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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Sargent Schultz Routine

The arrest of abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell at his grisly Philadelphia abortuary “wasn’t about abortion.” Feminists and other liberals insist there’s no association and if you say there is, you’re a hateful, misogynist bigot who would deny women their constitutional rights.

Gosnell and others are charged with murdering seven babies by cutting their spines with surgical scissors. Clinic workers familiar with Gosnell’s habits testified to the grand jury that he killed hundreds of babies by this method or just by “slitting their necks.” He’d been doing this for decades and would be still if federal agents hadn’t burst into his clinic. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer: “The investigation began last February, after federal and state drug agents and Philadelphia police raided the clinic at 3801 Lancaster Avenue on suspicion that Gosnell was illegally dispensing narcotic painkillers. (The federal drug-trafficking investigation is ongoing.) What they found, according to the report, was ‘filthy, deplorable, and disgusting’: Blood on the floor. The stench of urine. Cat feces on the stairs. Semi-conscious women moaning in the waiting or recovery rooms, covered with blood-stained blankets. Broken equipment. Blocked or locked exits.”

Abuses at the clinic were reported over and over for decades, but regulatory agencies ignored them. For some macabre purpose, Gosnell preserved amputated feet of the babies he killed. There were lines of them on shelves throughout the “clinic.” Investigators found little corpses in freezers. One worker at the clinic said Gosnell tried to joke as a baby squirmed while he cut its throat saying it acted like a chicken with its head cut off. How could abortion clinic inspectors fail to act all those years? The Sargent Shultz routine of politically-correct liberals in government and the mainstream media for whom abortion is sacrosanct: “I see nothing. I know nothing.”

If you can believe abortion Doctor Gosnell isn’t about abortion, you can believe radical Muslim Doctor Malik Hasan shooting forty-three US soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas while shouting “Allahu Akbar!” wasn’t about Islam. Liberals insisted fifteen months ago when the massacre occurred that there was no association. If you still insist there was, you’re an intolerant, hateful, racist, Islamophobic bigot. The denial reached absolutely unbelievable proportions. According to a report by US Senators Joseph Lieberman and Susan Collins, the federal government knew Hasan exchanged emails regularly with radical imam Anwar Al Awlaki of al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula and ignored it. Fellow officers knew of his radical Muslim beliefs because he was anything but secretive about them, but he was not arrested. He was not imprisoned. He was not courtmartialed. No. He was promoted! He was actually promoted by politically-correct, multicultural officers afraid of giving offense to a Muslim. We’re talking about our senior military here in a state of war with radical Islam. If we’re afraid even of offending them, how are we going to defeat them?

As the Lieberman/Collins report puts it: "The officers who kept Hasan in the military and moved him steadily along knew full well of his problematic behavior . . . They collectively had sufficient information to have detected Hasan's radicalization to violent Islamic extremism but failed both to understand and to act on it.”

Are you with me so far? Okay. Let’s take it one step further. If you can believe Dr. Gosnell isn’t about abortion and Dr. Hasan isn’t about Islam, then you’ll also believe that hundreds of homosexual priests raping thousands of altar boys for decades wasn’t about homosexuality. If you still believe it was, you’re a hateful, homophobic bigot. In spite of report after report after report that upwards of forty percent of Catholic priests were homosexual and 85% of their victims were adolescent boys, the mainstream media outlets like The Boston Globe, which broke the story, insist homosexuality had nothing to do with it.

Abortion, multiculturalism, homosexuality. Are there three more sacred cows in politically-correct America? I don’t think so. Whenever they report on these things, we can expect our mainstream media’s Sargent Shultz routine to continue for as long as most Americans remain willing to accept it.

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Anonymous Irregardless NH said...

"If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament."

Florynce Kennedy (1916-2000)

2/9/11, 8:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom, I am having trouble finding where in the story the Boston Globe insists that homosexuality has nothing to do with priests abusing boys. I did see the comment that "being gay has nothing to do with pedophilia", which is a fact because it is also a problem among heterosexuals. But surely that can't be what you were referring to because that is much different than saying being gay has nothing to do with men abusing boys. That obviouslu DOES have something to do with being gay, just like a male adult raping a girl has to do with heterosexuality.

