Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Has Everyone Gone Crazy?

“If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…” was a tool Rudyard Kipling used to measure a man in the early 20th century. I think he’d agree that in the 21st century, it has gotten much harder. A few examples:

One — The “smartest guy ever to become president” is pushing a peace agreement with Iran, the biggest terrorist nation on earth. We’re about to release $150 billion Iran will use to perpetrate even more terrorism against us and our allies. Our wicked-smart president tells us not to worry when over a million Iranians chant “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!” because they don’t really mean it. Iranian leaders promise to “wipe Israel off the map” but they don’t mean that either.

Two — A local Maine daily showed a picture of a woman with a buzz cut and wide eyes with a confused and profoundly troubled expression. A sane person senses immediately she’s mentally ill and she’d just been arrested for murder. As the Portland Press Herald reported it:

Police said MacCalister saw Wendy Boudreau [her victim] in the parking lot and followed her into the store. In the ice cream aisle, he grabbed Boudreau from behind and slit the woman’s throat, Kennedy wrote. Others in the store then responded to screams. Alexandra Gogos, who works in the Shaw’s bakery, ran to the scene and tried to stop Boudreau’s bleeding. Gogos asked MacCalister, “Why? Why did you do this?”
MacCalister replied, “She looked at me funny.”
Another witness who responded to Boudreau’s screams, Benjamin Williams, also asked MacCalister, “Why?”
“I’m off my meds,” he said. “She looked at me wrong.”

Victim Wendy Boudreau
I feel bad for Boudreau’s family, of course, and for MacCalister as well. She’s haunted by mental illness, but the saddest part is how the media call her “he.” MacCalister “presents” as a man, so we’re all expected to go along, even when we consider her sexual confusion another dimension of her mental illness. If she “presented” as Napoleon, would the media then call her “Emperor”?

The York County sheriff said he can’t decide whether to house MacCalister with men or women. I have some advice for him: Your instincts tell you MacCalister is a woman, sheriff. Trust them. Don’t let the PC Thought Police convince you that you’re wrong or you’ll become just as crazy as they are.
Prosthetics for UK prisoners

Three — That’s already happened to jailers in the UK. They have to call men “Miss” when male prisoners are sexually confused, or pretending to be. Such prisoners are also to be provided with prosthetic breasts and prosthetic female genitalia they can strap on. While normal prisoners are required to wear prison uniforms, “inmates who wish to transgender may wear high heels, lingerie, dresses, wigs, make-up, nail polish, suits and ties, and other body coverings as well as,” according to gendertrender.wordpress.com and the UK Telegraph. Do you suppose some of those cons could be con artists? UK taxpayers must also fund “gender re-assignment” surgery and hormone treatments. Massachusetts taxpayers are too in that very blue state to our south. Our colleges and universities — schools at all levels — are teaching that “gender” is fluid and can change on a whim, also with our tax money.

All of which reminds me of another British thinker, George Orwell, who pointed out that: “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.”

Four — All this craziness is having an effect. In the UK, for instance, the International Business Times reports that half of 18-24 demographic say they’re not exclusively heterosexual, while those in older demographics have traditional tastes. This plays against the carefully constructed leftist narrative that “gay” people are born that way — which they insist is the case even though scientific evidence to support it is slim or none.
About 3500 students passed through my classroom during my 36-year teaching career, including my own children. I heard about their former classmates who had claimed to be homosexual in high school or college and lived that lifestyle. Sometimes I was surprised and sometimes I wasn’t, but then I learned several were wrong about their homosexuality and ultimately married people of the opposite sex. Now they’re happily raising families.
Five — Leftist members of our Supreme Court recently claimed to find a right for people of the same sex to marry in our Constitution and are imposing it nationwide — no matter that millions and millions of Americans believe homosexuality unnatural and sinful, along with every major religion on earth for millennia. Kim Davis, a clerk in Kentucky, refused to issue a marriage license to homosexuals on religious grounds and went to jail for it. Even though another clerk issued the license, Davis remains in jail at this writing.
Kipling also said you’re doing well when:

...you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken 
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, 
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, 
And stoop and build'em up with worn-out tools.


Brian said...

Hmmm, this perverted obsession with homosexuals makes one wonder....

Here is a list of political figures who were all extremely anti-gay with their public stance. They all have something in common. Hint: They lived very different private lives.

