Monday, August 14, 2017

The Party Controls The Past

General Lee

“He who controls the past controls the future… He who controls the present controls the past,” wrote Orwell. Here in 2017, the left is firmly in control of both academia and media and is using both to control the past. That’s what played out last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Charlottesville City Council voted 3-2 to remove a statue of General Robert E. Lee which had been there for a century. Nearby is a statue of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. Both Lee and Jackson were southern heroes. They were also Democrats, but you won’t hear about that in media or academia.
Stonewall Jackson

They fought for the Confederacy and that makes them villains in the view of the 21st century left, which is in firm control of the Democrat Party. No matter that most slaveholders were Democrats. No matter that Democrat US Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia who served until his death in 2010, had also been a member of the KKK. There was so many Democrats south of the Mason/Dixon line, the party referred to it as “The Solid South.”
Byrd eventually apologized for his KKK membership and denounced the organization, but it remained part of his history: “I apologized a thousand times ... and I don't mind apologizing over and over again. I can't erase what happened,” he wrote. He was right to apologize and also right that he could not erase his personal history.
But the Democrat Party believes it can and continues trying to pin its own shameful heritage onto Republicans — the party of Lincoln. Just prior to its 2008 convention, the Democrat National Committee erased fifty years of party history from its web site. How many Democrats lynched blacks? There isn’t room here to list them. How many Republicans? None that I know of. The Democrat Party has never apologized for protecting slavery before the war or for preserving Jim Crow for a century afterward.
Recorded under cover by James O'Keefe

Leftist media from the Huffington Post to CNN is downright gleeful as it tries to associate today’s Nazis and KKK with the Trump Administration. Trump issued a statement after Charlottesville saying: “We condemn in strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence — on many sides.” It was a reasonable response considering all the violence leftist groups perpetrated during his campaign, beating up Trump supporters as they left his rallies. Many of those agitators were were paid by the Democrat National Committee and the Clinton Campaign and wore “Trump is a Nazi” T-shirts. They violently shut down Trump rallies in Chicago and New Mexico.
Jared Loughner was obviously nuts

Then came James Hodgkinson, a Democrat Bernie Sanders supporter, who shot Republican Congressman Steve Scalise and several other people at a Republican softball practice two months ago. The New York Times editorial board blamed “both sides” for political violence claiming that Sarah Palin caused Jared Loughner to shoot Democrat Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and political rhetoric motivated Hodgkinson to shoot Republican Rep. Scalise. Trouble is, there’s not a scintilla of evidence associating Palin and Republicans with Loughner who was obviously nuts, whereas Hodgkinson had long, strong association with Democrats. He had a hit list of Republicans.
It’s okay for the NYTimes, but Trump is not allowed to blame “many sides.” Leftist media demand that he specifically denounce white supremacists which he subsequently did. NBC’s Chuck Todd called his "many sides" statement, “a failure of presidential leadership,” From his "Meet The Press” platform, he assembled a panel who did their best to associate white supremacists with the Trump Administration and Republicans.

Media went out of their way to avoid blaming President Obama’s anti-cop rhetoric after five Dallas policemen were murdered by a black man who “wanted to kill white people, especially white police officers." Few people reading this will have heard that several police officers and a former federal prosecutor have sued President Obama, his Attorney General Eric Holder, Black Lives Matter, and others for sparking the murders of policemen around the country. That’s because leftist media controls perception and in politics, perception is reality. Thus it controls the present, and the past.

Back to Orwell:

Party official O’Brien asked Winston Smith where history exists. “In records… In the mind. In human memories,” said Winston under torture.
O'Brien and Winston Smith

“Very well then,” said O’Brien. “We, the Party, control all records and we control all memories. Then, we control the past, do we not?”

“But how can you stop people remembering things?” asked Winston.

“You believe that reality is something objective, external, existing in its own right,” said O’Brien. “…When you delude yourself into thinking that you see something, you assume that everyone else sees the same thing as you. But I tell you, Winston, that reality is not external. Reality exists… only in the mind of the Party …Whatever the Party holds to be the truth, is truth. It is impossible to see reality except by looking through the eyes of the Party.”


Brian said...

