Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Progressive Fruits

“Death to America! Death to America!” shouted a million Iranians in the capital square. Every year they would gather to chant, and every year I would show film clips to my students. It was always instigated by Iran’s government in a country that calls itself “The Islamic Republic of Iran,” which, I’m sure, President Obama would insist has nothing to do with Islam as he negotiates with the ayatollahs.
My teaching ran directly counter to what was being taught in the vast majority of American public school classrooms. Most American students hear that Islam is a religion of peace. A majority of the world’s muslims are peaceful, most teachers claim. About the latter, they are correct. About the former? Fourteen hundred years of history gives lie to any assertion that Islam is a religion of peace. Yes, it was relatively peaceful between the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in 1918 to the Iranian revolution in 1979, but in virtually every other period since about 600 AD, Islam has been anything but.
But I was an anachronism. Those calling themselves Progressives have been in charge of education in America at all levels for almost two generations and the results are coming in. During the span of just two days I read about the following:
Students at the University of California at Irvine voted to ban the American flag in a portion of campus because they want to be “inclusive.” I figured: Oh well, that’s California — the left coast — the land of fruits and nuts — run yet again by Jerry “Governor Moonbeam” Brown. No big deal. Par for the course.
Then a dean at Cornell University was asked by an undercover conservative posing as a Moroccan student if he would welcome ISIS on campus. “Sure,” he said. Then he was asked if the “student” could invite “a freedom fighter [from ISIS] to come and do like a training camp for students.” And the response? “You would be allowed to do something like that. It’s just like bringing in a coach, to do a training, a sports trainer or something,” said the dean. Perhaps the dean doesn’t know that ISIS is at war with western civilization - which isn’t a required course anymore at Cornell, or at 86% of all other American universities either. Students at Cornell are instead required to take a course in a non-western culture.
Then Meredith Shiner, a reporter at Yahoo News, commented on Senator Ted Cruz’s announcement that he was running for president, by tweeting: “Bizarre [for you, Senator Cruz] to talk about how rights are God-made and not man-made in your speech announcing a POTUS bid? When Constitution was man-made?”
Hmm. Shiner graduated from Duke University, worked at Roll Call and Politico before Yahoo News, yet she’s a progressive who clearly doesn’t know much. She doesn’t know, for instance, that the concept of God-given rights isn’t in our Constitution. It comes from our Declaration of Independence, which was written shortly after the “shot heard ’round the world” was fired in Lexington, Massachusetts. But things have changed even there. After students at Lexington High School voted a theme of  “American Pride” for a school dance, their progressive school administrators cancelled it because it excluded other nationalities. “People consider America to be a melting pot, so the fact that it was even considered offensive is what people are a little surprised about,” said student Sneha Rao. I’m not surprised. That’s progressive education in action.
This was a little closer to home. I grew up less than twenty miles from Lexington. Yes, I know it’s in Massachusetts, sometimes referred to as “The People’s Republic of Massachusetts” and it’s a famously progressive state like California, but still. American pride is offensive? In America? What have we become?
Fryeburg Academy

Even closer to home, I read that a lacrosse coach at Fryeburg Academy was encouraged to resign because he posted a letter on his Facebook page. This guy coached some of my former students. The Conway Daily Sun reported: “The letter, written by ‘An American Citizen’ was about Obama’s speech given in Cairo in 2009 [in which he] said that Islam has long been a part of American history.” The letter goes on to criticize Islam, saying Muslims are still the largest traffickers in human slavery, which the US State Department reported in 2009. It claims Muslims were allied with Hitler in World War II, which they certainly were. Hitler’s Mein Kampf remains a best seller in Turkey and across the Middle East. In Arabic, it’s called “My Jihad.” My former students know all this.
The letter claims Muslims were either silent on or pleased with the September 11th attacks. That’s dismaying, but also absolutely true. For years I showed students video of Muslims dancing in the streets of East Jerusalem, which progressive mainstream media outlets quickly squashed. Visiting there in 2005, I was advised by my Palestinian guide not to leave the hotel by myself — because it wasn’t safe for Americans.
The Sun reported that although Coach Lees was to meet with top administrators about the letter, “athletic director Sue Thurston told him a decision to fire him had already been made,” so he resigned. Unless there was something more damning in “the letter” than the Sun reported, it looks like Fryeburg Academy officials should bone up on the history of Islam.


Anonymous said...

"Most American students hear that Islam is a religion of peace".
Why do you write such drivel and lies?

Anonymous said...

"Most American students hear that Islam is a religion of peace".

If that is the case, then why is the US so full of islamophobic aholes like yourself?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to go with the man who's been in the "industry" for quite some time, and affixes his name,credentials,resume,(unlike myself) and subsequent integrity, on this.
Even 50(*ahem* or so) years ago
we were taught about the Marine Corps, and pirates, with no further explaination.
No mention (ie)how Persia, land of those cool kid's stories, came to go by the name Iran.
I wonder if the situation in Fryeburg (as reported by ONE medium-so far) is simply a reflection on current trends of infection in "higher" education?
"Activism" certainly seems to be supplanting "And that's the way it was...".
In fairness, "whitewashing" history is nothing new. Burning books, smashing "idols", disingenuous justification for barbary, "rights" and "fairness", and ESPECIALLY "Economics" all have a history, and apparently, future,with young impressionable folk, captured minds in mandatory attendance, at an ASTONISHING expense.
IMHO, the fired coach, of actual
(gasp) competitive sports, has enough community integrity capital to weather the blip.
I'm holding my breath to see if
"The Deciders"do as well in THEIR sphere of actual stake holders.
Let the brew ha ha begin.

