Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mainstream Media Racism

Our liberal Mainstream Media (MSM) has few qualms about stoking racial resentment. For example, we all know who the late Rodney King was. Why? Because we were bombarded with reports of his beating by members of the Los Angeles Police Department. Having seen the video countless times as every other American over forty has, I’m persuaded the police were much more violent than the situation seems to have called for - beating King with a nightstick after he was prone and kicking him as well. That’s very difficult to justify. Their acquittal led to the worst black riots in LA history, killing 53 people, injuring 2383, starting 7000 fires, damaging 3100 businesses, and numerous black racist assaults against whites and Koreans.

We all know who Trayvon Martin was too. Why? Because we’ve been bombarded with coverage of his death. We’ve seen countless images of him as a sweet, 12-year-old boy with soft eyes who died after buying some iced tea and Skittles. We’ve been told that his killer, George Zimmerman, is a “white Hispanic” racist who killed the sweet little kid because of he was black and he was wearing a “hoodie.” Later, it emerged that Trayvon was six foot three, was on suspension from school for drug offenses when he was killed, and had earlier been in possession of burglary tools and a bag of women’s jewelry. He also had a Twitter account on which he called himself “NO_LIMIT_N***A” (without the asterisks). He’d evidently claimed to have assaulted a bus driver on this account and chose a more recent picture of himself looking anything but the sweet little boy with skittles. You won't see it in the Mainstream Media though. Are any pictures available showing George Zimmerman as a nice young man? Probably, but you won't see those either.

The facts of the King case have been thoroughly aired, but not so the Martin case. That the MSM chooses to magnify some information about that unfortunate killing that serves their agenda and ignore other information that contradicts it is the problem. News anchors like Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, Scott Pelley, and their ilk on CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, etc. would be indignant with the opening statement of this column and deny it vehemently, but it’s nonetheless true. They so over-report or sensationalize white-on-black crimes and so under-report or ignore black-on-white crimes, that Americans of all races get distorted views of what’s really happening out there.

More than 90% of blacks are killed by other blacks, but the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson don’t show up to protest those killings. Why not? Because they make their livings propagating the notion that young black men are under siege by a white power structure and not their own malignant subculture. In this, they’re assisted by the MSM who smugly think they know best what Americans should hear about and not hear about. Sharpton has his own show.Black-on-white crimes outnumber white-on-black crimes by a wide margin. According to Heather MacDonald writing in National Review Online:

There were two and a half times as many white and Hispanic victims of black killers in 2009 as there were black victims of white and Hispanic killers, even though the black population is one-sixth that of whites and Hispanics combined.

If you relied only on the MSM for your understanding of the problem, however, you’d likely conclude that it’s white racists who kill the most blacks. Young black men are far more dangerous to other young black men than white racists, but that’s not what the MSM depicts. And why is that? Because it doesn’t fit the collective world-view of the coastal, urban, elite, liberal, cocktail-party set that comprises the MSM. When Senator Barack Obama described red-state America as comprised of people who “get bitter and they cling to guns or religion, or antipathy towards people who aren’t like them as a way to explain their frustrations,” he mirrored MSM condescension toward the broad middle of America. He was speaking to elite liberals in Marin County. To them, we’re ignorant rubes. We’re not as sophisticated as they are, so we can’t possibly understand that we are the problem. Young black male killers? They’re our victims. If MSM reporters really want to look for racists, they'll find more looking in the mirror.

Making things worse, young black men see the same skewed MSM reports and believe them. As a result, many feel justified when they target whites, Jews, or Asians. Some sing about it and the Hollywood elite glorifies their (c)rap “music” with televised award ceremonies. They even get invited to the White House.
The Mainstream Media are steadily losing audience share because they’re not the only show in town anymore. Americans are getting more balanced reports from alternative sources which reflect more accurately what they see around them, and that’s going to continue. Meanwhile, we’ll just have to deal with the widely-held misperceptions resulting from decades of skewed MSM reporting.


Dan Marion said...

Fox is just as bad only in the other direction. MSM has no middle ground anymore. Kinda pathetic.

Texas Transplant said...

Tom, I think you should update your comments from readers. Whether they approve or disapprove of your views, the ones that are posted are becoming a bit tired. On another note, I find myself agreeing with what you wrote today. I have so little respect for the mainstream media's ability to report in an unbiased fashion that I find myself avoiding the so-called "news" whether TV, radio or written. It requires great concentration to find the truth amid the welter of distortions and political pandering.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many newspapers will pick this column up? I hope you will take that as a complement Tom. I am usually not so generous with your comments.

Mr. Smith said...

The media outlets in this country are owned by six corporations. period. Just like the fake two party paradigm the "news" is also a work of dichotomy.
But......Wait for it comes.......Its ALL B.S.!!
Hello!!!! You are apparently proud to be played by the corporate/banker cartel! You even write about it! Hey, here's a hint--they want the exact reaction you've written! Stay stuck in your racist antiquated shallow point of view. They love it. Rather than broach real topics that are ruining this country----fast and furious, NDAA, the unconstitutional federal reserve, the banskters, etc. etc. you rant about race, abortion and other non sense that distracts rather than informs.....You are not helping.

Ever consider your wrong? You've been lied too? It seems your ego can't take the hit...Get over it and use this column to wake people up rather than exercise your insecurities.

Tom McLaughlin said...

Thanks Texas Transplant. I would, but I'm not sure how. It's HTML stuff involving Facebook. I did it but I'm not sure I can undo it.

I'll try again soon. Hope I don't screw it all up again.

Mrs. Paul said...

The Conway Daily Sun is part of the MSM, Mr. McLaughlin. Would you categorize the paper you write for as part of the liberal media?

Anonymous said...

Perpetuating the lie. There is no such thing as a liberal media. nor a right wing media conspiracy. As Smith said above there are six corporations that own the major media outlets. Six. That's it. No hyperbole or lies in that fact.
That said, all it takes is a little critical thinking and some common sense to see the "media" in this country is a pathetic joke. They shill for whomever there corporate bosses tell them too. They spread disinformation rather than attempt real journalism.
What's worse is that they have split the media into two camps---left and right--which is truly absurd as the two party system promotes extremely limited thinking and is a complete failure (not to mention the founding fathers warned against the very idea). But the morons that populate this country would rather play pretend than actually attain freedom and liberty.
There are only ever two solutions to a problem i guess? Wow......

Care to respond?

Tom McLaughlin said...

Mrs. Paul:
I write for other papers and web sites as well. The Conway Sun is a local paper. To the extent that it channels AP stories and syndicated columnists, it's part of the MSM. Both The Associated Press and the syndicated columnists usually picked have liberal bias.

Local stories tend to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal. The local columnists tend to be liberal, including Marvel, Howe, and Bruce. I'm the only conservative regular. Dan Morgenstern is an occasional columnist and he's convervative.

There's another local paper nearby - the Weirs Times - which seems to have a conservative bias in the columnists they choose to print, but I don't get that paper regularly.

Anonymous claims I'm simplistic when I describe issues from a left/right perspective. I think he/she is simplistic describing all media as corporate shills. Nobody tells me what to write about or how. Papers and web sites either choose to run my column or choose not to.

There's a marketplace of ideas out there and we all have to compete - yourself included.

George Fogg said...

Hang in there Tom! I like your conservative writings a lot. Never pay any attention to those who remain anonymous.