Tom seems to be stuck on labels and the names of parties (Democrat/Republican) as never changing, non-evolving, stagnant things. What does it matter what party name did or did not do over 100 years ago? Democrats owned a lot of slaves then? Well, then those Democrats were a$$holes,, But does that mean the party that now bears that name shouldn't be calling out the a$$holes of today? Should Chicago White Sox fans now still be judged by the 1919 "Black Sox" scandal, or should they be allowed to call out any cheating of current teams without the lame-ass "But you guys...." defense?

Would Tom like to elaborate on how the blame for a neo-nazi running into a crowd can be blamed on "many sides"? I'd like to see him try, but we all know what will happen. Too busy.

Let me repeat the statements of the Daily Stormer, the largest neo-Nazi website on Trumps reaction:

"Trump didn't attack us. No condemnation at all. When asked to condemn he just walked out of the room. Really, really good. God bless him."

You agree with those neo-nazi sentiments that Trump did right?

Anonymous said...

Oliver was right when he said that nazis were like cats - they only like you if you are feeding them. What a dilemma for Trump: keep feeding the racists or lose a big chunk of his remaining base.

Peter said...

Political parties definitely evolve and change over the years, which is I'm sure why my grandfather, who died at the age of 97 a few years back, switched parties from Republican to Democratic in his late 70s.

Marty said...

As Barack said, or was it Moochel? We have to change our history, that is what is happening, it has nothing to do with racism, the thugs who destroyed that monument in front of the Durham court house, while the sheriff deputies stood and watched were avowed Marxists AntiFa, IWW. they are just going after the CSA monuments first, because they are low hanging fruit, next it will be monuments to all slave owners, George Washington Thomas Jefferson then Chris Columbus, then any president or politician who was not pro LGBTQQT........, which is pretty much all of them including Barack pre 2012.

Soon the AntiFa Marxists will start gong through the libraries and pulling non approved books out and burning on the front lawn of the libraries, they will start again low hanging fruit, such as Mark Twain, Joseph Conrad, then move on from there,
while the types of neutered law enforcement, (so called) in places like Durham will stand by and watch and anyone who opposes the torching of The Adventures of Huck Finn will be declared a recidivist racist,

Then the daughters of the Confederacy and the DAR, and the VFW will be declared hate groups, by some self declared authority on the left such as the SPLC, or the Marxist AntiFa stripped of their non profit status by the likes of their fellow travelers in the bureaucracy, followers of Obama who still do his bidding via indirect communication thus putting his words into action, the likes of a government packed with Lois Learners, and their members will be forced to apologize to avoid the public shaming that would otherwise occur, akin to those of the China of the 1960s, but instead of the use of the actual public square, those who resist the new American Cultural Revolution will be shamed by the Red Guard ensconced in Silicon Valley, and embedded in the new public squares of FB and Twitter

In the end we will just be left with politically correct monuments and history, which means just the history the AntiFa Marxists and IWW thugs won't burn or tear down.

As for this University History B.A. it feels less like the US in 1860, and more Spain in 1936. Just sayin.

This story will not end well, it never does.

Marty said...

Sidenote. It is being reported that ‘Unite the Right’ organizer Jason Kessler was an Obama supporter involved in the Occupy movement as recently as November 2016. False Flag?

Anonymous said...

Another "alternative fact", Marty.

Brian said...

Amidst all of Marty's paranoid babbling, I notice he makes a point to call people that attack a statue "thugs", but like Trump (until the pressure built and he caved in) had no words of condemnation for the evil, racist f%^* who plowed into a crowd of real people.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe that people are trying to protect statues of traitors who turned against their country just so they could get free slave labor.

Brian said...

Oh, poor "busy" Tom, can't defend himself.

Brian said...

Hmmm, why would people be trying to associate today’s Nazis and KKK with the Trump Administration? Let's check out these endorsements of Trump:

Neo-Nazi Rocky J. Suhayda, Chair of the American Nazi Party

Andrew Anglin - Publisher of the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer

Alex Linder/Vanguard News Network -Founder of the website Vanguard News Network, and a former member of the National Alliance, a neo-Nazi group

Don Black - Former KKK grand dragon and founder of the white supremacist website Stormfront

August Kreis III - Former KKK member and former Aryan Nations Minister of Information and Propaganda

Rachel Pendergraft - National organizer for the KKK-affiliated Knights Party

Peter Brimelow - Founder of the white nationalist website

David Duke, etc, etc

So why is Tom surprised that Trump is associated with these evil fu^*s?