Anonymous said...

If only this neocon wet dream Muslim fear porn were true. It isn't though. Facts destroy this ever increasing extremely desperate world view pushed by half witted bigots trying to fulfill PNAC fantasy.
Speaking of facts Osama bin laden was never, repeat never, officially wanted for 9/11. One more time, that's NEVER. Fact. And you call yourself an educator?
No Iranians were detained for 9/11. None. Yet another Fact.You know who was? Five Israelis seen dancing and celebrating the attacks as they happened. They were filming it too. Again, fact. ( and fifteen of the supposed hijackers were Saudi, so....)

Take some responsibility for the lies you peddle.

Anonymous said...

This from a guy who puts Israel
First and turns a blind eye to Israeli citizens in our congress.

History teacher? Haha.. Maybe your next blog entry should be about how it's legal for a citizen of Israel to serve in my congress!

I am so happy that this house of cards is about to fall. Your blog entries reek of desperation as you churn out lie after lie trying to justify endless war, war crimes and treason.
You and your kind will be remembered as traitorous fools.

Mike LeBlanc said...

You can always tell when Tom strikes a nerve. The Anonymous clones crawl out from under their rocks - sorry - from under their sand dunes and strut their courageous stuff, always under the protection of internet anonymity.

The name Anonymous serves the same purpose as the ISIS ski-mask serves for the savages with their knives and cages - and for the same reason: deep, abiding cowardice.

This message provided courtesy of the 72-Virgin Dating Service. We will happily expedite your meeting with Allah.

Anonymous said...

Actually mike the "isis" ski masks are used because the "isis terrorists" are indeed Mossad.

Whenever you want to argue facts let me know.
All you have is lies and propaganda.

Time to put on the big boy pants mike

Anonymous said...

So mike please explain to us all why five Israelis were detained on 9/11 seen dancing and celebrating the collapse of the towers. They were arrested then held by the FBI only to be returned to Israel where they admitted on tel Aviv tv they were here to " document the event"

May want to consider a serious critique of what you hold as truth.

Your Muslim fear porn is easily shredded by reality and facts.

Cowardice mike!? Haha good one.

Big Joe said...

Who does vote for these dishonest shitheads? Who among us can be happy and proud of having all this innocent blood on our hands? Who are these swine? These flag-sucking half-wits who get fleeced and fooled by stupid little rich kids like George Bush? They are the same ones who wanted to have Muhammad Ali locked up for refusing to kill "gooks". They speak for all that is cruel and stupid and vicious in the American character. They are racists and hate mongers among us-they are the Ku Klux Klan. I piss down the throats of these Nazis. And I am too old to worry about whether they like it or not. F@@@ them.

Hunter thompson

Anonymous said...

Hey mike-- instead of whining and deflecting how about dispute the facts presented. Oh that's right. You can't.

Nice try...

audrey said...

Most of the above comments prove that our country is in very serious trouble. Will the liberals and so-called progressives wake up before its too late? Tom, replies to these people aren't worth your time.

Anonymous said...

Not so sure "audrey",
I'm STILL torn between "Progressive Fruits" being a boarderline bit of so-called "hate" speach (FORBIDDEN, by SOME). or a clever nod, and ALWAYS self fulfilling, prophesy "sandbaging", to Mathew 7:16! (ALSO forbidden, by SOME)
And no, I'm NOT inviting a frenzied "search-and-destroy" battle over disingenuous "finding" of contradictory "interpretations".

Anonymous said...

Audrey, actually tom likes to remain silent when confronted with real facts. It kinda makes it hard to peddle lies and propaganda as truth.
Examples? Five dancing Israelis on 9/11. Never heard if em? Not surprised. They were seen dancing and celebrating the towers as they burned. Then were arrested. Then Detained by the FBI. All true. Start connecting dots.. Not one Iranian, Palestinian etc. was arrested on that day. Not one. Then research the isreali instant messaging service that sent messages to subscribers to not go to work at thee towers that day. Again, fact. Or Larry Silversteins admission that bldg 7 was "pulled". Not to mention the billions, yes billions he made on insurance from the towers. Another fact. And him laden was NEVER wanted for 9/11!! Fact!! Duh! Enough lies!

After awhile these things stop being coincidence..
Tom deals in propaganda and lies. The same ones shamelessly pushed by corporate media. It's fear mongering..It is that simple.
He obviously has never read the federalist papers and ignores the constitution to suit his needs.
There is no greater danger to this country then the Zionist Christian war mongering fools.
Merely look at the latest Netanyahu love fest by the traitorous congress. Imagine the founding fathers reaction to such egregious breaches of protocol. Not to mention the blatant lying about Israel's war crimes.

When you consider aipac owns congress, along with corporations, where does that leave us? Look what happens when one tries to call out the dual citizens who work in our govt! ( again imagine what the founding fathers would say about having A citizen from another country in our govt!)

Anytime you want to debate reality and facts bring it.

Anonymous said...

Are you scared? A coward? Address the facts presented regarding 9/11! The dancing Israelis, ogio messaging, and Larry Silversteins comments and payout. These are all documented facts. I know, kinda scary when reality confronts you isn't it?

You do realize we can all access info on the web right? As a result your posts merely mock mainstream media lies.

Anonymous said...

You have stated Osama Bin Laden was wanted for 9/11. He was NOT in fact wanted for 9/11. Yet another fact. Documented fact. So are you going to print an apology? Acknowledge your mistake? Have any integrity at all?