Monday, April 11, 2016

Blaming "White Privilege" For Black Behavior

Nobody likes discipling students. It’s unpleasant, but behavioral limits have to be defined and enforced. If that’s put off too long a teacher loses control of a classroom. Teachers can mete out consequences but sometimes students defy them, often with the support of parent(s). At that point, the teacher needs backup from an administrator, usually in the form of student suspension. That’s unpleasant for the administrator too, but if they back down under pressure and leave the teachers hanging, the whole school breaks down. I’ve seen it happen. When unacceptable behavior is not confronted it escalates. 
The same dynamic applies to a city. Police must enforce behavioral limits defined by government. If the police are not backed up by government, the whole city breaks down. America is watching that unfold across the country. Why? Because two Obama-appointed Attorneys General have injected race into the dynamic, both in our schools and in our cities.
Holder's "School-To-Prison Pipeline"

Last month, Theo Olson, a teacher in St. Paul, Minnesota was suspended because he described the above process on Facebook. Black Lives Matter, a group of racial agitators funded by George Soros, called him a racist even though Olson didn’t mention race in his post. Black Lives Matter met with the superintendent who then suspended Olson.
Attorney General Eric Holder engineered this whole mess. When teenaged thug Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson, Holder sent dozens of Justice Department employees to Ferguson to teach city officials about “White Privilege,” as if that were to blame for Brown getting shot. Then George Soros and other rich leftists sent millions to create Black Lives Matter, which they continue to fund generously.
To keep stoking the fire, Attorney General Holder then blamed white teachers for what he called a “school-to-prison pipeline.” According to Holder, white teachers overreact when black students misbehave causing more blacks to be suspended than whites. Then President Obama issued an Executive Order mandating racial quotas for school suspensions. Teachers around the country now get “White Privilege” instruction, including St. Paul, Minnesota.
On his Facebook page, Theo Olson posted: “Anyone care to explain to me the school-to-prison pipeline my colleagues and I have somehow created, or perpetuated, or not done enough to interrupt? Because if you can’t prove it, and campaigns you’ve waged to deconstruct adult authority in my building by enabling student misconduct, you seriously owe us real teachers an apology. Actually, an apology won’t cut it.”
Attorney General Loretta Lynch

For daring to question the race-baiting policies of Holder and Obama on his private social media account, Olson got booted from his classroom. What about Olson’s First Amendment rights? Does feigned indignation from Black Lives Matter negate them? In St. Paul it does, apparently.
And it’s getting worse. Last week, Holder’s successor, Obama appointee Loretta Lynch, warned she will be applying the same policies to 6500 municipal courts across the country because they enforce the law too much on black violators. According to the New York Post: “A strongly worded ‘guidance’ letter, written by [Lynch’s] civil rights team, warns that a local court policy of enforcing warrants for failure to pay court fines and fees can have an adverse ‘disparate impact’ on African-Americans, who are fined and/or arrested for outstanding warrants at ‘disproportionate’ rates versus whites.
And why would it have a “disparate impact”? The Post article explains: “Federal data also show that blacks tend to break both felony and misdemeanor laws at a disproportionate rate. Even if applied evenly across all races and in neutral, color-blind fashion, such policies could be found by [Attorney General Lynch] to be discriminatory… This is the same dubious legal threat the administration is using to force the nation’s public schools to back off suspending unruly — even violent — black students.”
We can expect this latest Obama Administration initiative to work out as well as the others have. So far it’s just a warning from Lynch, but can we expect another executive order to follow as Obama did with our schools? Obama said he would use his phone and his pen as much as possible, so get ready.
It’s a good thing I’m not teaching in the public schools anymore or I’d likely be in Theo Olson’s shoes. I wouldn’t, however, meekly submit. Neither should he.


Kevin said...

Eerily similar to the Salem witch trials. No one needed to be a witch to be burned at the stake, just accused of it.

The equivalent name today is racist, because everyone knows they'll be burned at the stake even when there is no evidence. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Goodbye, justice.

Brian said...

Too good...too rich! I can't be bothered to wrap my head around the glorious depths reached in delusion displayed by our fine satirist in this column. Magnificent!

La Verdad said...

Yes, what an incredibly crazy notion that would be. that would be like, uh, blaming a slave uprising on the behavior of slave owners. Yes indeed, just imagine the opposite. Imagine blaming Black dis-privilage for White misbehavior! Wacky!

La Verdad said...

"Blaming "White Privilege"for Black behavior" being the fore-mentioned crazy notion.

Also, just wondering - why was "white privilege" in quotes?

Anonymous said...

Admitting that white privilege exists shouldn’t put whites on the defensive. It is not like it is something that most have any choice about or something that they chose. And it is like saying people who speak French have an easier time in France. That is a "French privilege," you could say.