Anonymous said...

Trump “may be the last hope for a president who would be good for white people,” remarked Jared Taylor, who runs a white nationalist website called American Renaissance and once founded a think tank dedicated to “scientifically” proving white superiority.

Extremists made Trump their chosen candidate and now hail him as “Emperor Trump” because he has amplified their message on social media— like when he retweeted a graphic falsely claiming that black people were responsible for 81 percent of white homicides. Its source was a white supremacist Twitter feed whose logo is a modified swastika. Politifact and others quickly documented how “wildly inaccurate” the racist graphic was.

When David Duke told his radio audience that voting against Trump was “really treason to your heritage, Trump tap-danced around it, saying he didn’t know enough about Duke or the Klan to disavow them.

Pretending to not know enough about the KKK to disavow them is pure bullshit. Evil bullshit.

One of the alt-right’s most notable pop-culture appropriations is Pepe the Frog—a cartoon character that has been adopted as the movement’s mascot. In October, Trump retweeted an image of himself as Pepe, and campaign adviser Roger Stone and Donald Trump Jr. posted, via Twitter and Instagram, images of themselves alongside a Trump Pepe.

So stop perpetuating the bullshit, man up, and admit that there is a clear connection between Trump and neo-nazis and the KKK. I find it fantastically awesome that the outcry was so strong after Virginia that Trump had to come out more strongly against these groups! Hate never wins in the long run.

Anonymous said...

The Republican party and the Democratic Party have switched positions in the last 150 years. In the 1860's the Democrats were the conservatives and the Republicans were the liberals by today's standards.

Liberals push to improve things, conservatives push to keep the status quo. Usually this is a good system because sometimes change is good and sometimes it's bad. But when the change turns out to be good, the next generation of conservatives supports it because it is now the status quo. Then they do their best to take credit for it. The position shift of the Democratic and Republican Parties over the last 150 years is very convenient for the Republicans because it makes it easy for them to take credit for improvements that liberals pushed for.


The other thing that people like Tom do is confuse the core ideals of an organization with the actions of individuals tied to the organization. For example, Nazi's vs Black Lives Matter. Both of these organizations have had horrible acts done by individuals in the name of the organization. In that sense, they're all the same. But if you look at the core values of the two, the Nazi's and other white supremist groups preach hatred against anyone other than people they view as white christians. Black life matters is against the system where police around the U.S. can assault and kill black people and others without fear of punishment. There are hundreds of videos online of police officers doing things that would be a felony for anyone else, who have never been charged. Black people are not the only victims of unpunished police abuse but they are victims a disproportionate percentage of the time.

If you look at any group of any size, you can find someone associated with that group that has done something evil. The question is, did the group cause and support the evil action? No matter how good and justifiable a goal is, there is always someone in the group willing to use evil tactics to achieve that goal.

The problem for America is that Nazi's and other hate groups have become part of the core of the Republican Party. Any Republican who stands up against them is risking not getting elected. They are controlling much of the dialog and political positions of the party.

Rick said...

As hard as it is to understand the defense of those statues, it is even harder to comprehend what goes on in someones mind to try and whitewash over the murderous acts of a neo-nazi. Unless they think alike.

Anonymous said...

So when do we tear down ALL monuments associated with (ie)R.E.Lee?
What OTHER "history" is slated for erasure, and suitable replacement?
Let's check with the Veteran's Administration Dept.of Graves Registration, American Legion, and Veterans of Foreign Wars on that.
I gotta' say Mr.McLaughlin, somehow, you attract some of the BEST Twister players I've EVER seen.
ASTONISHING (and enviable) tolerance.

Anonymous said...

Waah, the traitorous, racist statues are being taken from us!

I wonder how many Hitler statues are still up in Germany?

Anonymous said...

There are times when a country needs leadership.

In refusing to lead, Trump has united an impressive coalition of Americans against him. Increasingly unpopular, he is sealed in a bunker with Bannon and his acolyte, Sebastian Gorka, the laughably self-important Hungarian fanatic with alleged Nazi ties. The president’s voice is frequently channeled by Stephen Miller, a sclerotic nationalist who embarrasses the White House and the notion of public service. In thrall to these hateful pseudo-men, Trump lashes out at those who expect more from him, who continue to hope against hope that he can transcend his own worst impulses and demonstrate, if only for a moment, that he belongs in the Oval Office.


