentless, all-out war on her. They dug into her private life and even hung out her seventeen-year-old daughter to dry. They seemed to have Palin on the ropes until the debate with Biden last week. They were expecting Biden to knock her out, but instead, she took control and spoke directly to the American people, even looking into the camera and winking.

I’ve been watching presidential politics a long time from both sides of the spectrum and I’ve never seen the media go as softly on a candidate as they have on Obama. Nor have I ever seen them attack anyone as vociferously as they have gone after Palin. The elite media’s power is waning, but possibly still powerful enough to deliver a radical leftist into the oval office in January.


Anonymous said...

You're right on again as usual, Tom. Keep up the good wqork. I'll bet you'll get some angry replies to this one.

Harvey in North Baldwin

Anonymous said...

Tom, Thanks again for another accurate portrayal of what American politics has become. It is time for McCain to take the gloves off snd start swinging. Palin cannot do it alone
I will post,"In TheTank" on the Lamoine Informer.
Bob Sharkey

Anonymous said...

Obama keeps dancing around his relationship with Bill Ayers and ACORN. He however founded in 1992Public Allies, an organization much similar to ACORN, and Michelle in 1993 became the executive director. Both ACORN and Public Allies get about 50% of their funding funneled through Americorps. Any idea of why this hasn't been laid in his lap. It doesn't seem that it would be that difficult.

Anonymous said...

Palin is white trash and so, apparently, are you.

Anonymous said...

Watching TV and the movies, who'd of ever thought that "Big Brother" was going to come in from the Left? Yet, here he comes, ready to regulate all we do, say, eat, etc.. And with a whimper we go, since the media has become his loudspeaker.

Anonymous said...

What is McCain doing?

He's letting the MSM control his attacks on Obama. I just watched CNN and they are finding the "Trooper Firing" in Alaska a HUGE story. Wolf Blitzer was harping about the "disturbing rage" at McCain-Palin rallies and pretty much quoted McCain as saying "Obama's a nice guy and let's have a nice campaign...".

My God! What on earth is he thinking? If McCain thinks playing nice and letting the chips fall where they may will work then he's certifiable!

The MSM quotes Palin every time she opens her mouth. Why is she not bringing up the right to bear arms issue? This is a WINNING ISSUE for Republicans. States like MI, VA, TN OH, can be won if McCain starts to act more like Teddy Roosevelt than Bob Dole. I mean, come on!

Abortion, Guns, Ayers. If he sits on these issues, it's over already. I am more than frustrated. I am beyond scared. I am seething with anger. I cannot believe McCain is Bob Doling his campaign into the ground. He's got Palin and he's keeping her on the bench whilst he fiddles and diddles his opportunity away.

I keep waiting for McCain to show the huge differences between his and an Obama admin with regards to guns. Schumer, Pelosi, et al will wet their pants with glee if Obama gets in with a Dem majority.

Am I missing something? Am I the only feeling this way? Is anyone else as upset as I am? It's like watching a toilet flush in slow motion. People, there goes the USA and McCain is boxing with nerf gloves on!


Anonymous said...

Mr. McLaughlin,

Sarah Palin calls attention to herself. She compares herself to the 'average American' and yet here she has a 1.4 million dollar mansion. And truly, is the 'average American' really ready to take hold of a country? I mean, I, myself, am considered 'average' and if I was asked to help govern a country I'd never be able to handle it! I'd already be crushed under the pressure. If I want someone for president, or vice president, I want someone who is a superior American. Someone who is stronger and better suited to the job.

Another thing Palin drew attention to herself with is her daughter. Her daughter is 17 and pregnant, and yet Palin thinks it wrong to have Sex Education is school? And I'm not downing her beliefs. If she believes it's okay for a teenaged girl to become impregnated, hey that's her belief. However, most mothers wouldn't think thats all hunky dory. Most would be furious, right there is a strike against Palin because she didn't think about how other mothers would react. That in itself was irresponsible. Do we really want someone with that kind of view helping run our country?

Is it just me or do I not hear Obama calling attention to himself like that? Palin simply likes the attention and is playing the victim to make herself popular. In my opinion she's going the wrong way about it.

Carol in Fryeburg Maine
Former Student Of Yours

Tom McLaughlin said...

McCain says "My friends . . . " so much, I'm afraid he believes the Mainstream Media are his friends. You'd think he would have learned after what the New York Times did to him on the affair rumors, but he hasn't.

He has to drop the bi-partisan BS and come out swinging. It's the fifteenth round and he needs a knockout to win.

Anonymous said...

You don't know what a community organizer is?! Let me tell you... It's somebody who volunteers their time to listen to average Americans who voice their concerns as well as solutions in hopes to make the government, organizations or whoever listen to them to help them resolve their concerns. Obama did this right out of college and people would know this if they read, "Dreams From my Father". But he realized no one would listen to him, which made him realized that he needed further study on Law, where he enrolled himself into Harvard and got accepted all by himself, no special letters or strings pulled to get in! Again, you would know what he did and why he became a community organizer if you read his book which he wrote because he made history by becoming the first African American President of Harvard's Law Review Board. Senator Obama does understand what the average American goes through, his family knew what a budget was unlike the typical political yuppies. But by becoming a senator and accepting the responsibilities of actually trying to help people, he knew that the politicians would pay attention if he talked their talk but he is actually talking and walking their walk by being educated like them but he is unique because he wasn't raised like them. You should try to understand where he actually came from before you give your conservative republican opinion, understand him before you judge, which you judged ignorantly by not getting the whole story on his entire life. I mean I like Sarah Palin, the fact that she is a mother who is juggling her career with five children, one with down syndrome and another who is going to be a teenage mom. However, I don't agree with her political views and who she is running with. Go Obama! -Shirley