White privilege simply means that in this country which has been largely dominated by whites, built on white European cultural standards and favored white people over people of color for most of its existence, whites get more breaks than people of color. That is so undeniable it is comical that people try to argue against it. White privilege isn’t even the same as overt racism. One can benefit from white privilege and not be a racist.

What are examples of white privilege? A pertinent example is that white parents don’t have to worry as much as black parents do about their children being shot by police officers. White privilege is why even this concept has to be explained. Whites simply aren’t profiled like blacks and hispanics.

White privilege is what leads to so many cases of white college students throwing parties on campus that have insulting racial themes. The fact that mocking other cultures in an open way like that is wrong and has to be explained to supposedly smart people is definitely rooted in white privilege. The lack of shame these students have shows just how prevalent the undercurrent of white privilege is in the U.S.

White privilege is not being judged by the bad deeds of some other white person. Whites can be individuals. Minorities are a collective. The deeds of one or a few are held against the whole group.

White privilege is being able to argue that blacks and other minorities should get over racism, that the clock on injustice has run out. Having the gall to make that argument when you do not have to bear the burden of racism or its legacy is definitely white privilege.

White privilege is people assuming the best about you first, rather than the opposite. It is finding it funny to make black jokes when there is one black person in a group of whites and not seeing that as demeaning. White privilege is being the norm and everyone else being considered exotic or other, as in when the news media does not have to mention color in a description of someone, you know that means the person is white. It is turning on the TV and seeing lots of faces that look like you on 90% of television shows.

White privilege is real and should not be debatable. We should only be debating how to minimize its effects, not so whites can be harmed or treated badly, but so that people of color can be treated better. There is simply no getting around the fact that our country has a bias towards all things white. Denying that is a waste of time. Let’s at least start from reality or we really have no chance of ever having an impact on this issue.

Chrysler Summer

Anonymous said...

In a study performed by Marianne Bertrand and Sendhil Mullainathan, professors at Iowa State University, fictitious resumes with names that indicated race were sent to help-wanted ads in Boston and Chicago newspapers. To manipulate perceived race, resumes are randomly assigned African-American or white-sounding names. White names received 50 percent more callbacks for interviews. Callbacks are also more responsive to resume quality for white names than for African-American ones. The study said, “The racial gap is uniform across occupation, industry, and employer size. We also find little evidence that employers are inferring social class from the names. Differential treatment by race still appears to still be prominent in the U.S. labor market.”

Anonymous said...

Here is an article showing that studies have not been able to blame high suspension rates among blacks on them having worse behavior.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, here is the link

La Verdad said...

A study of racism will show that there is often an inner shame and embarrassment involved. Just take a look at the cowardly sheets hiding the faces of evil KKK'ers. Just look how often people dance around their racist statements, they were "just joking", or they are just not going along with being PC, how dare you call them racist. Just look at how incredibly sensitive they are to being called racist. The truth hurts. I think a great many, due to a lack of empathy and a true, deep understanding, do not realize the extent of their white privilege and how their words and actions can be taken as racist. Tom may not even accept the fact of his male privilege, let alone his white privilege. People like to think they "pulled themselves up by their bootstraps" with NO help or privilege.

We live in strange times, when talking about race means you’re somehow slamming down the mythical race card and an absolute bigot (against White people, of course), but when you question blatant offenses predicated upon race you’re told to believe it’s no big deal. Your feelings and reactions are dismissed because THEY don't see the racism, or racism was not "intended". Would rap music's rapey lyrics be just fine if they were not intended to promote sexual assault? No. It is what it is.

Here’s the thing: It is not the place of a lilly white male like Tom to tell blacks - who are well aware of the long history of attempted subjugation, colonization, and inhumane treatment—what is and is not racist.

Anonymous said...

It's NOT his PLACE...?
Do you recognize the problem here?
DO you understand why this "conclusion" negates ANY further consideration of your "vote"?
"And males have NO PLACE on abortion "thinking"..."
And ex cons have NO PLACE in political process...
And homosexuals (that's both sexes) have NO PLACE on anything "for the children"..
How about, ANY person of a minority (fill in reinterpretation of Affirmative Action HERE) has NO PLACE on the majority position, because.....Democracy!

If ONLY there were some sort of guideline, somewhere, taught in public school, or even at home, or something. Maybe even taught by "expert" associate-assistant professors in higher ed, addressing this...
Of course, interpretation, for one's own comfort, is EVERYTHING!
In fact, there are SOME (ie)Attorneys General who have decided that folks with
evidence of (ie) Anthro Global Warming/Domestic Violence/"Campus" violent rape/ charitable "welfare", themed FRAUD, HAVE NO PLACE to...("white") man-splain!

Anonymous said...