Anonymous said...

Still no support or arguments supporting the moronic "many sides" statement.

I guess it is a true fact that a swastika has 20 sides.

I'm sure that Charlie Manson would tell you that there were "many sides" to his actions as well.

Steve said...

If we’ve learned anything from this blog, it’s these three things: 1) scientists are whores, prostituting themselves for money, driven only by the pursuit of the largest grants available, 2) the entire public education system comprises thousands of progressive madrassas indoctrinating our children with liberal orthodoxy and all media outside of Fox and AM radio is a ubiquitous onslaught of Gerbels-like liberal propaganda. With the deck so clearly stacked against Republican patriots and in favor of Democratic thugs, Alinski acolytes, greenie weenies (pick the nomenclature that suits you best), it’s a wonder how any Republican ever gets elected in the first place.
This link shows the party composition of every Congress going back to 1855. But since the left's seizure of academia and media is a relatively new phenomenon, beginning about 25 years ago, give or take – roughly around the advent of Fox news – here are the numbers for that time period. That time period covers the 102nd congress through the current 115th congress. Excluding Independents, during this time period, there have been 694 Democratic Senators and 693 Republican Senators. There have been 3082 Democratic Representatives and 3101 Republican Representatives. When you also factor in current Republican control of state legislatures and Governorships, the trend clearly favors Republicans. With all of the 24/7 deluge of liberal propaganda coupled with the brainwashing and indoctrination of our children, why is it that party composition of our state and federal government is essentially 50/50 with a conspicuous trend towards Republicans? Is it possible that progressive Democratic control of the media and the educational system isn’t quite as pervasive is you desperately want it to be? The numbers just don't support your paranoia.

Anonymous said...

It is becoming more and more obvious that Hillary was right - a large portion of Trump supporters are unabashed deplorables. Watching Trump squirming around this racist, neo-nazi issue is disgusting. The fake president can't completely condemn his base. I think he plays an important role in bringing this racism out in the open and giving the message that they are way outnumbered and seen as scumbags by the vast majority.

Eric Cullen said...

Our two most dangerous hate groups without a doubt. The media and the democratic party. It is appalling the damage they are both doing to this country and they don't understand how bad it will be. We have corrupt nuclear powers around the globe waiting for us to fall apart and they are doing all they can to derail the Trump administration. What would you expect from the original party of hate and intolerance. They claim to wear a different mask now, but we know what's underneath.

Rick said...

How cute, one of the Trump deplorables has crawled out of the basket to make statements containing NO evidence or facts to baser them in reality - just dopey opinions!

Brian said...

I guess you gotta give Tom, Marty, Eric, and the Capt. a little credit. It can't be easy trying to rile up support and make excuses for the actions of a murderous, racist neo-nazi.

A real man, a real president, a real leader, steps up in this situation, they do not hem and haw, blame and deflect, then get talked into reading off a teleprompter, then backtrack, then hem and haw some more, all in some bizarre "I'm-not-a-racist-I-just-throw-them-bones" balancing act.

But neither Trump, nor anyone hear, backed up the the notion of there being "many sides" to a racist, neo-nazi murderous rampage.

Anonymous said...

Eric Cullen said...

"Our two most dangerous hate groups without a doubt. The media and the democratic party."

Why did you THINK the new overlords of the Dem party have the "useful" World Workers Party folk attempting to airbrush all the "Lest We Forget" icons of their earlier efforts, and current "reputation", from the pubic view...while the "regular team" is in recess on the disabled list
It can be painful watching the hastily cobbled "interpretations" and talking points, circulate among an astonishing number of Farm Team folks with "EX-", and "former" in their credential title while surfing "live" media.
Gosh that whole Hollywood Hype for Blockbuster "The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming," bit, as well as the NoRK Missile Crisis seems to have evaporated overnight, as the "latest discoveries" fill the space while the "hard working, tax paying" legislative branch (except the technical skeleton crew preventing executive administrative appointments) is home enjoying their well deserved "health Care" from their Dachas.
Lest we forget.

Marty said...

Jason Kessler is about as far from the right wing as anyone can possibly get. He supported Barack Obama and actively participated in the Occupy Wall Street protests.