I would hate to think you msinterpreted the Globe article and are spreading false information, or worse yet, are just making things up. Thanks.

2/9/11, 9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This had nothing to do with this doctor being a sick, twisted bastard, it has EVERYTHING to do with abortion. Because crazy people don't do these sick things, abortion does.

Remember that nurse who murdered several people by injection and almost killed many more because he loved the thrill of trying to resuscitate them...that was all about NURSING.

2/9/11, 9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It should come as no surprise that the corporately owned media tells you what they want you to hear. They would rather we spend our time debating emotional topics like abortion while they are busy raping our constitution. Also, abortion is legal and while I am quite pleased that I will never have to face that decision it is not my right to take it away from someone else.

The Fort Hood incident speaks for itself. This guy was an obvious shill set up by the military! It couldn't be more obvious...

Priests and little boys about homosexuality? Well, does it really matter? I would suspect some homosexual behavior, but to categorize it all as homosexual is again irresponsible... Twisted hypocritical and evil? Sure.

So your miffed that the media in this country, which owned by the corporations, isn't giving you the straight dope on these issues? Maybe it's because such emotionally charged issued only serve to keep two sides endlessly arguing. Meanwhile things like the patriot act get passed. These are subjective non-issues. Abortion is legal, the gov't is in the business of perpetuating wars and will do anything necessary to keep at it, and the catholic church is a corrupt hypocritical institution.

2/9/11, 12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You, have presented those that you hate in the worst possible light. While I personally am uncomfortable with the idea of abortion, it is so far, a legal act. There are many of these 'sacred cows' as you call them that lead quiet lives and never bother or hurt anyone and handle themselves in a sane civilized manner. What is your position on folks who bomb abortion clinics and kill because they dont agree with what is being done or dont like someones sexual orientation or skin color or religious belief. When all is said and done we are a multicultural society and that is part of what makes us great. Lets not paint them all with the same broad brush.

2/9/11, 3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

abortion, multiculturalism and homosexuality.

Who cares???? (not to mention the examples used in the article refer to insane people acting accordingly--no more)

More relevant topics, ones that actually affect our lives, are things like health care (every tax payer should be entitled) excessive tax, and the promotion of unfounded war for profit--just to name a few.

Want an abortion? Go ahead, don't care.
Want to be gay? Good for you..Don't care.

2/9/11, 4:53 PM  
Anonymous DAWN said...

Good Grief! Talk about blinders. What? Are they selling them 10/$1at the corner store?

I was just listening on the radio a few days ago about a nurse who helped perform these abortions for years. Didn't bother her in the least even when she went thru two pregnancies of her own. She said it was NEVER about the was ALWAYS about the women. Until...

One day one particular baby fought for his/her life in such a way she knew it was wrong. She said this baby did everything instinctively it could to stay alive. She knew then she could never do this again.

She never went public for a long time until whoever was behind the clinic tried to put a restraining order on her not to speak out against it. She said she had no intention of doing so but because of that restraining order things did get out and now her story is out and that's how I heard it on the radio.

Of course all evil is done in the darkness. That's why blinders are so in fashion today...people are lovers of darkness.

hmmm I wonder who said that?

2/9/11, 7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

"While I personally am uncomfortable with the idea of abortion, it is so far, a legal act. There are many of these 'sacred cows' as you call them that lead quiet lives and never bother or hurt anyone and handle themselves in a sane civilized manner."
"When all is said and done we are a multicultural society and that is part of what makes us great."

That's what One German Soccer mom said to another about the Holocaust while they raised their hands to pay homage to Hitler as he drove by at the Nazi Rally

2/9/11, 10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Abortion, multiculturalism, homosexuality. Are there three more sacred cows in politically-correct America? I don’t think so. Whenever they report on these things, we can expect our mainstream media’s Sargent Shultz routine to continue for as long as most Americans remain willing to accept it."

Yes, and the only other thing I would add is the so-called war on drugs. The mainstream media's coverage of this "war" is laughable.