La verdad: (your version of truth) To describe T.M as a, "lilly white male" is akin to describing someone else as, " a coal black male". But you somehow are infusing color of skin as a disqualifier, totally neglecting to address Obama's and his administration's abuses and heavy-handed "orders". La verdad....not.

La Verdad said...

The point remains the same. A white man, living almost exclusively in white communities, has no idea what sort of dis-privileges that people of color have, people that have experienced these things for themselves.

Were the civil rights acts of the 60's also "heavy handed orders"? The Emancipation was pretty heavy handed, no? The fight continues with smaller battles.

Is it Tom's place to lecture blacks about how lucky they are to be able to play the race card? If you cannot see the racism in that it is due to your white privilege. Just be thankful you have it, and pipe down

I can't respond to whatever the Capt. is trying to say, as I do not speak "GobBlynutSObabble"

Tom McLaughlin said...

I'm pretty sick of hearing about race this and race that, constantly coming from so-called progressives. No more quotas. No more race boxes to check on government census forms or any other kind. No more separating out how this or that affects blacks, hispanics, Pacific Islanders, or transgendered seagulls. It's a constant drumbeat in media, in universities, and in government and it's nauseating.

No more black studies, queer studies, whiteness months, or black studies. We've all had enough, okay?

I've never owned slaves. My ancestors never owned slaves. Unless they come from Sudan, nobody in America was ever a slave. Neither were their parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents. It's over. Ta Nehisi Coates is out of his mind with "reparations."

Let's just treat everybody the same. How about that? No discrimination based on any of the above. Just go out and get a job. Start a business. Compete. Everyone.

Brian said...

"I'm pretty sick of hearing about race this and race that,"

Awful revealing comment coming from somebody so obsessed with race that he keeps writing about it in his columns.

Face it, you are losing yet another civil rights battle. I hear you - "first blacks, then women, what next...transgendered seagulls...yuck yuck"

Yes, Tom, slavery has been over for a long time. But actual "slavery" is not everything. There are certainly many people in America whose grand-parents, and even parents, were lynched, perhaps for eyeing a white woman the "wrong" way. It takes a while to get over those things, and even longer for the country as a whole to completely shed itself of the feelings that led to such things. Is a black high school student today more likely to get suspended from a mostly white southern school for saying a lewd comment to a white girl than a white student making the same comment would? Are you saying this sort of thing does not happen? And if it is happening it needs to be stopped, by heavy handed means if necessary. Zero tolerance for such BS.

And what you say is exactly what people of color want...for everybody to treat everybody the same. You have mocked the "pie-in-the-sky" dreams liberals have about coexisting, yet here you seem to be claiming that is what is already happening - that people are not being treated unfairly anywhere.

Yo say "Just go out and get a job", when there have been many documented cases that blacks, all else being equal, do not get the same treatment as white applicants. There is a previous post attesting to just this.

"Start a business" With what, daddy's millions, like Trump, and so many other pampered, rich because they were born so, and getting richer with dishonest schemes that screw the poor. I am not saying that these is true for all business people, or even most. But the country has discovered that it does not take many to screw things up for almost everybody.

Everyone competing fairly is a wonderful notion. Wouldn't that be coexisting?

Anonymous said...

How about that picture Tom posted of a girl complaining about her daddy losing a job (ok for a child to do perhaps, but a more mature person would be thankful that now their daddy won't die of black lung at a young age)

So what does she do? Ask for some white privilege.

Asking for white privilege? That is the message Tom is trying to give us? Ask for white privilege instead of buckling down, accepting the fact that some jobs are screwing up things for many others, and to not be so damn self-centered, and to accept your job loss and "just go out and get a job" or "start a business" instead of whining about not having white privilege.

Anonymous said...

Here are some common misconceptions about White Privilege explained from

1) "I grew up poor, and I've had plenty of struggles. I never felt privileged."

White privilege doesn't entail that you've necessarily lived a life of luxury and serenity — that would more accurately be a conversation about class privilege. White privilege, rather, is about the benefits and boosts, obvious and opaque, that society affords you simply as a function of your whiteness.

2) "There are a lot of blanks who are succesful, so white privilege must not exist"

Yes, many blacks are uccessful, but that doesn't mean they won't be eyed warily when out walking at night, because those kinds of prejudices aren't about context, they're about color. Rich blacks may be more privileged than you in countless ways, sure, but white privilege is one thing you have that they never will.

3) "I never owned slaves." Sound familiar, Tom?

But what does that have to do with white privilege? The leg-up persists. Even setting aside the incredible boost early America received from millions of entirely unpaid slaves, consider what decades of enslavement and subsequent racist oppression means for a community. Basically, to use a popular metaphor, you got a head-start in a race, and you've been leading for years, while black Americans are trying to catch up with their shoelaces tied together. That's why programs like affirmative action exist, and moreover, why they're a moral necessity.