Ted Haggard
Larry Craig
Randy Boehning
Steve Wiles
George Rekers
Pastor Eddie Long
Troy King
Richard Curtis
Glenn Murphy Jr
David Dreier
David Barclay
Roy Ashburn
Ed Schrock
Robert Allen
Mark Foley

Seems like a list that our own Tom Mclaguhlin might belong?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, this perverted obsession with homosexuals makes one wonder....
You seem to have a very specific list of individuals "Brian".
I can generate another list of specific folks "in politics" who say one thing campaigning, and in interviews, and apparently "forget" the day after.
Were all those folks "anti gay" or simply anti gay special exemptions?
Trigger Warning: I freely make a discrimination between homosexual folk, and "Gay" political activists, drama queens, professional victims, and rent seekers.
Much like my discrimination between tax payers, and working social Justice warriors.

Eric Blair said...

The Iran deal is a no brainer. Despite what your Zionist media tells you, along with the Zionist owned congress. Aipac spent 150 million dollars trying to kill it through blatant lying via TV and Internet advertising. Netanyahu is wanted for war crimes in England by nearly 100,000 people. And the petition is circulating..The Zionists are desperate.....notice I said Zionist, not Jewish. Big difference. Their are brave Jews in Israel, and the U.S., that oppose this war momgering blood thirsty genocide machine and I applaud their courage. Israel refuses to sign the nonnproflieration treaty yet continue to play the "look over there"game. Iran doesn't want nukes. They aren't pursuing them and never will. Israelis armed to the teeth but refuses to acknowledge it!! And didnt Israeli "settlers" just burn a baby to death? Israel is drowning in lies and the rest of the world knows it. The growing bds movement is proof of that. Anywhere the media isn't controlled by Zionists the truth is told. Certainly not here. Aipac needs to register as a foreign agent too. Enough...by the way, who do you think is behind this lgb gay agenda here in America? ... I think it's time America focus on America. The bible thumping Zionist fantasy based on biblical bs is a farce. And congressmen who put Israel ahead of their own country need to be arrested for treason. Period.
I'm not sure you all care on iota about America anymore. Israel Israel,Israel...it's pathetic really.

And Orwell would certainly side with Palestine. Which you would know if you knew any thing about him...."war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength."

Brian said...

Oh, and how about Republican Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner with the anti- gay marriage rhetoric?!?

Brian said...

In case you need some studies on this:

Homophobes Might Be Hidden Homosexuals

Anti-gay Bias Linked to Lack of Awareness of One's Sexual Orientation and Authoritarian Parenting, Study Shows

Homophobic? Maybe You’re Gay

Rufus said...

Regarding Kim Davis...Tom believes it is alright to take an oath of office and then break it, and still expect to keep your job? "Sorry, my religion does not allow green-eyed people to get married".

Hank said...

Being bizarrely obsessed with homosexuality and feeling compelled to speak out against it does not necessarily mean that one is a closeted homo, it could just mean that they are a bitter, miserable A-hole.

Tom McLaughlin said...

I see the homo harpies and jew-haters are back. But I suspect there's just one of each posting under different names. I have a new stat counter, which I'll use to verify my suspicion, soon.

Calling me a repressed homosexual won't work any better than the usual epithets lefties hurl when they have no more arguments to make, like "racist, homophobe, bigot, misogynist, hater, etc.

You forgot to accuse me of being paid off by the Koch brothers.

Anonymous said...

"Their are brave Jews in Israel, and the U.S., that oppose this war momgering blood thirsty genocide machine..."
I think we've had a breakthrough here! In fairness, Freud DID say that (Para)"Sometimes a typo is just a typo." um...or something like that.
However, "In context" with the REST of such a critical thinking, rhetorical, "interpretation" of human nature, and "history"....

Mindful of my OWN sloppiness with typos, and MISERABLE failure with "preview", I probably ought to tread lightly here.

Eric Blair said...

How is being critical of Zionism equal to being a "Jew hater"? Seriously. It seems that's the common cop out defense when confronted with facts and truth. Zionisms influence on our media can be easily proven. And Israel's refusal to acknowledge their own nuclear arsenal is certainly cause for concern.
Not to mention there are many Jews who detest Zionism. And for good reason-----
Netanyahu is certifiable and the Jews know it.
Israel is indeed an apartheid state. That's a fact. But pointing that out somehow deems one an "anti-Semite" somehow. Which is obviously absurd and truly a desperate and transparent defense.