2/9/11, 11:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well anonymous you are going to have to do better than "One German Soccer Mom said". Were you there? Did you actually hear it? What a bunch of nonsense. Give us a break.

2/10/11, 2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No defense on the distortion of the Globe surprise.

Spin is more important than truth, eh Tom?

2/11/11, 8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

"Well anonymous you are going to have to do better than "One German Soccer Mom said". Were you there? Did you actually hear it? What a bunch of nonsense. Give us a break."

Why do I feel like this is throwing pearls to swine....but OK Skippy, here goes. Think about it, using your logic you say that even though you personally disagree with it, it's the law of the land so "Se-la vie" (probably spelled wrong). And that we live in a Multicultural land so like Rodney King would say; Why can't we all get along? With me so far?

Hypothetically speaking, what if I could convince 51% of the American people and 51% of the Legislature that you were undesirable and therefore less than human and passed a law to allow people to kill you and your family. Would that be OK and if not then Why?

Also, what if me as your neighbor stood by and said; "Well, personally I'm against that and I would never do it but it's the law of the land and hey, we live in a multicultural society and therefore we all need to just get along". What would you think of me, and why?

The key word here is "Human Being".

Black, White, Green, Gay, Straight, Male, Female, Trans-sexual, Born, unborn, ETC... we are human beings and we rely on "from the many-ONE" that we supposedly had here in this country to have that mentality of "We Got your back Brotha" because Not all of us act like Human beings and treat others as Human Beings. Rodney King would know both sides of that story wouldn't he....And we can plainly see how that whole fiasco blew up didn't it? Now, can you understand Tom's article?

2/13/11, 2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder how all of you so-called lovers of life justify unnecessary wars? Or the fact that this country could clothe and feed the poor of the world rather than invading nations for profit...All of those people you're scared of,and/or don't understand, or whom don't conform with your world view, are also human beings...I think its true freedom that scares you more than anything---the irony.

2/13/11, 8:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a dodge to a logical question bright boy. why don't you answer it for a change and come up with something original...I answered you. Your move SKIPPY

2/14/11, 11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best bumper stickers that I have ever seen were on one car on either side.
One Said: "Keep Abortion safe and legal"
The other said: "It's not Humane to Kill Animals"

I think a fitting third one would have gone well right in the middle; "Love your Mother"

2/14/11, 11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The only thing I know is that I know nothing"--Socrates

It is the essential duty of every American to investigate events of an epic nature on their own terms; without the possibility of the media's innate bias influencing and deceiving the outcome. Americans, historically,and by nature, are known for their fierce independence and have little to no tolerance for mediocrity, lies, and nonsense.
If you have not looked into the events that have unfolded in this country since the year 2000 on your own, objectively, and truly weighed all the facts (at least those that are available) than you have done your self a dis-service. The conclusion you come to is irrelevant really; as long as you put the time in, and exercise patience, you can't help but see, at least on some level, that you have been lied to. And If you continue to rely on other people to tell you what is going on, I can only feel sorry for you. It is time to transcend the divisive nature of the political arena at times like these...Some of our founding fathers warned against political parties, and for good reason. I think it's time we did the same...Get to work.

2/20/11, 4:41 PM  
Blogger Juan Cruz Carballo said...

I think you, Tom McLaughlin, are a homophobic and racist guy, multiculturalism and homosexuality is not the problem here, u talked about Nidal Hasan but how many white heterosexual american guys were involved in mass murder like "the joker" james holmes, Eric David Harris and Dylan Bennet Klebold (Culumbine), Adam Peter Lanza (Sandy Hook Elementary School), etc.. without mentioning the many serial killers and the many islamic civilians you killed and torture invading their country with a false accusation, everybody is talking about the boston marathon bombings that killed 3 people(April, 15) but no one about the U.S. airstrike that killed 17 civilians in Afghanistan, including 12 children among them (April, 6) and both happened this month. I'm also against any type of abortion and I think should be illegal but ur white american heterosexual governors made it legal in some states. Also, being gay has nothing to do with pedophilia but being a twisted evil shit is. Please don't an ignorant asshole and get informed.

4/22/13, 8:13 PM  

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