4) People are just yelling racism" Again - familiar?

First of all, when somebody says you have white privilege, they aren't calling you a racist. Rather, they're saying that you benefit from societal and historical racism. It's why I can get pulled over and escape a ticket with a polite smile and an earnest-sounding apology. It's why I can smoke marijuana, in public even, with little fear of reprisal. It's why I don't have to worry about people assuming, without having truly met me, that I'm angry, lazy, threatening, or a criminal malcontent. That doesn't mean I'm a racist, it just means that I'm awash in the same, centuries-old systems of white supremacy as everyone else. The only way to really get this one wrong is to deny that white privilege exists.

Anonymous said...

Never had a problem with racism or black people until I moved to DC in the 90s. There, I had my first introduction to the deep hatred of white people by blacks. Since then - the hatred of whites by non-whites just gets worse and worse with each year that passes. Now - blacks are openly racist and harassing toward whites and in many situations are protected from any retribution or consequences for this by the government. I no longer have any black friends and I avoid all non-whites like the plague. I'm no fool. This is all about forcing power and money from whites to non-whites. This has nothing to do with racism by whites and everything to do with the hatred of whites by non-whites.

Brian said...

"I no longer have any black friends and I avoid all non-whites like the plague."

At least you are open about being a racist. Well, not quite, as you posted Anonymously (kind of like a Klansman in a sheet)

Brian said...

Here is some timely news that came out today. A report just came out stating that the Chicago police have shown a long, systematic pattern of racism which which was backed up by "devastating statistics". It was shown that blacks were "stopped without justification, verbally and physically abused, arrested and detained without counsel" by police, over and over again.

But the notion that blacks in schools could also be targeted is scoffed at?

How about it, Tom? Do you think these people are sick of having about race this, and race that brought into everything?

Peter said...

This whole argument may boil down to fundamental beliefs in what this country was founded on, and what we should be fighting for. To me, the most important concept in the founding of the USA, was that we were all created equal. We had distanced ourselves from Kings, and the royalty that dictated how things are done, and purposely kept a working class/slave segment of society. Called "Untouchables" elsewhere, called many nasty names here but treated unequally everywhere. Her we separated and created a government where all, equally, had a say in how to run things, no matter our differences, our religions, or our wealth. I think the country was founded on the concept of a small federal government that should butt in as little as possible and only in crucial matters, but making sure that this concept was not erased.

With this in mind, do I think it is "heavy handed" to step in and make sure that people are being treated equal, in, of all places a public school, where curious young minds are watching? I don't see that the USA was founded on any matter more crucial. We are all equal, but able to distinguish ourselves by our actions, by our perseverance and our wits. Not by climbing the social ladder by selfishly stomping all over others, who are lower on the rungs of society for the most part, because of uncontrollable childhood conditions, and how much money and influence they had inherited)

Don't be blind to the overwhelming evidence, some cited here, that many people still, despite slavery being over, are being treated unequally due to race. How can you possible believe otherwise, do you really think we are "coexisting", with no one being treated unfair?

So if that is what our government is used for, then fine, let it fight for equality, something worth fighting for.


Anonymous said...

Are you losing the debate?

Just shout "He called me racist!" which ends the debate and allows you to pretend you've won.

Anonymous said...
But it's not her fault! It's the micro aggression of cultural appropriation by white males!
Furthermore, her guilt is to be dismissed because America uses video cameras
"for her safety" in the hot bed of violent campus rape....or something.

I can't tell if snowflake was immediately arrested for assault and battery, IMMEDIATELY
barred from campus, and any potential creditors notified. Haven't gone through the entire list of commentary there at InstaPundit, but they tend to be of a higher level of reasoning than...say....AOL.
Trigger Warning: The host of InstaPundit is white, male, well versed in law, married to ANOTHER hetero academic, and they both intended to "keep" their spawn.
so...mansplaining...or something.

GenWTF said...

But it's not the prerogative of the doormouse! It's the macro submission of antiquated aggressions by purple jesters!
Furthermore, her submission is to be pre-evaluated because "Candid Cmaera" uses video cameras"
for the "giggles" in the cold depths of sweet Main Street panhandling....or whatever.

I can't tell if snowflakes immediately evaporate on touchdown, or I IMMEDIATELY
lose vision, and any endangered debtors ignored. Haven't gone "under" the partial list of commentary there at CrackPot, but they tend to be of a lower level of reasoning than...say....or not say....or perhaps.....TGIF.
Muppet Warning: The frog on seseme street is green, male, well versed in piggie behavior, married to ANOTHER species, and they both intend to "keep" the thing that results from their activities.
so...mancellent...or mancited....or something.