He’s not a white supremacist either. It was not until after Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election that he hatched his plan, or more likely was given his marching orders, to organize his white supremacy group. Prior to that, he publicly made comments no white supremacist would ever make, voicing his approval of white men marrying African American women by stating, “taking voluptuous ebony queens as our blushing brides.” White supremacists have been known to murder people for their participation in interracial marriage.

Brian said...

If you take this cretin for his word, he claims to have voted for Obama, then soured on him because of "identity politics" (alt-right trigger phrase). Occupy’s “anti-globalist” stance caught his interest in 2011 and he attended an Occupy Charlottesville demonstration, but found he didn’t see eye-to-eye with the group in a confrontation he described as none too friendly. No surprise there, I would expect that racist right-wingers wouldn't blend in too comfortably with that crowd.

He's not a white supremacist because he talked about "voluptuous ebony queens"? Are you the most naive person on this planet? I am sure countless raping slave owners said the same sort of thing, but I guess that talk doesn't fit your particular type of white supremism.

Then you go off the rails with the "giving his marching orders" suggestion. I'm sure this "alternative fact" will be desperately spun in alt-right bubble-land. Have fun with that. Who cares about that guy anyway? The main issue deals with the fact that a racist, neo-nazi committed a murderous act of terrorism, and our so-called president and his remaining lemmings cannot simply call evil what it is without making excuses, pointing blame elsewhere, and trying to create distractions. Because he realizes that white nationalists and supremacists now make up the vast majority of his supporters.

It used to be that terrorism brought us together.

Anonymous said...

For those people like trump and Tom that are still struggling with how to rationalize their "many sides" view, here is a short video to practice against.

Peter said...

Why do so many people cling so stubbornly to this "Us vs. Them" mentality where your side can do or admit no wrong, and the other side can do no right? Anything you hear that seems the least bit negative to your point of view is considered "fake news" and "biased" media. The "biased" media is exactly why Hitler couldn't have pulled his sh%& here in the USA. The "biased" and "negative" press would have turned the tide against him. The outcry when the first Jew was murdered by the regime would have put a big hitch into the regime. But the Nazis controlled the press and fed the people tales of paranoia. I'm sure trump thinks it is unfair that he can't do the same.

So, were the anti-fascism and racism protestors on the left partly to fault for the murder of the woman and the other injuries? I suppose in the same way that the mob of Boston citizens were partly responsible for the Boston Massacre in 1770.

But don't give me that "killing free speech" by protesting BS. You would do the same if the cause was one you cared about. If a mob of avowed pedophile predators had a permit to rally and have "free speech" in your neighborhood, I would think that you and your neighbors would be out in the streets with pitchforks trying to drown them out and send them away. You wouldn't just sit there and let them peaceful spout their crap. That is the power of YOUR free speech, "permit" or not. So you see, it is not the ironclad ideal of "Free Speech" you are defending, because it all depends...

More BS is this charge of trying to "change history" by removing statues of the Confederacy. As was mentioned before, is Germany currently trying to "change history" by not displaying Nazi statues all over? Let the survivors build memorials, but Nazi statues and swastikas? Confederate statues and flags? Even leaving slavery out of it, these people were traitors to their country....they turned their back on the USA, and even worse, fought against us. The fact that they did this over such an evil institution as slavery makes celebrating them just as obscene as displaying a swastika. "Oh, but it will lead to also taking down statues of George Washington and banning books, etc..." Well, Washington and Mark Twain did not turn traitor and take up war against our country, did they? But sure, having slaves will always be a bit of a black mark against Washington (no pun intended). Take Columbus...statues have come down of him. I'm ok with that, because history can still be taught without having certain figures glorified into mythical heroes. Lee will still be taught and live on in history. People just won't have to be constantly reminded of the atrocities he defended by staring at his statue everyday.

It turns my stomach to see nazism and racism being paraded around our streets in this day and age. There is no black and white here (again, not intended)....there is evil and there are those fighting and protesting against it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Old news item:

July 9, 1776: New Yorkers "Destroy History" by toppling statue of George III

I guess that is why nobody now knows who won the American Revolution.

Anonymous said...

In the unlikely,horrid event that any statues should ever be built of Trump, there is no doubt that they will, and should, be toppled. Changing history? No, but it certainly seems we are at a time in history that will have an asterisk next to the name of the 45th president.

Anonymous said...

Aaah, the sweet sound of silence when it comes to racist's defense.....