So I take offense to being a Jew hater when the issue at hand is Zionism, which, by the way, is supported rabidly by the evangelical Christians in this country.
How many of our corporate media outlets are controlled by zionists? Nearly all of them...time to connect dots....
And instead of addressing the facts you are going to resort to the "Stat counter"? Seems you may be afraid to debate this issue..
And Orwell, again, would be a supporter of Palestine. No question.

Brian said...

"Homo Harpies"

Nice! Got a good ring to it. I guess in the 60"s it would be "Darkie Harpie". An even better ring! I'm not sure what would ring truest for the supporters of those pesky "Fat Feminists" (an actual epithet used by Tom) who still try and fight for THEIR rights.

But anyway, did you come up with the "homo harpie" label yourself, or are you, as usual, simply regurgitating all the "anti-liberal" fodder that you can lap up?

Rational thought? Unbiased research? Science? Not being a sheep? Nope. Too busy checking out "Stat Counters". Whatever depths you gotta sink to in order to stop your critics from responding to you, huh? Whatever, Sherlock.

"racist", "homophobe", and "bigot" are epithets? They seem like adjectives to me. But I guess they are epithets in the same way that words like "liar", and "cheater" and "sadist" are. But simply facts, if true.

And I don't know, and I don't really care if you are a repressed homosexual or not. Whatever. Why YOU care, enough to actually persecute others, is beyond me.

And no, I know you are not bought off by the Koch brothers. You are a speck of nothing to them. You are simply one of their pawns who have bought into all the bullshit that has allowed them to "earn" their obscene wealth. You, paid off by them? You are actually paying them, as they make you squeal like a pig. Ugh, bad "Deliverance" reference. Sorry, most of this is just me having fun with you. I know, from your more personal columns, that you aren't all bad.

But wow, do you say goofy stuff.

Frostproof said...

"But wow, do you say goofy stuff." Pot ... kettle ... Brian has cornered the market on tinfoil.

If the choice is between a crazy Zionist and a crazy Islamist, I choose the former. If you choose the latter, it's a free country ... until your choice takes over.

Eric Blair said...

Choosing the Zionist is choosing a genocidal murderer. How many babies have Islamists murdered lately? Speaking of which, what was that zionists sentence for baby murder? Oh, you didn't hear about the baby murdering settler? Golly, I wonder why? Wouldn't have anything to do with media control...The Islamist also wouldn't have nukes. The Zionist would. How many no one knows.. Do you have any idea of the power and influence the Zionist lobby has in this country? The power in Hollywood, media? Compare that to the Islamists power over information and culture creation.....then get back to us....you know you can think for yourself too....

Israel is treating Isis wounded. Iran is not. Iran is fighting Isis. Israel is using Isis ( and helped create them, along with us)

The irony here is the mention of Orwell. Think 1984 and it directly applies. War is peace freedom is slavery ignorance is strength...you Zionist apologists get your info straight from the ministry of truth, huh? You seem to love sending brave American men and women to the Middle East to fight Israel's enemies for them...

Check out: ifamericansonlyknew.org

Anonymous said...

via; Hot Air
Trigger Warning: NOT google, wikipedia, facebook, OR twitter.
(seek your chosen American media safe zone before linking)
"Unexpectedly" -ifamericansonlyknew.org- Jew Hater site, with "select" (questionable) data.

Lest we forget: the suffix -phobia means an IRRATIONAL fear or hatred.

Tom McLaughlin said...

The appellation "homo harpie" is mine Brian, and yes, I still use "fat feminists." I may have thought that one up too but I cannot be sure. It's been a long time. Alliteration comes easily to me, though I did not make up "limousine liberals." Wish I had.

Eric Blair said...

Haha, sorry private dmo but ifamericansonlyknew is based solely on statistics, facts and figures. Hard to refute that huh? But please go ahead and prove your assertions of questionable data.....But, predictably the banal cry of "jew hater" is your only, pathetic, defense...laughable if it weren't so treasonous...
And..."left"?. Sorry but I don't believe in either of the two factions. Just like our forefathers.

You have been brainwashed for so long you believe the lies, despite the facts...and apparently you condone the burning of babies...good for you. And support apartheid...again, good for you...

And you'd do well to remember the five dancing Israelis detained on this anniversary of 9/11. And what was it bibi said of this day 14 years ago? Something like "this will benefit Israel"... Hmm...

Oh, and as stated numerous times...Zionism has absolutely nothing to do with Judaism. I love my Jewish brothers and sisters. As well as my Christian, Muslim and Buddhist brothers.

And please inform us all which media outlets are owned by Palestinians. And also what, again, is the Palestinian equivalent to aipac? I forget?